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Families covered: Perrott of Haroldston
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Thomas Perrott of Eastlington & Haroldston (d 23.07.1474)
m1. Janet Wise (dau of John Wise or Guise)
1. Sir William Perrott of Haroldston (b c1433, d before 07.06.1503)
  m. Joanna Wogan (dau of Sir Henry Wogan of Wiston by sister of William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke)
  A. Sir Owen Perrott of Haroldston (d 1521)
  m. Catherine Poyntz (dau of Sir Robert Poyntz of Iron Acton by Margaret Woodville)
  i. Robert Perrott of Haroldston (d unm 1522)
ii. Sir Thomas Perrott of Haroldston (d 1531)
  m. Mary Berkeley (dau of James Berkeley, son of Lord Maurice)
  Various web sites (including Wikipedia) identify the following Sir John as an illegitimate son of King Henry VIII by Mary Berkeley. We have received conflicting advice on whether or not to believe this and provisionally, having noted that the King seems not to have formally recognised Sir John as his son, believe it best to record the reports of his royal bastardy but to show Sir John as son of Sir Thomas.
  a. Sir John Perrott of Haroldston, Lord Deputy of Ireland (b c1527, d 09.1592)
m1. Anne Cheney (dau of Sir Thomas Cheney of Shurland)
  (1) Sir Thomas Perrott of Haroldston (d 1593/4)
  m. (07.1583) Dorothy Devereux (d 03.08.1619, dau of Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex)
  (A) Roland or Robert Perrott (d young)
  (B) Penelope Perrott
  m1. (1601) Sir William Lower (astronomer)
m2. Sir Robert Naughton (Naunton) (Secretary of State)
  (C) ? Dorothy Perrott
  Commoners (vol ii, Edwardes-Tucker of Sealyham) clearly identifies a Dorothy, wife of James Perrott of Wellington and mother of Damaris who m. Owen Edwardes, as of this generation but the rootsweb site says of her (identified as wife of James Perrot of Wallingford) that "her existence is certainly fictional".
  (2) Anne Perrott
  m. Sir John Philips, 1st Bart of Picton Castle (d 27.03.1629)
  m2. Jane Prust (dau of Hugh Prust of Devon, widow of Lewis Pollard)
  (3) Letitia Perrott (d 27.11.1620)
  m1. John (or Rowland) Lagharne of St. Bride's (b 1562-3, d 05.05.1587)
  m2. Walter Vaughan of Golden Grove
  m3. Sir Arthur Chichester of Joymount, Lord Chichester of Belfast (d 19.02.1624-5)
  Uncertain which wife was mother of ...
  (4) William Perrott (d unm 08.07.1597)
  p1. Sybil Jones
  (5) Sir James Perrott (b 1571, d 04.02.1636)
  m. Mary Ashfield (d 05.1639, dau of Robert Ashfield)
(A) Cicil Perrott
  p2. Elizabeth Hatton (dau of Sir Christopher Hatton)
  (6) Elizabeth Perrott
  m. Hugh Butler of Johnston
  partner(s) unknown
  (7) daughter
  m. David Morgan
  (8)+ other issue - John of Harvye, William
  b. Elizabeth Perrott
m. John Pryse of Gogerthan (a 1553, d before 07.12.1584)
  c. Jane Perrott
  m. William Philips of Picton Castle (a 1570)
  iii. Mary Perrott
  m. Gryffyth White
  iv. Elizabeth Perrott (b 1517)
  m. (c1538) Thomas Audley
v.+ other issue - Edward, Rys (a 1563, Mayor of Sandwich, MP), Thomas/Richard of Brook, John
  B. Jenkin or John Perrott of Caervoriog
  m. Elizabeth Wyrriot
  i. Jane Perrott
  m. Sir James Bowen
  ii. Alice Perrott
  m. John Lloyd Vaughan
a. Jane Lloyd Vaughan
  m. John Perrot of Scotsborough (b 1525, d 1574-5)
  iii. Ann Perrott
  m. Thomas White (son of Griffin by Margaret Watkins)
  C. Maude Perrott
  m. (c1485) William Adams
  D. Joyce Perrott
  m. Janbyn ap Howell, younger of Newark
  E. Alice Perrott
  m. Richard Tucker
  F. Margaret Perrott
  m. William Vaughan of Kilgerran
  G.+ other issue - Anna, Isabella
m2. Isabella Wogan (d 1475, dau of Sir Henry Wogan of Wiston)
We presume that Isabella was not mother of William (above), for such would make William's wife also his aunt, but we are not otherwise clear which of Thomas wives was mother of ...
2. Matthew Perrott in Cheriton possibly illegitimate?
3. John Perrott had issue in Herefordshire
4. Jane Perrott
  m. John Elliott of Earware



Connected to the above family, in a way not yet determined, was ...
Richard Perrott
m. Anne Smith (dau of Gabriel Smith of the Brookhouse)
1. Thomas or Francis Perrott (d by 1594)
A. Penelope Perrott
  Note the duplication above which reduces confidence in the rest of what is shown here.
  m1. Sir Thomas Gower (sb Lower!)
  m2. Sir Robert Naunton
2. Sir James Perrott, '1st Bart' (d 1731)
  Sir James was the first mentioned by BP1870. He is identified there as 1st Baronet but TCB reports conflicting stories as to whether such a baronetcy was actually created or whether his nephew Richard had somehow falsely had the 'baronetcy' confirmed by the King. Relevant documentation is reported to have contained confusion of names, conflicting dates, and "mendacious" accounts.
3. Richard Perrott of Broseley, Salop
  m. Rebecca Wyke (dau of Isaac Wyke of Wacton Court)
  A. Sir Richard Perrott of Plumsted, '2nd' Bart (b by 1716, d 1796, Admiral)
  m. (03.03.1782) Margaret Jemima Fordyce (a 1803, dau of Captain William Fordyce)
  i. Sir Edward Blindloss Perrott, '3rd' Bart (b 01.09.1784, d 24.03.1859) had issue
  m. (10.05.1810) Louisa Augusta Bayly (b 1758/9, d 15.06.1860, dau of Col. Nicholas Bayly)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~parrott/pembrokeshire.shtml, cross-references from elsewhere in the database (with support from TCP regarding various spouses)
(2) For lower section : BP1870 (Perrott) and some input/support from TCB (vol v, Perrot or Perrott)
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