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Families covered: Menzies of Fothergill (Forthergill), Menzies of Menzies, Menzies of Weem

Although we, for fun, provide the descent from King Fergus (a 333BC) that some claim for this family, that is almost certainly a work of fiction. The progenitor of the family is thought to have come into Britain from Mesnieres in Normandy, probably at or soon after the time of the Conquest. One of the family took the name Manners and was ancestor of the Dukes of Portland in England (see 'Manners1'). Another came to Scotland and was ancestor of this family of Menzies. Although the first often mentioned is Sir Robert the Chamberlain, the book on the Stewarts of Fothergill identifies his father as Anketillus. To provide the connection to King Fergus that is shown in 'The "Red and White" Book of Menzies', we start with ...
Menyeis, 1st of Menzies (d c1132)
The Red and White Book identifies Menyeis as "the 38th Menzies" and "1st Baron of Menzies".
1. Anketillus de Meyners or Menyeis or Maynoers (b by 1120, d 1190)
  A. Sir Robert de Meyneris (b c1177, d 1266, Chamberlain of Scotland in 1249)
  i. Alexander de Menzies of Weem, Aberfeldy & Forthergill (or Fothergill or Fotheringill or Fortingall), 'Earl Menzies' (b 1235, d 1320)
  m. Egidia (Jill) Stewart (dau of James Stewart, 5th High Steward)
  a. Sir Robert de Menzies of Menzies and Weem, Seriff of Edinburgh, 'Viscount Menzies' (b 1267, d 1346)
  m. Margaret de Oyth (dau of Sir David de Oyth or Evicoth)
(1) Sir John de Menzies of Menzies & Weem (b 1323, d 1410)
  m. Christian
  (A) Sir Robert de Menzies of Menzies & Weem (b 1353, d 1411)
  (i) Sir David Menzies of Menzies & Weem, Governor of Orkney, 'Saint David' (b 1377, d 1449)
  m1. (c1409) Marjory Sinclair (dau of Henry Sinclair, 1st Earl of Orkney)
(a) Sir John Menzies of Menzies & Weem (b 1397, d 1467)
  m. Janet Carruthers (dau of ?? Carruthers of Halmains)
  ((1)) George Menzies (dspvp)
  m. Elizabeth Robertson (dau of Duncanson or Robertson of Struan)
  ((2)) Sir Angus Menzies of Menzies & Weem (b c1430, d c1498)
((3)) Sir Robert Menzies of Menzies & Weem (b 1433, d 1523)
  m. (1478) Margaret Lindsay (dau of Sir David Lindsay of Edzell and Beaufort)
  ((A)) Sir Robert Menzies of Menzies & Weem (b c1475, d 1557)
  m1. (22.11.1503) Christina Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon, 3rd Earl of Huntly)
  ((i)) Sir Alexander Menzies of Menzies & Weem (b 1504, d 1563)
  m1. Janet Campbell (dau of Sir James Campbell of Lawers)
  m2. Catherine MacGhie
m2. (mcrt 08.12.1526) Marion Campbell (dau of Archibald Campbell, 2nd Earl of Argyll)
  ((ii)) Fergus Menzies
  ((B)) William Menzies of Roro ancestor of Menzies of Shian and Glenquich
  ((C)) Alexander Menzies
  ((i)) John Menzies of Tegrannuch (a 1546)
  ((D)) Margaret Menzies
  m. William Robertson of Struan
  ((E)) daughter
  m. _ MacGregor of MacGregor
  ((4)) John Menzies of Comrie ancestor of Menzies of Comrie
  ((5)) Mariote or Marjory Menzies --
  m. (before 1460) Cuthbert Murray of Cockpool (d 1493) --
  (b) Cuthbert Menzies
  (c) Katharine Menzies
  m. Alan Erskine
  m2. Helen
  (ii) Sir William Menzies
  (B)+ other issue - Sir Thomas of Cultnachy, Sir William of Alyth
(2) Sir Alexander de Menzies ancestor of Menzies of Pitfodels
  m. (c1370) Janet Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, Earl of Athol ??)
  (3) Sir Robert de Menzies of Enouch
  (4) Annabella Menzies
  m. Sir David Hamilton, 2nd of Cadzow
  b. Sir Thomas de Menzies Carrick, later of Forthergill or Fothergill or Fortingal
  (1) Alexander de Menzies of Forthergill
  m. Jean de Atholl (dau of Robert de Atholl, 6th of Glenerochie)
  (A) Janet Menzies (b c1369) --
  m. Sir James Stewart of Garth --
  c. Sir Alexander de Menzies of Durrisdeer
  m. Giles Stewart (dau of Sir James Stewart of Pearston)
  d. Annabella Menzies
  B.+ other issue - Sir David, Sir Thomas

Main source(s): 'The "Red and White" Book of Menzies' by D.P. Menzies of Mengieston (2nd edition, privately printed 1908) with input from 'Historic Memorials of the Stewarts of Forthergill' by Charles Poyntz Stewart (printed by W.& A.K. Johnston in 1879)
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