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Families covered: Sheridan of Dublin, Sheridan of Uaghgteraghy

(1) BLG1879 reports that "This is a very ancient Celtic family, of co. Cavan, and can be traced back to a remote period of Irish history". We hope to find that earlier ancestry in due course.
(2) BLG1879 identifies the family's arms as "Vert, a lion rampant between three refoils slipped or".
Dennis (Dionysius) Sheridan (priest then rector/vicar of Killesher)
1. William Sheridan, Bishop of Kilmore & Ardagh (b c1635, d 03.10.1711)
  m. Mary O'Reilly
  A. Donald Sheridan
2. Patrick Sheridan, Bishop of Cloyne (b c1638, dsp 22.11.1682)
  m. (1677) Anne Hill (d 07.1683, dau/coheir of Francis Hill (by Ursula Stafford of Hill Hall), widow of Lt. Colonel Moyses Hll)
3. James Sheridan of Uaghgteraghy, co. Cavan
Although James's illustrious brothers are reported by BLG1879 & BLG1937 as members of this family, the following Thomas is the first given by those sources for its pedigree although BLG1937 reports that Thomas's father possessed an estate at Uaghteraghy, BLG1879 showing that Thomas was also 'of Uaghteraghy'.
  A. Thomas Sheridan of Uaghgteraghy (b 1687, d 10.10.1738, "divine")
  m. Elizabeth MacFadden (dau of Charles MacFadden of Quileagh)
  i. Thomas Sheridan (b 1719, d 14.08.1788, actor, 3rd son)
  m. (1747) Frances Chamberlaine (b 1745, d 26.09.1766, dau of Rev. Philip Chamberlaine (Chamberlayne) of Dublin, son of Sir Oliver)
a. Charles Francis Sheridan (b 06.1750, d 24.06.1806, MP) had issue ("several children")
  m. (1783) Letitia Christiana Bolton
  b. Richard Brinsley Sheridan of Dublin (b 30.10.1751, d 07.07.1816, playwright, MP)
  Wikipedia ("Richard Brinsley Sheridan") reports that, as well as being married twice, Richard had various liaisons. HoP ("Richard Brinsley Sheridan") supports some of the detail about him
  m1. (13.04.1773) Elizabeth Anne Linley (b 09.1754, d 28.06.1792, dau of Thomas Linley (composer) (by Mary Johnson), singer)
  (1) Thomas Sheridan had issue
  m. (1806) Caroline Henrietta Callander (dau of Colonel Sir James Callander, later Campbell of Craigforth)
  (2) Mary Sheridan
  m2. (27.04.1795) Esther Jane Ogle (dau of Rev. Newton Ogle, Dean of Westminster)
  (3) Charles Brinsley Sheridan (b 1796, d 1843)
  p. Caroline Townsend (governess)
  (4) daughter (b 1789)
  c. Alicia Sheridan (b 1753, d 1817, playwright)
  d. Elizabeth ('Betsy') Sheridan (b 1758, d 1837)
  m. (1791) Henry Le Fanu (Captain)
  (1) issue - Alicia (b 1791, d 29.01.1867?, poet & writer), Harriet
  ii.+ 2 other sons + 1 daughter
4. Sir Thomas Sheridan, Secretary of State for Ireland (b c1646, d 1712)
  m. (c06.1684) Helen Appleby (dau of Thomas Appelby (by Helen Gascoigne of Linton-in-Ouse), widow of George Ravenscroft)
  Wikipedia ('Thomas Sheridan (Jacobite)') mentions the rumour that Helen was an illegitimate child of King James II. It appears that she was not formally recognised as such.
  A. Sir Thomas Sheridan (b 1684, d 1746, Jacobite)
  B.+ other issue - Therese Helen, Mary
5. Margery Sheridan
  m. Meredith Gwyllym of Ballyconnell

Main source(s): Wikipedia ('Thomas Sheridan (divine)' and connected articles), BLG1879 ('Sheridan of Frampton Court'), BLG1937 ('Sheridan late of Frampton Court')
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