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Families covered: Tudenham of Oxborough (Oxburgh), Tappenden, Tyson of Anwyke, Tyson of Shilbottle, Trepe of Sandford, Trobridge of Crediton, Trobridge of Trobridge

Roger de Tudenham (d by 1210)
m. Maud de Glanvie (a 1210)
1. John de Tudenham
  A. Edmund de Tudenham (a 1225)
  m. Gundreda
  i. Sir John de Tudenham the first mentioned by Banks
  m. (Lady) Joan Charles, heiress of Ketleburgh Manor
  a. Sir Oliver Tudenham (dsp c1318)
  b. Sir Robert Tudenham (d c1308)
Banks reports that some authorities identify Sir Robert's wife as Eve, dau of Sir Ralph de Rochester by Maud, dau of Sir Hamon Peche, and notes that Eve was aunt/heir of Sir Hugh & relict of Sir Ralph de Rochester of Ereswell. Nevertheless, in the actual pedigree, Banks supports BHO in identifying her as ...
  m. Eve Pecche (dau of Sir Hamon Pecche)
  (1) Sir Robert Tudenham of Heyford 'of Oxborough' (d 09.08.1361) the first mentioned by Baker
  m. Catherine Patteshall (d 1383, sister (not dau) & coheir of William Patteshall of Northamptonshire)
  (A) Robert Tudenham (dvpsp 1333)
  (B) Sir John Tudenham, Sheriff of Suffolk & Norfolk (d 1392)
  m. Margaret Weyland (d 1416, dau of Sir Robert Weyland, sister/coheir of Sir John, relict of Sir Thomas de Grauniston)
  (i) Sir John Tudenham (dvpsp)
m. (1378) Elizabeth (dau of Robert FitzRalph)
  (ii) Sir Robert Tudenham of Oxborough (b c1366, d 06.1406)
  m. Margeret Herling (dau of John Herling or Harling 'by Margaret, dau of Thomas Jenny by Elizabeth Borne')
  (a) Sir Robert Tudenham (b c1391, dsp 1401)
  m. Margaret Wichingham (dau of Sir Nicholas Wichingham)
  (b) Sir Thomas Tudenham (dsp 22.02.1460-1)
m. Alice Wodehouse (dau of Sir John Wodehouse)
  (c) Margaret Tudenham (d 1474)
  m. Sir Edmund Bedingfeld (d 1446)
  (d)+ other issue - Joan (nun), Margery (nun)
  (iii) Elizabeth Tudenham shown by BHO, confusion with just above?
  BHO shows Elizabeth m. Robert FitzRalf which appears to be confusion with just above. Baker shows that she married ...
  m1/2. Sir Thomas Hengrace
  This may possibly be (also) the Elizabeth who married ...
  m2/1. Sir John le Gross



John Tappenden of Sittingbourn, Kent
m. Margaret Gillow (dau of Richard Gillow)
1. John Tappenden of London
  m. Ann Gillow (dau of Francis Gillow, cousin)
  A. John Tappenden (3rd son)
  m. Rachel Lund of London
  B. Margaret Tappenden
  m. James Tappenden of Faversham (a 1780)
  C.+ other issue - John (d young), John (d young), Edward, Jenkin, James, Francis, Anne, Elizabeth
2. Margaret Tappenden
  m. Jenkin Gillow (cousin)



Gilbert Tyson of Anwyke & Malton, Northumberland (d Hastings 1066)
m. Beatrix
1. William Tyson of Anwyk (Alnwick)
  A. Jane "Aldada" (Alda) Tyson --
  m. Yvo Vessey of Alnwyke (a 1066) --
2. Richard Tyson of Shelbotell (d before 1168)
  A. William Tyson of Shilbottle
  i. German Tyson of Shilbottle (a 1213)
  m1. ??
  a. Bonnetta Tyson
  m. William Hylton (d before 20.04.1208)
  m2. (before 1209) Agnes de Hilton (a 1213)
3. Agnes Tyson



John Trepe (a temp Edward IV who r. 146-1483)
m. Matilda Higheyne (dau/coheir of John Higheyne)
1. Thomas Trepe
  m. Beatrix Gutton (dau/coheir of John Gutton)
  A. John Trepe
m. Alice Markenfield
  i. John Trepe
  m. Thomazin Ball
  a. Robert Trepe (Trype) of Yarmesley in Samford, Crediton
  m1. Sibell Welles (dau/heir of William Welles)
  (1) Agnes Trepe
  m. John Symonds
  (2) Thomasin Trepe
  m. (c02.1613-4) John Ridge of Rudge
  m2. (22.11.1606) Katherine Bridges (bur 14.03.1620-1, dau of Andrew Bridges, widow of Peter Ball)
  m3. (24.11.1623) Ann Davye (dau of Emanuel Davye, m2. Lewis Dowrish)



Thomas Trobridg
1. Richard Trobridg of Trobridg (in Crediton), Devon
  A. Robert Trobridge of Trobridge (bur 11.05.1558)
m. Katherine Predieux (dau of Humphry Predieux of Theuborough)
  i. John Trobridge of Trobridge (bur 06.05.1623)
  m. Mary Bodley (bur 27.12.1621, dau of John Bodley of Dunscomb)
  a. George Trobridge 'of Trobridge' (bpt 03.09.1567, bur 05.04.1631)
  m. Elizabeth Dowrish (dau of Walter Dowrish of Dowrishe)
  (1) George Trobridge of Crediton (b c1598, a 1630)
m. Mary (bur 17.09.1645)
  (A)+ issue - John (bpt 10.06.1632), William (bpt 08.06.1634), Peter (bpt 29.04.1638), Elizabeth (bpt 22.11.1629)
  (2) Katherine Trobridge
  m. (29.10.1638) Thomas Whitehorne
  (3) Jane or Joyce Trobridge
  m. (29.01.1628-9) Thomas Pointingdon
  (4)+ other issue - Peter (a 1620), Carew of Crediton (bpt 27.03.1608-9, bur 30.06.1643)
b. Elizabeth Trobridge (bpt 06.04.1567)
  m. (26.12.1601) John Davye of Medland
  c. Grace Trobridge (bpt 14.10.1573)
  m. (11.04.1605) Robert Smithe
  d. Catheryn Trobridge (bur 05.07.1607) possibly of this generation
  m. John Nicholls of Trewane (bur 17.02.1593)
  e.+ other issue - Christopher (bpt 23.02.1566-7), John (bpt 28.01.1577-8), William (bpt 28.01.1577-8), Joseph (bpt 13.01.1582-3), Anne (bpt 12.05.1558, d young), Mary (bpt 31.12.1570, bur 10.06.1576)
  ii. George Trobridge had issue
  m. (20.02.1576-7) Elizabeth Davey
  iii. Elizabeth Trobridge possibly of this generation
  m. Roger Prye of Horwell

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