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Families covered: Shuckburgh of Downton House, Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh
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Sir Richard Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh (b c1598, d 13.06.1656, MP)
m1. (30.11.1627) Mary Sneyd (dsp 05.09.1629, dau of Ralph Sneyd of Keele)
m2. (10.12.1630) Elizabeth Lee (dsp 1634, dau of Sir Robert Lee of Billesley)
m3. (1634) Grace Holte (d 12.04.1677, dau of Sir Thomas Holte, 1st Bart of Aston)
1. Sir John Shuckburgh, 1st Bart of Shuckburgh (b 1635, d 1661)
m. (18.12.1656) Catherine Fermor (d 19.05.1681, dau of Sir Hatton Fermor, m2. Sir Roger Norwich, Bart)
  A. Sir Charles Shuckburgh, 2nd Bart of Shuckburgh, Sheriff of Warwickshire (b 1659, d 02.09.1705)
  m1. (c09.1679) Catherine Stewkley (d 17.08.1683, dau of Sir Hugh Stewkley, 2nd Bart of Hinton, by Catherine Trott)
  i. Sir John Shuckburgh, 3rd Bart of Shuckburgh (b 18.08.1683, d 08/19.06.1724)
  m. (1705) Abigail Goodwin (d by 1759, dau of George Goodwin (not Goodinge) of Latchford)
  a. Sir Stewkley Shuckburgh, 4th Bart of Shuckburgh (b 09.03.1711-2, d unm 06/10.03.1759)
  b. Grace Shuckburgh
  m1. Sir Edward Boughton of Lawford, 5th Bart (d 12.02.1721-2)
  m2. (1723) Matthew Lister or Lester of Burwell (d 01.1786)
  c. Catherine Shuckburgh (d unm 30.06.1730)
  d. Elizabeth Shuckburgh (d 1773/6)
  m. Christopher Jefferson of Dullingham
  e. Sarah Shuckburgh
  m1. William Fielding of Shilton
  m2. Henry St. Nicholas of Monks Kirby
  m3. Francis Tatum of Lutterworth
  f. Margaret Shuckburgh (dsp 1774)
  m. (1753) Rev. Thomas Hale
  g. Jane Shuckburgh (b c1708, d 1754)
m. (1744) Rev. Gilbert Jackson (d 05.1779)
  h. Penelope Shuckburgh (dsp 1780)
  m1. _ Plaistow or Plaiston
  m2. Bartholomew Hitch
  m3. Robert Clarke of Daventry (a 1760)
  i. Rachel Shuckburgh (dsp 1770)
  m1. Altham Parkhurst of Catesby
  m2. Slaughter Clarke (d 1765, vicar of Thedingworth)
  j. Honora Shuckburgh
m. (05.1740) John Hasker of Laverstock
  k. Joan Shuckburgh (b c1716, d 1770)
  m. (1740) Thomas Plampin or Plumpin of Yelvertoft (d 08.1770)
  ii. Catherine Shuckburgh (d 1725)
  m. (1699) Sir William Boughton, 4th Bart (d 22.07.1716)
  iii. Sarah or Seliza Shuckburgh (d 1726)
  m. Charles Bentley of Kineton
  m2. (c10.1684) Diana Verney (d 28.09.1725, dau of Richard Verney, Lord Willoughby de Broke, by Frances Dove)
  iv. Charles Shuckburgh of Longborough (Gloucestershire) & Farthingston (b 1694, d 1752)
  m. (1718) Sarah Hunt (dau of Col. Henry Hunt of Blockley)
  a. Sir Charles Shuckburgh, 5th Bart of Shuckburgh (bpt 17.03.1721-2, dsp 10.08.1773)
  m. (05.05.1749) Anne Robinson (d 08.10.1776, relict of Campbell Price of Westbury)
  b. Richard Shuckburgh (b 1728, d 03.09.1773, Lt. Colonel)
m. (06.02.1750) Sarah Hayward (d 1762, dau of John Hayward of Plumpstead (Captain RN), relict of Edward Bate)
  (1) Sir George Augustus William Shuckburgh, later Shuckburgh-Evelyn, 6th Bart of Shuckburgh (b 23.08.1751, d 11.08.1804, MP)
  m1. (03.07.1782) Sarah Johanna Darker (b 1754-5, dsp 10.04.1783, dau of John Darker of Gayton)
  m2. (06.10.1785) Julia Annabella Evelyn (b 07.01.1757, d 14.09.1797, dau/heir of John Evelyn of Felbridge)
  (A) Julia Evelyn Medley Shuckburgh (b 05.10.1790, d 08.04.1814)
m. (19.07.1810) Charles Cecil Cope Jenkinson, 3rd Earl of Liverpool (b 29.05.1784, d 03.09.1851)
  (2) Sir Stewkley Shuckburgh, 7th Bart of Shuckburgh (b 31.08.1757, d 14/21.07.1809)
  m. (05.09.1786) Charlotte Catherine Tydd (d 18.02.1837, dau of Captain Thomas Tydd of Airdworth)
  (A) Sir Francis Shuckburgh, 8th Bart of Shuckburgh (b 12.03.1789, d 29.10.1876) had issue
  m. (27.10.1825) Anne Maria Draycott Denys (d 08.11.1846, dau of Peter Denys by Charlotte Fermor)
  (B) Charles Robert Shuckburgh (b 14.10.1794, d 17.01.1873, Lt. Colonel, 3rd son)
  m1. (02.1826) Emma Butler (d 1838, dau of James Butler)
  (i) Augusta Shuckburgh (b 1835, d 1844)
  m2. (10.1842) Mariana Travers (d 01.08.1881, dau of Major _ Travers)
  (C) Henry Adolphus Shuckburgh (b 25.11.1800, d 22.12.1860, Colonel) had issue
  m1. (16.11.1843) Sarah Elizabeth Dwarris (dsp, dau of William Dwarris of Jamaica)
  m2. (05.05.1854) Catharine Dorothy Cloete (d 17.04.1866, dau of Daniel J. Cloete, Sheriff of Cape Town)
  (D) Mary Amelia Shuckburgh (b 17.04.1793, d 19.02.1858)
  m. (1820) T.L.P. Laugharne (RN)
  (E) Emily Almeria Shuckburgh (b 31.10.1808, d 24.03.1895)
  m. (05.06.1867) Rev. Samuel Sampson of Colyton Grove
(F)+ other issue - Thomas Stewkeley (b 13.07.1791, d 23.08.1824, RN), Caroline Ann Matilda (b 20.08.1789, d 20/26.03.1809), Charlotte (b 1790, d 1791), Penelope Augusta (b 02.03.1796, d 02.01.1863), Sarah Louisa (b 13.07.1798, d unm 01.01.1836), Charlotte Catherine (b 02.06.1802, d 17.12.1885), Julia Isabella (b 06.04.1805, d 22.04.1879), Saliza Sophia (b 19.05.1806, d 04.03.1891)
  (3)+ other issue - Richard (b c1756, d unm 16.10.1784, RN), Cjarles, Carolikne, Augusta (d infant)
  c. Sarah Shuckburgh (b 1725)
  m. (12.1747) John Cleveland of Tapeley, Devon (MP)
  (1) Selina Shore Cleveland probably of this generation
  m. (08.1777) John Udny (b 1727, d 1800)
  v. Grace Shuckburgh (b 1691)
  m. Rev. _ Crabb(e) of Brimmore
  vi. Sophia Shuckburgh (b 1697, dsp 03.1739)
  m. Francis Loggin of the Temple
  vii. Diana Shuckburgh (b 1701, a 1730)
  m. Nicholas Webb (vicar of Downton)
  a. Diana Webb
  m. John Shuckburgh of Downton @@ just below
  viii.+ other issue - Richard (b 1695, d unm 1724, Captain), Edward (b 1702, d unm 02.1729-30, rector of Bromsall), Frances (b 1686), Marianne, Diana (d infant?), Penelope
  B. Catherine Shuckburgh (d 1662)
2. Charles Shuckburgh of London (4th son)
  The following comes from Commoners (vol 2, 'Shuckburgh of Downton House', p94+).
  A. Richard Shuckburgh of Covent Garden
  i. John Shuckburgh of London (d 1761)
m. Anne Salt
  a. John Shuckburgh of Downton, Wiltshire
  m. Diana Webb (dau of Rev. Nicholas Webb of Downton by Diana, dau of Sir Charles Shuckburgh, 2nd Bart) @@ just above
  (1) Charles William Shuckburgh of the Moot aka Downton House (b c1772, d 29.08.1833, rector of Goldhanger)
  m. (16.07.1798) Henrietta Blake (dau of John Blake of Salisbury)
  (A) William Pigott Shuckburgh of Downton House
  (B) Henrietta Shuckburgh
  m. (1828) William Wrangham (son of General Colins)
  (C) Diana Shuckburgh
  m. (1830) W.P. Hopton (vicar of Bishop's Frome)
  (D) Mariana Shuckburgh
  m. (1827) Richard Brouncker of Boveridge
  (E)+ other issue - Robert (rector of Alborough), Charles Verbey (curate of Goldhanger), Walter (b 1814, d 01.09.1833)
3. Anne Shuckburgh (b c1633, d 28.01.1696-7)
  m. Henry Edmonds of Preston Hall (Preston Deanry) (b c1625, d 28.02.1701)
4. Grace Shuckburgh (dsp 1721)
  m1. (c08.1670) Sir John Bernard, 2nd Bart (d 06.1679)
  m2. _ Marrett
5. Elizabeth Shuckburgh
  m. Sir Richard Waldo of Pinner
6.+ other issue - Richard (dsp), George (had issue), Edward (dvp), Elizabeth (d infant)

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Shuckburgh'), 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Lunell, Sydenhale and Shukburgh', p372) with input as reported above
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