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Families covered: Owen of Bodeon (Bodowen), Owen of Orielton
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Owen ap Meyrick, of Bodeon (a temp Henry VII who r. 1485-1509)
m. Elin (dau of Robert ap Meredydd, of Glynllifion)
1. Hugh Owen
  m. Gwen (dau of Morris ap John ap Meredydd, of Clenneney & Rhisaedog, relict of David ap William ap Griffith)
  A. Owen Owen 'of Bodeon' (b 1518, d 1613)
  m1. Elizabeth Griffith (dau of Robert Griffith of Plas Newydd)
  i. Richard Owen of Cefnysgwyd & Grugor
  m. Elin (dau of Lewis ap Evan Lloyd, of Maesyporth)
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Cefnysgwyd, p362).
  a. John Owen (dsp)
  b. William Owen of Cefn Ysgwyd
  m. Elizabeth Long
  (1) Catherine Owen
  m. John (natural son of John ap John, of Bodfeirig)
  (2) Margaret Owen (a 1723)
  m. William Owen of Cremlyn
c. Margaret Owen
  m. Thomas ap Evan Lewis, of Tre'rgo (d before 15.10.1667)
  d. Elizabeth Owen
  m. Richard Glynne of Elernion
  e. Elin Owen
  m. John Griffith of Tal y Bont (d 1671)
  ii. Mary Owen
  m. Robert ap Hugh Holland
  iii. Elin Owen
  m. Robert Wynn of Bryncynrig
m2. Isabel Griffith (dau of Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn)
  iv. Sir Hugh Owen of Bodowen & Orielton (d 1613, recorder of Carmathen) - continued below
  m1. Elizabeth Werriot (dau/heir of Henry Werriot or Wyrrint of Orielton)
  m2. Lucy Percy (dau of Henry Percy, 8th Earl of Northumberland (by Catherine Neville), relict of Sir John Wooton)
  v. Catherine Owen
  m. Thomas Vaughan of Pant Glas
  vi. Elin Owen
  m. Henry Owen of Upton
  vii. Gwen Owen
m1. David Lloyd of Llysdulas
  Griffith (p8) identifies Gwen's 2nd husband as Thomas Price of Bodafon. However, it appears that he was the following Rhys, son of one Thomas Price/Prees and father of another Thomas Price/Prees.
  m2. Rhys of Bodafon
  viii. Jane Owen
  m. Hugh Gwyn of Pennarth
  ix.+ other issue - Lewis (b 15.12.1553, d 14.10.1594, Bishop of Casano in Naples), William, John in London, Jasper, Robert, Edward, Morris, Rowland, Randle
  B. William Owen (dsp)
  C. Hugh Owen
  m. Jane Bold (dau of Thomas Bold)
D. Jonet Owen
  m. William ap Madog ap Evan, of Pengwern
  E. Elizabeth Owen
  m. Llewelyn ap Griffith ap Llewelyn, of Llangadwaladr
  F. Elin Owen
  m. John ap Robert ap Hugh, of Penllech
  G. Catherine Owen
  m. Thomas Vaughan of Llangathan
2. John Owen of Plas Ucha in Llanfaethlu
  m. Marsli (dau of Gruffydd ap Howel ap Madog, of Talhenbont)
3. Rowland Owen (a 1530)
  m. Margaret Madryn (dau of John Madryn of Lleyn)
4. Lewis Owen of Broadeg (d 1590, 6th son)
  m1. Alice (dau of Dafydd ap Evan ap Matto)
  m2. Elin (dau of William ap William, of Vaynol, relict of Robert Puleston of Bersham)
5. Robert Owen of Parciau
6. Annes Owen
  m. Hugh Conway of Bryneurin
7. Catherine Owen
  m1. Meredydd ap Rhys ap Howel, of Bodowyr
  m2. Richard Prytherch of Myfyrian
8. Elizabeth or Jonet Owen
  m1. Foulk Salesbury of Llanrwst
  m2. Morris ap Robert ap Madog Vychan
  It looks as though this may be the Elizabeth who (also) married ...
  m(3). Robert of Penmachno
9. Elin Owen
  m. William Wood of Llangwyfan
10. Margaret Owen (a 03.1555)
  m. Griffith ap John Griffith, of Cefnamwich
11.+ other issue - Gibeon of Newborough, Edmund (dsp), Sri William (rector of Llanddwyn), Owen of Newborough



Sir Hugh Owen of Bodowen & Orielton (d 1613, recorder of Carmathen) - continued above
m1. Elizabeth Werriot (dau/heir of Henry Werriot or Wyrrint of Orielton)
1. John Owen of Orielton
  m. Dorothy Laugharne (dau of Rowland Laugharne of St. Bride's)
A. Sir Hugh Owen, 1st Bart of Orielton, Sheriff of Pembrokeshire (d 1670, MP)
  m1. Frances Phillips (dau of Sir John Phillips, 1st Bart of Picton Castle)
  i. John Owen (dvpsp)
  m. Ann Lewis of Presaddfed
  ii. Dorothy Owen (d unm)
  iii. Elizabeth Owen
  m. John Glynn of Glynllifon
  m2. Catherine Lloyd (dau of Evan Lloyd of Yale, relict of John Lewis of Pressddfed)
iv. Sir Hugh Owen, 2nd Bart of Orielton (b c1644, d 1698, MP)
  m1. Anne Owen (dau/heir of Henry Owen of Bodowen, cousin) @1@ below
  a. Sir Arthur Owen, 3rd Bart of Orielton & Bodowen (d 06.06.1753, 3rd son?)
  m. Emma Williams (dau of Sir William Williams, 1st Bart, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  (1) Sir William Owen, 4th Bart of Orielton & Bodowen (b c1697, d 07.05.1781)
  m1. (1725) Elizabeth Lloyd (d 1727, dau/heir of Thomas Lloyd of Grove)
  (A) Elizabeth Owen (d infant)
  m2. Elizabeth Williams (dau of John Williams of Chester, cousin)
  (B) Sir Hugh Owen, 5th Bart of Orielton & Bodowen (d 16.01.1786)
m. (1775) Anne (d by 1823, dau of John Coley or Colby)
  (i) Sir Hugh Owen, 6th Bart of Orielton & Bodowen, Sheriff of Pembrokeshire (b 12.09.1782, d unm 08.08.1809)
  (C) Arthur Owen (Lt. Colonel)
  m. Ann Harvey (dau of John Harvey)
  (i) Hugh Owen (b 1747-8, d 15.03.1810, rector of Aberffraw)
  (D) Elizabeth Owen
  m. Thomas Price of Dryffryn
  (E) Ann Owen (d unm)
  (2) John Owen (d 07.01.1776, Lt. General)
  m. Anne Owen (dau of Charles Owen of Nash, cousin) @2@ below
  (A) Sir Arthur Owen, 7th Bart (d unm 04.01.1817)
  (B) Charles Owen (d young)
  (C) William Owen (d 1795, Brigadier General)
  m. Anne Tripp (b 1809, dau of John Tripp of Huntspill)
  (i) Sir William Owen, later Owen-Barlow, 8th Bart (d unm 25.02.1851)
  (ii) Emma Anne Owen (dsp)
  m. (03.02.1821) Thomas Jones of Esgair Evan
  (iii) Frances Owen
  m. Rev. Dr. Tripp
(D) Emma Owen
  m. Hugh Owen, later Barlow, of Llawrenny
  (E) Corbetta Owen
  m. Joseph Lord of Pembrokeshire
  (i) Sir John Lord, later Owen, 1st Bart of Orielton (b 1776, 06.02.1861) had issue
  m1. (1800) Charlotte Phillips (d 01.09.1829, dau of Rev. John L. Phillips)
  m2. (21.10.1830) Mary Frances Stephenson (dau of Edward Stephenson of Farley Hill)
  (ii) Mary Lord
  m. William Paynter of Pembroke
  (3) Emma Owen
  m. William Bowen of Williamstown
(4) Elizabeth Owen
  m1/2. Hugh Barlow of Llawerney
  m2/1. William Owen of Penrhos
  (5)+ other issue - Arthur, Wyrriot, Margaret (d unm)
  b. Charles Owen of Nash (d 1716, younger son)
  m. Dorothy Corbet (dau/coheir of Erasmus Corbet)
  The following is supported by Griffith's Pedigrees (Maesoglan, p83).
  (1) Wyrriot Owen
  m. Ann Barlow (dau of John Barlow of Llawerney)
(2) Anne Owen
  m. John Owen (d 01.1776, Lt. General) @2@ above
  (3)+ other issue - Bagnall, Erasmus, Charles
  c. Wyrriot Owen
  m. Dorothy Cosens of Robinson
  d. Catherine Owen
  m. John Williams of Bodelwyddan
  e. Elizabeth Owen
  m1. William Anwyl of Park
  m2. Edward Brereton of Burras
  f. Ann Owen
  m1. John Barlow
  m2. John Williams of Chester
  g.+ other issue - Hugh (d young), John, Harry (d young), William
  m2. (sp) Catharine Griffith (dau of William Griffith of Cefn Amwich, relict of Lews Anwyl of Park)
v. Arthur Owen
  m1. Elizabeth Horsey
  m2. _ Powel of Pembrokeshire
  vi. Mary Owen
  m. William Scourfield of New Moate
  B. Elizabeth Owen possibly of this generation
  m. James Bowen of Llwyngwair (a 1671)
  Griffith does not show John as having had any children other than Hugh. It has been brought to our attention that "Heraldic Visitation of Wales" (edited by Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick, 1846) shows that he also had the following (though no Elizabeth is mentioned).
C.+ other issue (a 1609) - Huw, Arthur, Mary, Letys
2. William Owen of Bodeon
  m. Jane Williams (dau of Sir William Williams of Vaynol)
  A. Henry Owen of Bodowen & Maesoglan
  m. Elizabeth Wynn (dau of Hugh Wynn or Gwyn of Maesoglan)
  i. Anne Owen
  m. Sir Hugh Owen, 2nd Bart of Orielton (b c1645, d 1698/9) @1@ above
B. Hugh Owen (b 1610, d 21.10.1659, Colonel)
  m. Ann Williams (b 1608, dsp by 1665, dau of Richard Williams of Llysdulas)
  C. John Owen (dsp)
  D. Ann Owen
  m. William Glynn of Nantlley
  E. Elizabeth Owen
  m. Richard Owen of Penmynydd
3. Morris Owen (dsp)
4. Isabel Owen
  m. Sir William Vaughan of Wooton Ferry
5. Ann Owen
  m. John Lewis of Presaddfed
6. Jonet Owen
  m1. David Lloyd ap Griffith, of Forrest
  m2. William Griffith of Penrhyn
  Griffith shows Jonet married (twice) as above but, unless there has been confusion with a sibling, this was probably the Jonet (Sioned) who (also) married ...
  m. John Laugharne of St. Bride's
m2. Lucy Percy (dau of Henry Percy, 8th Earl of Northumberland (by Catherine Neville), relict of Sir John Wooton)
7.+ other issue - Richard, Percy

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (first uploaded 28.09.09) : Griffith's Pedigrees (Bodeon & Orielton, p58)
(2) For lower section (first uploaded 10.09.04) : Griffith's Pedigrees (Bodeon & Orielton, p58) with support from BP1870 (Owen), TCB (volume ii, p131)
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