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Families covered: Swynborne of Horkesley, Skerrit of Devon, Skerrett of Finavara, Seddon of Worthen, Sidney of Cowpen, Stotesbury of Imley (Evenley), Stotesbury of Sulgrave

Visitation shows that the following William had the following arms: "Gu. 3 bores heads arg. and semy of cross crosslets or."
William Swynborne of Horkesley, Essex
m. Philipp Gernon (dau/heir of Sir Rafe Gernon)
1. Sir Robert Swynborne the first mentioned by CTG
  m. Joane Bottecourt (d c1423, dau/heir of John Bottecourt (Botetort) by Joan, dau of John Gernon)
  A. Alice Swynborne
  m. John Helyon of Helyon Bumstead
  i. John Helyon
  m. Edyth or Judith Rolfe (dau/heir of Thomas Rolfe)
  a. Philippa) Helyon (dsp)
  m. Thomas Montgomery
  b. Isabell (Elizabeth) Helyon (heir)
  m. Humfry Tyrrell of Warley (son of Sir Thomas of Heron)
  B. Margery Swynborne
  i. Katherine (d 09.11.1470)
  m. Thomas Finderne



Vivian reports that this family had the following arms: "Or, a chief indented Sa.".
Thomas Skeritt of Buckland Monachorum
m. _ Ashley
1. John Skeritt or Skerrit of Tavistock
  m. Thomasin Landere (dau of John Landere)
  A. Edward Skerrit of Petarvy, Devon
  m1. Agnes Libb of Tavistock (bur 22.05.1615)
  m2. (25.09.1615) Anne Walley (bur 16.03.1636-7, dau of Thomas Walley or Wills)
  i. John Skerrit (b c1617)
  m. (c07.1637) Elinor Cuttiford of Whitchurch (bur 19.10.1644)
  a. Ellinor Skerrit (bpt 15.04.1642)
  m. (c11.1675) Richard Spry of Whitchurch
  b.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 14.06.1638), Mary (bpt 13.06.1640), Ann (bpt 16.10.1644, bur 01.05.1658)
  ii. William Skerrit (bpt 04.04.1623, 3rd son?)
m. (c07.1645) Elianor (widow of _ Turner of Tavistock)
  iii.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 23.09.1621, bur 05.03.1629-30), George (bur 20.07.1627)
  B. Thomas Skerit
  m. Barbara Aptor
  i. John Skerit (b c1610, a 1620)
  C. Alice Skerrit (d 02.04.1623)
  m1. Sir John Glanville
  m2. Sir Francis Godolphin
  D. Margery Skerrit
  m. (c08.1617) John Whitchurch of Tavistock
  E. Loveday Skerrit
  m. (c06.1625) Henry Sawdy of Tavistock



(1) BLG1886 reports that "This family was originally of Galway extraction, and formed one of the thirteen tribes of that ancient town. It is stated that the name was formerly Huscared, and that Robert Huscared, of Scared, held lands in Connaught under Richard de Burgo in 1242. In 1378, Richard Scared, alias Skerritt, was Provost of Galway, and in 1421 John Skerrett was Mayor. The representative of this long-descended line" was the following Hyacinth.
(2) BLG1886 reports that the family had the following arms: "Vert, a chevron or, between two squirrels counter-sejant".
Hyacinth Skerrett of Finavara, Burrin, co. Clare
m. (20.07.1768) Mary Byrne (dau of George Byrne of Cabinteely by Clare, sister of Robert, Earl Nugenbt)
1. William Skerrett of Finavara had issue
  m. (12.10.1803) Mary Roche (d 1822, dau of John Roche of Limerick)
2. Clara Skerrett probably of this generation
  m. (1802) George Stacpoole (b 1773, dsp 01.1816, Captain)



Lawrence Seddon of Lancashire (b c1597, bur 21.09.1675, rector of Worthen)
m. Anne Blunden (dau of Richard Blunden of Bishops Castle)
1. Thomas Seddon, later Sidney (b 1644-5, d 12.02.1685/6, rector of Worthen)
  m. (c06.1678) Elizabeth Colt (b 1659-60, dau of George Dutton Colt of Coltshall)
  A. Lawrence Sidney of Danbury (Essex), later of Bishops Castle (Shropshire) (a 10.1736)
m. Mary Marlow (dasu of John Marlow of London)
  i. Lawrence Sidney of London (b 18.03.1707, d c1766, 2nd son)
  m. (01.11.1739) Anne Rochford (d 1802, dau of John Rochford)
  a. Marlow Sidney of Cowpen (b 20.01.1752, d 12.07.1839)
  m. (c1771) Mary Mangaar (b 1752-3, d 29.06.1844, dau of John Mangaar of Leominster) @@ below
  (1) Marlow John Francis Sidney of Cowpen (b 06.4547, dsp 25.09.1859)
  m. (06.06.1807) Christiana MacEwan (b c1783, d 15.01.1874, dau of Andrew MacEwan of London)
  (2) William Henry Marlow Sidney in France, later of Stockton-on-Tees & Cowpen (b 03.04.1776, d 25.11.1870) had issue
  m. (05.08.1806) Anastasia Steigenberger (b 1786-7, d 23.06.15874, dau of John Steigenberger of London)
  (3)+ other issue - Elizabeth (nun in Essex then Bruges), Margaret (nun in Essex then Bruges), others (d young)
  b. Mary Sikdney (b 25.05.1746)
  m. George Morris of Springfield
  c.+ other issue (d young)
  ii. Thomas Sidney (d before 02.09.1756, youngest son?)
  m. Elizabeth
  a. Henry Sidney of Tunbridge Wells (d before 10.08.1799)
  m. Henrietta Guynyard
  (1) Marlow Sidney of Hastings
  m. (26.04.1832) Louisa Maria Darby (dau of Z.F. Darby of London)
  (2) Elizabeth Sidney
  m. William Beetson
  (3) Harriet Sidney
m. William Kappen ("of the Stamp Office")
  iii. Sarah Sidney
  m. _ Crow
  iv. Martha Sidney
  m. John Mangaar of London then Leominster
  a. Mary Mangaar (b 1752-3, d 29.06.1844)
  m. (c1771) Marlow Sidney of Cowpen (b 20.01.1752, d 12.07.1839) @@ above
  v. Charlotte Sidney
  m. Warner Kappen of London
  vi.+ other issue - Henry (d unm), Marlow of Cowpen (b 25.03.1708, bur 31.01.1804), John (d unm bur 04.01.1744/5), Mary (d unm)
  B.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp c1727), Henry of Cowpen (d before 05.06.1762, of the Middle Temple)
2. John Seddon (b 25.04.1646, d 20.04.1679, canon of Chichester)
  m. (c11.1667) Anne Ramey of Whitechapel (b c1648)
3. Mary or Elizabeth Seddon
  m. Henry Blaney (Blayney) (son of Sir Arthur son of Lord Blaney "of the peerage of Ireland")
4. Anne Seddon



John de Stotesbury of Sulgrave (a 1359)
1. Thomas de Stotesbury of Sulgrave & Evenley (Imley)
  A. John de Stotesbury of Sulgrave (d 1413)
  m. Elizabeth Falconer
  i. John Stotesbury of Sulgrave (a 1437)
  a. John Stotesbury of Sulgrave
  (1) Thomas Stotesbury of Sulgrave (d c1563, 2nd son)
  m. Cecily Brayles (dau of Richard Brayles)
  (A) Susan Stotesbury
  m. Robert Leeson of Whitfield
  (2)+ other issue - John (dsp), Edward
  B Thomas de Stotesbury of Imley (d 1411) had issue at Imley (Evenley)
  C. Isabel de Stotesbury
  m. John Greiby

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