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Families covered: Whalley of Kirton (Kirketon), Whalley of Scriveton (Screveton or Screaveton), Whaley of Whaley Abbey
[Part of this page was first launched as DRAFT on 15.10.06. It was released formerly into the database 08.09.14 after being reviewed & extended. It was redone on 05.05.23 following further review & extension using Nichols.]

The arms of this family were "Argent, three whales' heads erased sable". Nichols starts with 2 brothers whom we show as sons of ...
1. Wyamaros de Whalley (a 1067)
  Nichols reports that Wyamaros "had, by the gift of William Bastard, duke of Normandy, (in 1067) for his service done at the battle of Hastings, the lordship of Whalley, in the wapentake of Blackburne, co. Lancaster". Our downloaded copy of MGH is not fully clear in the layout of its pedigree for these early generations, apparently because the person who scanned the page allowed a notice to obscure part of the page.
  A. Eustace de Whalley
  m. Goditha (dau of Sir John Antwilley)
  i. John Whalley of Whalley
  m. Dannes (dau of Sir John Banister)
  a. John Whalley (2nd son)
  m. Eleanor Dulton (dau of Sir Roger Duleton of Thornton)
  (1) Roger Whalley
  m. Anne Townley (dau of John Townley of Lancashire)
(A)+ issue - Ambrose (dsp), John (dsp), Henry (a 1279, dspm, "Stuard unto lacy Earle of Lincolne")
  (2) Henry Whalley
  m. _ Delves (dau of John Delves of Staffordshire)
  (A) Henry Whalley
  m. Dorothy Willoughby (dau of Robert Willoughby)
  (i) Richard Whalley of Darleston, Staffordshire - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Leek (dau of Thomas Leek or Leake of Kirton Hall)
  (B) Ralph (Raphe) Whalley
  m. Ann Hatfield (dau of John Hatfield of Willoughby)
  (C)+ other issue - Gilbert, John, William, "Other sons and daughters"
  (3) Ursula Whalley
  m. _Richard Sharbourne of Stonihurst
  (4) Mary Whalley
  m1. Robert Smithhurst of Smithhurst
  m2. John Southard
  (5)+ other issue - Thomas, William, Roger (2nd, sb Raphe?), John
  b.+ other issue (dsp) - Oliver, Robert
2. Stephen Whalley of Frickley ("second brother to Wyamarus")
  A. Stephen Whalley of Frickley
  i. Thomas Whalley had issue
  m. Goda (dau of John Knowell)



Richard Whalley of Darleston, Staffordshire - continued above
m. Elizabeth Leek (dau of Thomas Leek or Leake of Kirton Hall)
There is some confusion over the next few generations. Visitation, FMG & Thoroton start with the husband of Elizabeth Leek, Visitation & Thorton supporting Nichols & MGH in identifying him as Richard but FMG naming him Thomas. FMG shows Thomas & Elizabeth Leek as father of the Richard who m. Lora Brookman, missing out the next 2 generations. Nichols & Thoroton show just 1 intervening generation, a Thomas who m. Elizabeth, dau of John Strelley of Woodborough, which could be confusion with the Thomas shown here (who m1. Margaret Mollineux, m2. Elizabeth Strelley). [Nichols shows him as m2. _ Simons with no issue recorded.] The 'main' section in the family in Visitation (1569+1614) shows the following 2 generations of Thomases but does not name their wives. We follow MGH which names their wives as shown.
1. Thomas Whalley of Kirton, Nottinghamshire (d 1478-9)
  m. Anne Langford (dau of Sir John Langford of Derbyshire)
  A. Thomas Whalley of Kirtonhall (Kirketon Hall)
  MGH identifies Thomas as 'of Kirtonhall', Visitation as 'of Kirton', and FMG as 'of Sibthorpe & Screveton".
  m1. _ Tobinges
i. Richard Whalley of Screaveton & Kirton (and Sibthorpe?) (d 1572-3)
  MGH identifies Richard's wife as a daughter of Lord Broumanbee.
  m1. Lora Brookman (dau of Thomas Brookman of Essex)
  a. Thomas Whalley of Kirton and Screveton (and Sibthorpe?) (dvp, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Hatfield (dau of Henry Hatfield of Willoughby by Anne, dau of Robert Mallett of Willoughby)
  (1) Richard Whalley of Kirton (d c1632) the last generation covered by MGH, the first by FMG (Continuation)
m1. Anne Horssey (dau of George Horssey or Horcey of Digswell)
  (A) Thomas Whalley (dsp infant?)
  m2. Frances Cromwell (dau of Henry Cromwell of Hinchingbrook, aunt of the Lord Protector)
  (B) Richard Whalley
  Richard is mentioned by Nichols who shows his widow as m2. Richard Draper. However, Nichols also shows that as applying to his brother Thomas. Richard is not mentioned by FMG.
  m. Mary
  (C) Thomas Whalley of Kirton and Willoughby (b c1600, dvp c1628)
  m. Mary Peniston (dau of Thomas Peniston of St. Margarets, Rochester, she m2. Richard Draper)
  (i) Peniston Whalley of Kirton (b c1625, a 1672)
  m. Margaret Ireland (d 10.09.1675, dau of George Ireland of Southworth, son of Sir Thomas of Bewsey)
  (a) Margaret Whalley (b c1656, d 10.12.1680)
  m. Thomas Hall (rector of Screveton or Scruton)
(b)+ other issue - Penison (d young), Mary (d young), Elizabeth (b 1654, a 08.1662)
  (ii) Elizabeth Whalley
  m. William Ayloff of Melborne Berry, Cambridgeshire
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas (b/d 1628), Martha (b/d 1624)
  (D) Edward Whalley of Shadwell, Essex (a 1635, Major General)
  m1. Judith Duffell (dau of John Duffell or Dasset, sister of Rebecka)
  (i) John Whalley or Whaley 'of Ringmer' (b c1633, a 1655)
  m. (Elizabeth) Springet (dau of Sir Herbert Springet (Springate))
  (a) Herbert Whaley
  (ii) Frances Whalley
  m. _ Goffe (Colonel)
  (iii)+ other issue - Mary, Judith
  m2. Mary or Catherine Midleton or Middleton (dau of William Middleton of Moorgate, London)
  (v)+ other issue - Henry, Edward
  (E) Henry Whalley of London then Galloway in Connaught, Ireland (a 1662)
  m. Rebecka Duffell (dau of John Duffell, sister of Judith, widow of John Dassell of Rochester)
  (i) issue - Richard (d young), John (b c1629, a 1634), Thomas (a 1634)
(1) The following comes from various web sites with cross-references from elsewhere in the database. It is assumed that, as the above Henry moved to Ireland, he was ancestor of the Whaleys of Whaley Abbey.
(2) We have seen Richard Chapel (who married Anne Ward), described in a web site as great-great-grandson of Frances Cromwell. This would leave one intermediary generation who may have been ...
  (a) Richard Chapple Whaley (d 1776, MP of Wicklow)
m. _ Armitage (dau of Timothy Armitage of Atherdee by Mary, dau of Arthur Forbes of Newstone) presumed parents of ...
  ((1)) Richard Chapel Whaley of Whaley Abbey, co. Wicklow (d c16.01.1791)
  m1. Catherine (dsp)
  m2. (1759) Anne Ward (dau of Rev. Bernard Ward)
  ((A)) John Whaley of Whaley Abbey probably of this generation
  m. (1788) Anne Meade (d 1826, dau of John Meade, 1st Earl of Clanwilliam)
  ((i)) Caroline Whaley (d 11.03.1871) probably of this generation
  m. (1814) Sir Charles Henry Coote, 9th Bart (b 02.01.1794, d 08.10.1864)
  ((B)) Thomas 'Buck' Whaley (b 15.12.1766, d 1800) possibly married to ...
  m. Mary Catherine Lawless (d 18.10.1831, dau of Nicholas Lawless, 1st Lord Cloncurry)
  ((C)) Anne Whaley (d 13.01.1844, eldest dau)
  m. (01.07.1786) John Fitzgibbon, 1st Earl of Clare (b 1748, d 28.01.1802)
  ((D)) Mary Susanna Whaley
  m. (19.12.1778) Sir James Stewart, 7th Bart of Fort Stewart (d 20.05.1827)
  ((E)) Sophia Frances Whaley (d 1793)
  m. (1782) Robert Ward (b 14.07.1754, Colonel)
  ((F))+ 2 others
  (F) Robert Whalley (dsp)
  (G) Elizabeth Whalley
  m. William Tiffin of London
  (H) Mary Whalley
  m. Robert Kellaway
(I) Jane Whalley
  m. _ Hooke (cleric)
  (2) Walter Whalley of Cherry Orton or Overton Swaterville, Huntingdonshire (a 1613)
  m. Elizabeth Howell (dau of William Howell of Cambridgeshire)
  (A)+ issue - Walter, John, Elizabeth
  (3) Margaret Whalley
m. Arnold Reresby of Parleas
  (4) Ellenor Whalley
  m. Thomas Draper of Flintham
  (5)+ other issue - John of Flint or Flintham (d unm), Thomas, Robert (d young)
  b.+ 4 others (dsp)
  m2. Ursula Thwaites
f. William Whalley of Newark
  m. Barbara Hatfield (dau of Henry Hatfield of Willoughby by Anne, dau of Robert Mallett of Willoughby)
  (1) Margaret Whalley
  m. Arnold Kearseley
  (2) Elizabeth or Barbara Whalley
  m. Charles Yarborough of Willoughby (a 1614)
  g. Gertrude Whalley probably of this generation, possibly of this marriage
  m. John Nevill of Grove (dvp by 1588)
  h.+ other issue - Bonaventure (d unm), Marshall (d unm), Ralph (d unm), Edward (d unm), 7 other children
  m3. Barbery Coope or Cope (m2. _ Burnell)
  s. Susan Whalley
  m. _ Cope of Horrington
  t. Barbara Whalley
  m. _ Cope of Kankesworth
  u. Winifred Whalley
  m. _ Bighton of Lincolnshire
  v.+ other issue - William Markham, James, Cordall, Francis
  m2. _ Simons
  iii.+ other issue

Main source(s): MGH (NS1, vol 2 (1876), 'Pedigree of Whalley of the County of Leicester', p321+), 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Whalley of Norton juxta Galby', p736) with, for the lower section, input/support from Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Whalley), Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1662-4, Whalley of Kirton), FMG (vol 4, Whalley, p1230+) with support from Thoroton's 'History of Nottinghamshire, (vol 1, 1797, pp248-249) , FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Whaley', p155) and as reported above
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