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Families covered: Lords of Bodorgan, Lords of Cydywain (Cydewain), Princes of Ferlex

BP1934 reports that the following Cydafael "was a lineal descendant from Urien, lord of Rhegid, A.D. 590, who is claimed to be directly descended from Coel Codebog, a British king, A.D. 262."
Cadaval Ynad = Cydafael Ynnyd of Cydewain (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216, judge or regent of Powys)
BP1934 identifies Cydafael's wife as Arianwen, dau of Jerwarth, eldest son of Prince Meredydd ap Bleddyn, who was Prince of Wales in 1063. Provisionally, we follow Commoners which identifies her as ...
m. Rhyangen or Arianwen (dau/heir of Iorwerth (Jerwerth) ap Trahaern ap Iorwerth of Cydewain (son of Cadwggan ap Elystan Glodrudd, Prince of Fferlls), lord of Cydywain (Cydewain, Montgomeryshire))
1. Samuel of Cydywain
  m. Eigu or Eigyr (dau/heir of Madoc ap Cadwallon ap Madoc ap Idnerth (ap Cadwgan ap Elystan) of Maclenydd)
  A. Madoc of Cydywain
  m. Eva (dau of Meredydd Vychan ap Meredydd ap Rhys ap Merdydd)
  i. Tudor
  m. Nest or Annest (dau/heir of Tudor ap Llewelyn ap Cadwallon ap Hywel ap Owain Gwyndedd, Prince of North Wales)
a. Jerwerth or Iorwerth
  m. Agnes or Annest Wen (dau/heir of Robin Vychan ap Robi goch of Caergybi (Holyhead))
  (1) David (Dafydd) of Caergybi (Holyhead)
  Commoners identifies David's wife as Sioned, dau of David ap Jerwerth goch of Liechwedd Issa, but Griffith identifies her as ...
  m. Jonet (dau of Iorwerth Goch of Liechwedd Issa, ap Meredydd ap Howel ap Adda)
  (A) Einiawn or Einion 'Sais' (a 1422, usher of Sheen)
  BP1934 jumped from Cydafael to Einion ("6th in descent") whilst BLG1952 starts with Einion ap Dafydd. The intervening generations come from Griffith & Commoners. Note that there were a few people known as Einion Sais (Einion, the speaker of English).
  m. Eva (dau/heir of Meredydd ap Cadwgan of Bodorgan)
  (i) Heilyn or Heylin of Bodorgan (a 1465)
  Commoners identifies Heylin's wife as Angharad, dau of Hywel ap Ithel ap Tudor. BP1934 does not name her at all. BLG1952 identifies her as Sioned (dau of Rhydderch ap Rhys ap Robin Iarddwr) which appears to be supported by Griffith which identifies her as ...
  m. Jonet (dau of Rhydderch ap Rhys ap Robert "deswcended from Iarddur")
  (a) Llewelyn of Bodorgan
  Commoners identifies Llewelyn's wife as Angharad, dau of Gwilym ap Grufydd ap Davydd. Griffith identifies her as Angharad, dau of Gwillim ap Gruffydd ap Dafydd ap Gruffyd Vychan ap Gruffydd ap Llewellyn ap Caswallawn ap Howell ap Owen Gwyndedd. BP1934 & BLG1952 identify her as ...
m. Angharad (dau of Gwilym (William) ap Evan (ap Gwilym))
  ((1)) Grufydd of Llangadwalader
  m. Sioned or jonet (dau of Gronwy ap Tydyr (Tudur))
  ((A)) Lewis
  m. Elizabeth Puleston
((i)) Rowland Griffith 'of Llangadwaladr'
  m. Catherine Mostyn
  ((a)) Florence
  m. Robert Griffth
  ((ii)) Elin
  m. Thomas Hanmer (son of Randal)
  ((B)) Morfydd
  m. Hugh ap Dafydd ap Robert
  ((C))+ other issue - Hugh, Catherine
  ((2)) Meuric of Bodorgan, Sheriff of Anglesey (d 1537-8, 3rd son)
  m. Margaret (dau of Rowland ap Hywel of Caer Ceiliog)
  ((3)) Gwlym (William)
  ((A)) son
  ((i)) Richard Meyric (b 1544, illegitimate), David, Reiart
  ((B))+ 3 sons
  ((4)) Sioned (Jonet)
  m. Thomas ap Davydd of Bodwinau = Thomas ap David ap Gruffydd of Llangwadwaladfr
  ((A)) David
  m. Elin (dau of Lewis ap Joh ap Neredydd, of Newborough)
  ((B)) Catharine
((C)) Elin
  m(1). Thomas ap Robert ap Hossgyn ap Rhys, of Llanygnhenedl
  ((i)) Rowland Thomas (a 1570, 1586, Dean of Bangor)
  ((5))+ other issue - Edmund (parson of Eglwyseg), Gwenhwyfer
  (b) Alswn or Alson
  m. Ievan or Jenkin ap Jenkin ap Fifion of Plas Coch
  (ii) Rhys of Llechwedd Issa
  m. Jonet Bold (dau of John Bold of Rhiwarthen)
  (iii) Sion of Caergybi 'of Holyhead'
  (iv) Jockyn or Ioccyn
  m. Jane (dau of Rhys ap Meredydd Vychan)
  (v) Dafydd
  (B) Rhys
  m. Sionedd (dau of John Bwld of Rhiwarthen)
  (2)+ other issue - Cadwgan of Bettws y Wyriol goch, Gronw (Goronwy) of Caernarvon
  B. daughter
  m. Rotpert ap Llywarch of Cydywain
2. Hywel or Howel
  m. Annes (dau of Grufydd ap Einiawn Ddistain)
  A. Gwenllian
  m. Dolphin ap Rhywallon



Commoners reports that "The family of Morrice is of great antiquity, and can be traced in lineal descent from Athelstan Glodrydd, prince of Ferlex, betwixt Wye and Severn, who sprung from the old princes of Powys, and who, through his mother, Rheingar, daughter and heir of Grono ap Tudor Trevor, was eighth in a direct line from Caradoc Vriechfras, lord of Hereford, one of the knights of King Arthur's Round Table." [Wales06 shows Athelstan as sixth generation from Caradog Freichfras]. Commoners adds that "Athelstan Glodrydd was godson of Athelstan, king of England, and founded the fourth royal tribe of Wales." Athelstan reigned 924-940.
Athelstan or Elystan Glodrydd, prince of Ferlex
m. Gwladys (dau/heir of Rhu, lord of Pegain)
1. Cadwgan, prince of Ferlex
  m. Elen (dau of Brochwel, lord of Powis)
  A. Hoedliw, lord of Radnor, prince of Ferlex
  i. Rys, lord of Radnor, prince of Ferlex
  a. Hoedliw Goch
  (1) Gwrgenan
(A) Grono
  (i) Griffith
  (a) Madoc
  ((1)) Howel
  ((A)) Philip Dorddu
  ((i)) Cadwgan (2nd son)
  m. Eva (dau of Llewelyn Crygeryr) mentioned in Commoners (vol IV, Morris of York)
  ((a)) David
  (((1))) Philip
  (((A))) Ievan of Carm
m. Margaret (dau of Ievan ap Meredyth)
  ((b)) son see here
  B. Idnerth probably of this generation
  i. Ednyfed
  a. Howel
  (1) Gruffydd
  (A) Goleubryd (heir)
  m. Cynwrig Efell, lord of Eglwysegl
  C. Joan probably of this generation
  m. Rhys Goch, lord of Ystradyw

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 26.11.08) : Commoners (vol III, Morrice of Betshanger)
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