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Families covered: Laugharne of St. Bride's
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(1) This family's name is often spelt Langharne. It seems that it was originally spelt "Lacharn" though it is not clear how much this is to do with differing translation from Welsh to English.
(2) Dwnn, in a note, suggests that the arms of this family, shown on a monument, for the Ann Laugharne who m. Sir Francis Meyrisk, were quartered: "first and fourth, three lions' heads erased' and second and third, three eagles' heads erased".
Thomas Lacharn
Dwnn identifies Thomas's wife as Siwan Krabol but "West Wales Historical Records" identifies her as ...
m. Jane Crabholy (dau/coheir of Philip Crabholy by Maud, dau of Sir Matthew Wogan by Sibyl Cardigan)
1. Thomas Lacharn or Langharn(e) or Laugharne
m. Elizabeth Russell (dau/coheir of John Russell)
  A. Thomas Laugharne
  m. Elizabeth Eliot (dau of Philip Eliot)
i. David Laugharne 'of St. Bride's'
  m. Jonet or Sioned Wogan (sister of Sir John Wogan, son of John (not Sir Rys ap Tomas))
  a. Owen Laugharne (d 05.01.1560-1)
  m. Catherine Wirriot (dau of Henry Wirriot of Orielton)
(1) Francis Laugharne of St. Bride's (b c1543, d 18.05.1583)
  m. Janet (Sioned) Philipps (dau of John Philipps of Picton, son of Sir Thomas)
  (A) Rowland (or John) Laugharne of St. Bride's (b 1562-3, d 05.05.1587)
  m. Lettice Perrot (d 1620, dau of John Perrot of Heraldston, m2. Water Vachan)
(i) John Laugharne of St. Bride's (b c11.1585)
  m. Jonet (Sioned) Owen (dau of Sir Hugh Owens of Orielton)
(a) Rowland Laugharne of St. Bride's (Major General, 2nd son)
  m. Anne Button (dau of Sir Thomas Button of Glamorgan)
  ((1)) Rowland Laugharne of St. Bride's (d by 1698)
  m. Theodosia Wray (dau of Sir Christopher Wray of Ashby by Albinia Cecil)
  ((A)) John Laugharne (d(sp?) 1715)
  m. Anne (not Catherine) Wogan (dau of Les Wogan of Boulston)
((B)) Rowland Laugharne 'of St. Bride's' (d 09.11.1691)
  ((i)) Albinia Laugharne probably of this generation
  m. Charles Philipps of St. Bride's Hill
  ((C)) Philippa Laugharne
  m. Charles Phillipps of Sandy Haven
((D)) Anne Laugharne
  m. David Allen of Fobston
  (b)+ other issue (a 1613) - Arthur, Francis, Tomas, Letys
  (ii) Dorothy Laugharne
  m. John Owens of Orielton
  (B) Francis Laugharne of Pontvane
  Neither of the Main Sources used for this page mention Francis (which is odd, since Dwnn normally includes younger children) but Commoners (vol 2, 'Edwardes-Tucker of Sealyham', p315) identifies Francis as 2nd son of Francis Langharn of St. Bride's by Jane, dau of John Philipps of Picton Castle, and shows him as husband of ...
m. Lettice Vaughan (dau/heir of James Vaughan of Pontvane)
  (i) Ursula Langharn
  m. William Tucker of Sealyham
  (C) Elsbeth Laugharne
  m. Morgan Voel
  (D) Jane Laugharne
  m. William Walter
  (E) Margaret Laugharne
  m. Thomas Philip
  (F) Ann Laugharne
  m. Sir Francis Meyrick of Fleet (son of Rowland, Bishop of Bangor)
  (G) Dorothy Laugharne
  m1. John Adams of Badrigchurch
  m2. Rys Prydderch (son/heir of James)
  (H)+ other issue - William, George
  (2) Tomas Laugharne (3rd son)
  m. Alice Berkeley (dau of William Berkeley)
  (A) Sioned (Janet) Laugharne
  m. Thomas Philipps of Langwnwr
(B)+ other issue - Francis, Owain, Geli, William, Mary
  (3) Margaret Laugharne
  m. Thomas ap Owain of Robbyston
  (4)+ other issue - James, George, Sion, Harry, Mary
  b. Jane Laugharne
  ii. Thomas Laugharne
2. Elsbeth Lacharn or Laugharne
  m. David Moris of Caerphilly Castle
3. Jowan Lacharn or Laugharne
  m. William Batman (Bateman?) of Johnston
4. Elen Lacharn or Laugharne
  m. James Le Chweit of Tenby
5. Als Lacharn or Laugharne
  m. Rolant or Robert Perot of Scotsborough
6.+ other issue - Henry, Edmont, John, Richard, Jowan, Elsbeth

Main source(s):
(1) 'West Wales Historical Records' (Francis Green, 1912-13), 'St. Brides') with thanks to a contributor (CV, 01.03.09) for providing us with an extract thereof
(2) Visitation (Lewys Dwnn (Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick, vol 2 (1846), 'Saint y Brids am y Lacharns 1597', p73) with thanks to CV for bringing this to our attention
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