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Families covered: Langley of the Amies, Langley of Golding Hall, Langley of Langley, Langley of Middleton, Langley of Wychwode

Geoffrey de Langley (a c1190)
1. Thomas de Langley
  A/B. Sir Geoffrey de Langley (d by 1273, Justiciar)
  m1. ??
  m2. Matilda (d by 1273)
  i. Sir Walter de Langley (d by 1300)
  m1. ??
  m2. Alicia de Bykenhull
  a. Sir John de Langley
  m1. ?? (d 1324-5)
  m. Ela de Hulles (dau/heir of John de Hulles (by Isabella de Herdebeg), m2. Sir John de Peto)
  (1) Geoffrey de Langley
  m. Mary (m2. Sir William Cavreswell)
  (A) Geoffrey de Langley
  (i) Joan de Langley (dsp)
  m1. Sir John Charlton
  m2. Sir John Trillow
  b. Robert de Langley
  m. Alianora de Molington (dau of Ralph de Molington)
  (1) Margaret de Langley
m. Sir John de Peto
  c. Christian de Langley
  m. Sir Robert Meyley
  d.+ other issue - Robert (d infant), Alan of Pinley (a 1324)
  ii. Sir Geoffrey de Langley
m. Emma
  a. Benedict de Langley
  b. Sir Edmond de Langley
  m1. Johanna
  m2. Elizabeth Berford (dau of Sir William Berford (Lord Chief Justice))
  (1) John de Langley (d 1402-3, 2nd son)
  (A) Richard de Langley of Middleton, Lancashire
m. Johanna de Tetlowe, heiress of Prestwich (dau/heir of Jordan of Tetlowe)
  (B) William de Langley of Middleton
  BEB1841 ('Langley of Higham Gobion') starts with William "of Langley" and shows him as father of Henry & Thomas, omitting the other sons. That is supported by Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, 'Langley of Sheriff Hutton Park') except that Dugdale inserts a generation between William and Henry & Thomas, a Thomas of Langley. We follow MGH.
  m. Alice
  (i) Henry de Langley of Dalton, Yorkshire
  m. _ Kaye (dau of _ Kaye of Woodsome)
(ii) William de Langley of Broseley, Salop (a 1377, 3rd son?)
  m. Isabel de Henley (sister/heir of Stephen de Henley)
  (a) John de Langley of the Amies, Salop (a 1381)
  m. Johanna
  ((1)) William de Langley of the Amies, Broseley
  ((A)) John de Langley of Broseley - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Michell (sister of Rev. E. Michell of Broseley)
  ((B)) William de Langley
  m. _ Tuckeys (dau of Thomas Tuckeys of Tuckies, Broseley)
  (iii) Thomas de Langley, Lord Chancellor, Bishop of Durham (d 20.11.1437)
  (iv)+ other issue - John (Prior of Wombridge), Margaret (a 1487)
  (C) John de Langley of Siddington Langley, Gloucestershire
  m. _ Ford of Warwickshire
  (2) Joan de Langley
  m. Edmond de Chesterton
  (3)+ other issue - Jeffrey (dvpsp), William (Rector of Middleton)
  iii. Robert de Langley (a 1273, priest)
  iv. Emma de Langley
  m. John Peyver (son of Sir Pawtyn)
  B/A. Henry de Langley (d before 1241)
  m1. ??
  i. William de Langley (d 1270-1, Warden of Wychwode, Oxfordshire)
m. Matilda (m2. _ Swindon)
  a. Thomas de Langley (d 1286-7, Warden of Wychwode)
  (1) John de Langley (d 1306-7, Warden of Wychwode)
  (A) John de Langley (d 1324-5, Warden of Wychwode)
  (i) Thomas de Langley (a 1381, Warden of Wychwode)
  m. Margaret Tracy (dau of Sir William Tracy of Todington)
  (a) Amicia de Langley
  m. (sp) Sir John Golaffre (d 1379)
  (b) Alia de Langley
  m. John Percival
  (c) Alicia de Langley
  m. John Honnington
  (d) Katherine de Langley
  m. Nicholas St. John
  (e)+ other issue (a 1361, dsp) - John, Peter, Sir Simon
  m2. Marsilia
  C. Thomas de Langley
2. Alexander de Langley (a 1216, Prior of Windham)



John de Langley of Broseley - continued above
m. Elizabeth Michell (sister of Rev. E. Michell of Broseley)
1. Thomas Langley
  A. George Langley
2. John Langley of the Amies (bur 27.04.1608)
  m. Elizabeth Moston (bur 05.07.1604, dau/heir of John Moston or Mostyn)
  A. Thomas Langley of the Amies (bur 16.03.1633)
  m. Gertrude Russell (b 1590, dau/heir of Thomas Russell)
  i. John Langley of the Amies (bpt 03.03.1596, dsp bur 17.09.1681)
  ii. Ambrose Langley (bpt 21.02.1607, 4th son)
  m. (29.01.1636) Elizabeth Winch
  iii. Timothy Langley (bpt 22.09.1611, 7th son)
m. Susan Skipwith (dau of _ Skipwith of Saltfleetby)
  a. John Langley of the Amies (bpt 26.08.1640, d 1709)
  m1. (17.05.1666) Elizabeth Huxley of Salop
  (1) John Langley of the Amies, later of Golding Hall (bpt 02.04.1667, d by 1707)
  m. (1687) Margaret Arnold (dau of John Arnold of Llanvihangel Crucorney by Margaret, dau of William Cooke of Highnam)
  (A) Thomas Langley of Golding Hall, Sheriff of Shropshire (b c1688, bur 13.02.1757)
  m. (c1707) Dorothy Pye (bur 30.04.1765, dau of John Pye of the Meane)
  (i) John Langley, Mayor of Shrewsbury (bpt 22.11.1709, dsp bur 29.01.1795)
  (ii) Thomas Langley (b 09.09.1712, bur 26.02.1766)
  m. Elizabeth Townrow (bur 22.07.1793, widow of Dr. Thomas West)
  (iii) Arnold Langley of Golding Hall & London (b 15.11.1719, bur 11.11.1788)
  m1. Elizabeth Lear
  (a) Archer Arnold Langley of Golding Hall (dsp 27.11.1817, General)
  (b) Thomas Langley (b 05.11.1747, d 1790)
  m. (17.03.1770) Elizabeth Jorden (d 1813)
  ((1)) John Langley of Golding Hall (b 27.03.1771, d 1856)
  m. (1798) Annabella Claringbold (b 19.01.1778, d 20.08.1848, dau of John Claringbold of Rolling Court)
  ((A)) John Langley (b 10.07.1802, d 07.11.1853, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (25.09.1830) Dorothy Price Lewis (b 01.08.1804, dau of Thomas Lewis of New House by Dorothy Augusta, dau of John Goodrich of Energlyn)
  ((B)) Sir George Colt Langley (b 08.11.1810, a 1887, General) had issue
  m1. (08.01.1842) Frances Louisa Halliday (b 28.04.1806, dsp 13.06.1846, dau of Captain _ Halliday of Ham Lodge)
  m2. Maria Catherine Penrice (b 19.09.1821, a 1887, dau of John Penrice of Witton by Maria Catherine, dau of Herbert Jewton Jarrett of Bromley Lodge)
  ((C)) Thomas John Langley (b 28.03.1817, d 11.01.1846) had issue
  m. (24.09.1839) Emily Berkeley
  ((D)) Robert Francis Langley (b 24.02.1824, a 1887) had issue
  m. (21.03.1854) Rosa Lydia Price (b 247.11.1831, a 1887, dau of John Arthur Price of Bromley by Ann, dau of Henry Banks of Norfolk)
  ((E)) Elizabeth Rebecca Langley (b 22.02.1804, a 1887)
  m. (03.06.1829) Edward William Durnford (b 22.02.1804, a 1887, Major General)
  ((F)) Annabella Jane Langley (b 01.06.1813, d 04.11.1838)
  m. (26.09.1836) Baron Andrea Emile Miné de Dietfridt
  ((G))+ other issue - Archer John (b 25.10.1798, d 20.02.1827, cleric), Annabella Rayne (b 17.12.1799, d 29.07.1807), Clarissa (b 10.02.1801, d 27.11.1885), Caroline (b 25.11.1805, d 28.05.1835), Flora (b 10.07.1807, d 09.06.1833), Charlotte Anna Maria (b 15.04.1815, a 1887)
  ((2)) other issue - Thomas, Elizabeth (b 11.1774), Mary Ann (b 19.10.1776, d 14.08.1856), Cecilia (b 26.01.1778, d 27.01.1778), Harriet (b 19.01.1780)
  (c) Elizabeth Langley
  m. William Stamp
  (d)+ other issue - William, John, Rebecca (bur 08.05.1816)
  m2. Jane Turn (d 1787)
  (g) Arnold Langley (b 1778)
  m. _ Ormsby
  ((1)) Edward Archer Langley (Captain) had issue
  m. (19.10.1819) Ismenia Berry (d 19.02.1842)
  ((2)) daughter
  m. Richard Rodney Ricketts (Major)
  ((3)) daughter
m. _ Read
  ((4))+ 2 other daughters
  (iv) George Langley 'of Cound' of Frampton Cottrell, Gloucestershire (b 11.10.1720, d before 1806, Captain RM)
  m1. Malet Vaughan (dau of John, Viscount Lisburne (son, not husband, of Malet, dau of Earl of Rochester))
  (a) George Langley (2nd son)
  m1. ??
  m2. _ Stephens of Broseley
  (b) Malet Langley (d 05.01.1824)
  m. (24.07.1774) Sir John Colt, 3rd Bart (b 1750, bur 29.06.1810)
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas Vaughan (b 11.03.1747), John (bpt 24.09.1748, d infant), John
  m2. (26.10.1767) Flora Fust (bur 18.08.1806, dau of Sir Francis Fust of Hill Court, Bart)
  (f) Flora Langley, later Langley-Fust of Hill Court (d unm bur 16.02.1841)
  (g) Mary Ann Langley (d unm)
  (v) Ann Langley (b 15.11.1719, bur 23.10.1800)
  m. Thomas Ireland
  (vi)+ other issue - Edward (b 21.07.1724, bur 24.09.1724), Margaret (b 10.07.1708, d infant), Margaret (b 04.02.1711, bur 21.05.1711), Letitia (bpt 30.05.1716, bur 02.11.1733), Mary (b 26.06.1717, bur 27.05.1801), Margaretta Dorothea (b 17.08.1718, bur 22.03.1787), Katherine (b 23.01.1723, bur 06.05.1790), Elizabeth (b 12.01.1726, bur 25.07.1808), Elinor/Leonora (b 04.02.1728)
  (B) John Arnold Langley of London (a 1693)
  m. Margaret
  (i)+ issue (bpt 04.04.1729) - Annabella, Henrietta
  (C) John Langley
  (2) Timothy Langley (bpt 28.12.1668)
  (A)+ issue (a 1716) - James, Frances
  m2. Mary Huxley (d 26.07.1717)
  b. Mary Langley (bpt 28.07.1639)
  m. (06.07.1662) John Mosse of London
  c. Bridgett Langley (bpt 13.02.1647-8)
  m. (22.06.1676) Samuel Pomfret
  d.+ other issue - Andrew (bpt 28.08.1642, a 1661), Timothy (bpt 03.09.1645), Thomas (bpt 28.02.1646-7, bur 08.03.1646-7), Margaret/Margery (bpt 13.02.1647-8, a 1661)
  iv. Elizabeth Langley (bpt 19.08.1598)
  m. Richard Eves
  v. Mary Langley (bpt 25.03.1595)
  m. _ Edwards
  vi.+ other issue - George (bpt 01.08.1597, a 1615, dsp), Rowland (bpt 12.05.1600, bur 05.07.1600), James (bpt 09.05.1605, a 1615), Richard (bpt 31.07.1608, dsp bur 09.02.1604), Charles (bpt 19.08.1613), Jane (bpt 04.08.1601, bur 05.04.1608)
  B. George Langley of Golding Hall, Salop (bpt 23.04.1572, bur 18.06.1615)
m1. Mary
  i. Edward Langley of Golding Hall (b 1606, bur 07.09.1664)
  m. Margaret Atkys (bur 25.02.1684, dau of Thomas Atkys of Little Ryton)
  a. Thomas Langley of Golding Hall (dsp bur 06.02.1694)
  m. Catherine (or Ruth) Roper (dau of Hon. Col. (Christopher) Roper, brother of 2nd Viscount Baltinglass)
  b.+ other issue - George (bur 29.06.1663), Ann (bpt 26.12.1638, bur 12.07.1675), Mary (bpt 04.03.1643)
  m2. Ann Juckes (dau of James Juckes of Downeton)
  ii. John Langley (bur 17.12.1646, youngest son?)
  m. Elizabeth
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 17.01.1610), Henry (bpt 02.02.1612, bur 22.01.1613), George (bpt 09.12.1614)
  C. Margaret Langley (bpt 05.02.1576)
  m. John Waple
  D.+ other issue - Richard (a 1615)
3. John Langley
  A. Andrew Langley
  m. Susan Turner (dau of Thomas Turner of Essex)
  i.+ issue - Edmond, Henry

Main source(s): MGH (NS2, vol 2 (1888), 'Langley Pedigree', p273+)
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