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Families covered: FitzJohn of Shere, FitzPiers of Essex, Mandeville of Bratton, Mandeville of Essex, Mandeville of Highworth

Geoffrey de Magnavil (a 1066)
m1. Athelaise
1. William de Mandeville (d 1130)
  m. Margaret (possibly dau of Eudo de Rie, Dapifer (Steward) of Normandy)
  A. Geoffrey de Mandeville, 1st Earl of Essex (d 14/6.09.1144)
  m1. ??
  i. Alice de Mandeville
  m. John de Lacy (Constable of Chester)
  m2. Rohese de Vere (dau of Alberic de Vere, Great Chamberlain of England)
  ii. Ernulph de Mandeville of Highworth (d 04.1178)
  Ernulph was probably disinherited because he had been excommunicated.
  m. Alice Doyly (dau of Robert Doyly of Hook Norton)
  a. Geoffrey de Mandeville of Highworth (d before 04.1246)
  (1) Ralph de Mandeville of Highworth and Bratton (d before 08.05.1280)
  (A) Thomas de Mandeville of Highworth and Bratton (b c1252, d before 15.05.1291)
  (i) William de Mandeville of Bratton assumed father of ...
  (a) William de Mandeville of Bratton (dsp 18.08.1333)
  m. (before 18.09.1314) Felise
  (b) John de Mandeville of Bratton (b before 1293)
b. Ralph de Mandeville de Kingham
  iii. Geoffrey de Mandeville, 2nd Earl of Essex (dsp 12.10.1165)
  m. (div) Eustachia
  iv. William de Mandeville, 3rd Earl of Essex, Earl of Albemarle (Count of Aumale) (dspl 14.11.1189)
  m. (14.01.1179/80) Hawise, Countess of Aumale, Lady of Holderness (d 11.03.1214, dau of Guillaume 'le Gros', Count of Aumale, Lord of Holderness)
  partner unknown
  a. Amicia Mandeville
  m. Humphrey de Barenton of Hatfield
  v. Robert de Mandeville (dsp 14.11.1189)
  B. Beatrix de Mandeville (d 19.04.1197)
  m1. (div) Hugh Talbot (a 1118)
  m2. William de Say(e)
2. Beatrix de Mandeville GHJSY
  m. (before 1086) Godfrey of Boulogne, lord of Carshalton GHJSY
m2. Lesceline



Piers de Lutegareshale
m. Maud
1. Robert FitzPiers (dsp 1185/6)
  m. Perronelle (a 10.1198)
2. Geoffrey FitzPiers 'of Birkhampstead', Sheriff of Northamptonshire, etc, 1st/4th Earl of Essex (d 14.10.1213, Justiciar)
  m1. (before 25.01.1184) Beatrix de Say (d before 19.04.1197, dau of William de Say)
  Beatrix was grandaughter of Beatrix de Mandeville (shown above) through which connection passed the earldom of Essex.
  A. Geoffrey Mandeville, 2nd/5th Earl of Essex, Earl of Gloucester (dsp 23.02.1215/6)§C
  m1. Maud/Matilda (dsp c1212, dau of Robert FitzWauter of Woodham Walter)
  m2. (1214) Isabel, Countess of Gloucester (dsp 14.10.1217, dau of William, Earl of Gloucester)
  B. William Mandeville, 3rd/6th Earl of Essex (d 08.01.1226/7)
  m. (before 18.11.1220) Christine (dsp c17.06.1232, dau of Robert FitzWauter of Woodham Walter)
  C. Henry Mandeville (Dean of Wolverhampton)
  D. Maud Mandeville, Countess of Essex (d 27.08.1236)
  m1. Henry de Bohun, 1st Earl of Hereford, Constable of England (d 01.06.1220)
  m2. Roger de Daunteseye of Dauntsey
  m2. (by 29.05.1205) Aveline de Clare (d c04.06.1225, dau of Roger de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford)
E. John FitzGeoffrey FitzPiers of Shere, Chief Justice of Ireland, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Baron of Birkhampstead (d 1256)
  m. Isabel Bigod (dau of Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk)
  BE1883 shows an intervening generation (John FitzJohn who d 1258). Banks' 'Baronies in Fee' (vol 2, p78) shows the following John & Margery as parents of John (1st Lord), Richard (2nd Lord) & Maud, Isabel, Aveline & Joane. However, TCP (FitzJohn) shows that John FitzGeoffrey and Isabel were parents of ...
  i. John FitzJohn of Shere, Sheriff of Westmoreland, 1st Lord (dsp c06.11.1275)
  m. (before 18.02.1258/9) Margery Basset (d before 29.10.1271, dau of Sir Philip Basset of Wycombe, Justiciar)
  ii. Richard FitzJohn of Shere, 2nd Lord (dsp before 05.08.1297)
  m. Emma (d 26.01.1331/2)
  iii. William FitzJohn of Masworth (a 1304) mentioned by Banks
  a.+ issue (all of Masworg) - William, Walter, John, Henry
iv. Maud FitzJohn (d 16/8.04.1301) HJY
  m1. Sir Gerard de Furnivalle of Hallamshire (dsp before 18.10.1261)
  m2. William de Beauchamp, 1st Earl of Warwick (d 1298) HJY
  v. Isabel FitzJohn or FitzPiers Y
  m. Robert de Vipont of Appleby, Sheriff of Westmoreland (b 1239, d 07.06.1264) Y
  vi. Aveline FitzJohn (d c20.05.1274) Y
  m. Walter de Burgh, Lord of Connaught, 1st Earl of Ulster (d 28.07.1271) Y
  vii. Joan FitzJohn (d 04.04.1303)
  Joan is shown by BP1934 (Ormonde) as granddaughter of the Earl of Essex, sister of John FitzJohn rather than his daughter. We follow BE1883 (FitzJohn) which shows this relationship because the dates seem slightly more consistent albeit not fully convincingly so.
  m. Theobald, 1st Lord de Botiller (d 26.09.1285)
  F. Cecily FitzGeoffrey (d before 29.06.1253)
  m. Savary de Bohun of Midhurst (d before 11.04.1246)
  G. Hawise FitzGeoffrey (d before 08.08.1247)
  m. Reynold de Mohun, 5th of Dunster (d 1256)

Main source(s): BE1883 (Mandeville of Essex), TCP (Essex), TCP (FitzJohn), BE1883 (FitzJohn), 'RoyalData'
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