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Families covered: Walsh of Athlone, Walsh of Ballyncooly (Ballincowie), Walsh of Cranagh

Robert Walsh of Ballingowne (dvp 1603)
m. Eleanor FitzGerald (d 13.02.1611, dau of Sir John FitzEdmund FitzGerald of Cloyne)
1. Walter Walsh of Castlehoyle, baron of Shancahir (d 1647)
  m. (1625) Magdalen Sheffield (dau of Sir John Sheffield, son of 1st Earl of Mulgrave)
  A. Edmund Walsh (b 1626, d c1647)
  m. (c1642) Margaret Grace (dau of Oliver Grace)
  i. Robert Walsh of Cloonassy (b 1645, d Limerick 1691, Captain)
  m. (15.01.1672) Mary Walsh (d 03.10.1710, dau of Peirce Walsh (son of Sir James, Bart of Ballygunner), widow of George Sherlock)
  a. Margaret Walsh (b 21.02.1673, dsp 27.07.1754)
  m. John Daly of Cork
  b.+ other issue - Walter of Dunkitt (d 13.02.1737), Elizabeth (d young), Magdalen (b 1684, d 02.09.1747)
  B. Richard Walsh in Athlone (4th son)
  m. (c1652) Margaret O'Conor (dau of Bryan O'Conor of Beagh, grandson (sb son?) of Sir Hugh O'Conor Don)
  i. William Walsh of Cranagh
  m. Winifred Kelly (dau of Bryan Kelly of Beagh)
a. Walter Walsh of Cranagh (d 19.03.1729)
  m. (c1695) Giles MacLaughlin (dau of _ MacLaughlin of Hall)
  (1) Patrick Walsh of Cranagh (d 12.1745, 2nd son?)
  m. (c1728) Ellis Tully (dau of Mathew Tully of Muckland)
  (A) Richard Walsh of Cranagh (b 1739)
  m. (09.1759) Mary Walsh (dau of Walter Walsh of Mount Talbot by Mary, dau of John Kelly of Coolegarry)
  (i) Patrick Walsh of Cranagh (b 11.1760, d 09.08.1798)
  m. (27.09.1787) Margaret Hussey (dau of John Hussey of Mul Hussey)
  (a) John Hussey Walsh of Cranagh, Mul Hussey, & Kilduff (b 11.02.1791, d 19.07.1863) had issue
  m. (18.08.1817) Maria Henley (dau of Michael Henley of La Mancha, co. Dulblin)
  (b)+ other issue - Richard Hussey (b 22.10.1788, d 12.1804), Patrick Joseph (b 03.11.1795, d 22.04.1849), William Burke (b 18.10.1796, d 17.07.1816), Walter French (b 04.05.1798, d 29.6.1819, jesuit), Letitia Margaret (b 15.10.1789, d 151.07.1868)
  (ii) William Walsh of Kilmore (d 04.11.1839)
  m. (10.1797) Mary Anne Cuffe (d 12.02.1837, dau of Michael Cuffe of Jamaica)
  (iii)+ other issue - Joseph (b 1764, d 1800), Walter
  (B) William Walsh of Athlone (d after 06.1780)
  m. Rebecca Flood (dau of Francis Flood of Newtownflood)
  (i) William Walsh of Cranagh Mill (d 11.1827)
  m. Johanna Moran (dau of Nicholas Moran of Drumrany)
  (a) William Walsh of Cranagh Mill (b 1786,. d 13.04.1849) had issue
  m. (24.06.1815) Maria Walsh (dau of Walter Walsh)
  (b) Patrick Walsh of Sallymount (b 1788, dsp 31.03.1849)
  m. (17.02.1824) Marcella Dowling (dau of Edmund Dowling of Ballagh)
  (c) Michael Walsh (bpt 20.05.1791)
  (d) Elizabeth Walsh
  m. Dominick Lennon
  (e) Mary Walsh (bpt 28.06.1789)
  m. James Doyle
  (f) Jane Walsh (bpt 20.12.1794, d 1838)
  m. (19.02.1820) Robert Maclean
  (g) Rebecca Walsh (bpt 22.01.1804)
  m. (23.02.1826) Michael Caine
  (ii) Anne Walsh
  m. Ignatius Kelly
  (iii)+ other issue - James, Richard, Sulivan, George
(C) Ellinor Walsh
  (D) Ellis Walsh (d 17.08.1753)
  m. (10.11.1750) Bryan Naghten of Killeen (son of Laughlin of Firagh)
  (2) daughter
  m. (1717) Edmund Kelly of Beagh
  (3) Winefred Walsh
  m. William Keogh
  (4) Ellis Walsh (d 18.06.1729)
  m. John Donelly
(5) Una Walsh
  m. James Keogh
  (6)+ other issue - William of Feakie (a 1771), James of Dublin (a 1737), Thomas of Dublin (a 1737), John (a 1737), Giles (d before 1737)
  C. Elizabeth Walsh
  m. John Grace of Courtstown
  D. Ursula Walsh
  m1. John Bryan of Bawnmore
  m2. Edmund Blancheville of Blanchevillestown
  E. Letitia Walsh
  m1. John Tobin
  m2. Harvey Morres of Castlemores
  F.+ other issue - Hoyle of Ardery (Colonel), Robert (b 1632, d 1655, Captain)



James Walsh of Ballincowie
1. Robert FitzJames Walsh of Ballincowie (a 1549)
  m1. (div 10.11.1540) Ellen Power (dau of _ Power of Donelly)
  A. James FitzRobert Walsh of Ballincowie (d 1600)
  m. (c1570) Ellice Forstall
  i. Robert Walsh of Ballyncooly (b c1577)
  m. (24.09.1597) Mary Power (dau of Geoffrey Power of Moghorban)
  a. James Walsh, last of Ballyncooly (a 1655)
  m2. Katherine Gall
  B. Richard FitzJames Walsh (a 1638)
  m. Elizabeth Sutton (dau of Thomas Sutton)
  i. Robert FitzRichard Walsh of Dunkitt
  ii. John Walsh (a 1638)
  m. Mary Scattick (dau of Thomas Scattick)
  a. Patrick Walsh
  b. James Walsh (Captain RN)
  m. Margaret Walsh (dau of Thomas Walsh of the family of Carrickmines)
  (1) Philip Walsh of St. Malo (bpt 08.12.1666, d 11.09.1708)
  m. (11.01.1695) Anne Whyte (dau of James Whyte of Waterford)
  (A) Patrick Walsh (bpt 13.10.1701, d 19.11.1790, 2nd son) ancestor of Walsh of Chassenon & Cadiz
  m. (22.11.1723) Mary Anne Cranisborough (dau of Mark Cranisborough of Moriaix)
  (B) Antoine Vincent Walsh, 'Earl Walsh' (bpt 22.01.1703, d 02.05.1763) ancestor of the Counts Walsh
  m. (09.01.1741) Mary O'Sheill (dau of Luke O'Sheill of Nantes)
  (C) Francis Joseph Walsh of Cadiz, later of the Chateau de Serrant, Count de Serrant (b 311.03.1704, d 23.08.1782) had issue
  m. (16.04.1743) Mary Harper (dau of Thomas Harper)
  (D)+ other issue - Jacques (b 06.01.1697, d young), Philip (b 05.03.1706, a 1734)
  c. Philip Walsh of St. Malo had issue
  m. Margaret Hore (dau of William Hore of Harperstown)
2. Oliver FitzJames Walsh of Killaspock (a 1549)
  A. Thomas Walsh of Killaspock (a 1653!!)
3. Edmund Walsh of Benanycoyle (a 1549)

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Walsh of Mul Hussey)
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