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Families covered: Whittingham of Middlewiche, Whittingham of Pendley

Identified as "second sonne to Whittingham of Lancashire" was ...
Seth Whittingham
1. Thomas Whittingham of Middlewiche
  m. _Ellin Walley of Midlewiche
  A. Charles Whittingham of Middlewiche
m. _ Foster of Sproston
  i. William Whittingham of London (dsp)
  ii. Edward Whittingham of Middlewiche
  a.+ issue - Edward, Margaret, Katherine
  iii. John Whittingham of Middlewiche
  m. Ellen Weld (dau of John Weld of Eaton)
  a. Humphrey Whittingham of Middlewiche (a 1599)
  m. Katherine Blackborne (dau/heir of Humfrey Blackborne of Midlewich)
  (1)+ issue - William, Thomas, Seth, Timothy, Anne, Katherin
  b. Jane Whittingham
  m. Richard Marsh of London
  c. Ellin Whittingham
  m. Robert Warrell of Midlewich
  d. Elizabeth Whittingham
  m. Thomas Gate of Midlewich
  e.+ other issue - John, Charles, Thomas, Margaret, Katherine
  iv. Charles Whittingham in Kent
  a. Thomas Whittingham
  B. William Whittingham of Oldhaugh in Warmincham
  i. Robert Whittingham (dvp)
  m. Katherine Hassall of Elton
  a. John Whittingham (a 1580)
  C. Piers Whittingham (dsp)
  D. Thomas Whittingham
  i. William Whittingham
  a. William Whittingham
  ii. Ellen Whittingham
  m. John Bagnall of Newcastle-under-Lyne
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas, Mathew (dsp), William (dsp?)
2. James Whittingham had issue "many children"
3. William Whittingham
  A. William Whittingham ("Divine of Durham")
  i. Timothy Whittingham (a 1598)
4. Robert Whittingham had issue "divers children"
5. daughter
  m. Hugh Carrington of Ouver



Baker identifies the arms of the following family as "Argent, a fess Vert, over all, a lion rampant Gules" and starts with Sheriff Robert showing him as father of the Sir Robert who m. Agnes Buckland. HoP ("Robert Whittingham") suggests that the Sheriff was son of Alan Whittingham (possibly of London) and shows him as the husband of Agnes Buckland by whom he had at least 4 sons. Provisionally we follow Baker except to assume that he mistook which Robert was the Sheriff.
Robert Whittingham of London (a 1419)
m. Alice de la Hay (dau/coheir of Alan de la Hay of Pendley)
1. Robert Whittingham of Pendley (Hertfordshire) & Salden (Buckinghamshire), Sheriff of London (d 11.1452)
m. (by 1420) Agnes Buckland (d 1456, dau of Richard Buckland of London & Edgcote (d 10.08.1436) by Joan)
  A. Sir Robert Whittingham of Pendley (b c1422, d Tewksbury 1471)
  i. Margaret Whittingham (a 1492)
  m. Sir John Verney of Pendley (son of Sir Ralph, Lord Mayor of London)
  B. Richard Whittingham of Edgcote (a 1462, 1492)
  i. Margaret Whittingham (a 1492)
  m1. Richard Clarell of Edgcote & Sewell (d 22.08.1478)
  a. Richard Clarell of Sewell (dsps?)
  b. Margaret (Margery or Joan) Clarell
  m. Thomas Andrew of Charwelton (d 15.11.1496)
  m2. Thomas Haselwood of Edgcote (a 1492)
  C.+ other issue - William, John
2. Richard Whittingham



Visitation identifies the arms of the following family as "Argent, a fess Azure, a lion rampant Gules".
William Whittingham (Dean of Duresme)
m. Catherine Jacqueman (dau of Lewis Jacqueman by "the heire of Genteron in Orleance")
1. Sir Timothy Whittingham of Holmesyde (a 1615)
  m. Elizabeth Ascough (dau of Bryan Ascough of Osgodby)
  A. Timothy Whittingham (dvp)
  m. Anne Parvis
  i.+ issue (a 1615) - Timothy (b c1611), William
  B. Thomas Whittingham
  C. Catherine Whittingham
  m. John Colverley of Littleborne
  D. Elizabeth Whittingham (d 01.12.1613)
  m. (before 03.1611/2) Michael Mitford of Seighill
  E.+ other issue (dsp) - William, John, Ascough, Henry, Henry



BLG1847 identifies the arms of the following family as "Az., a lion, rampant, arg. between three crosses-patée, fitchée, on a chief, of the second, three bees, volant, ppr.".
Samuel Whittingham of Minshul Vernon in Middlewich, Cheshire
m. Hannah Nixon (dau of Joseph Nixon of Minshul Vernon by Mary)
1. Richard Whittingham (b 1758-9, d 14.06.1845, vicar of Potton)
  m. Mary Gaussen (dau of Peter Gaussen by Anna Maria, dau of Samuel Bosanquet of Forest House)
  A. John Whittingham of Leytonstone (2nd son) had issue
  m. Ann Cumming (dau of Robert Cumming of Great Barford by Mary)
  B. Emma Whittingham
  m. James Morton of Huntingdon
  C.+ other issue - Samuel (rector of Childrey), Marianne, 3 others (d young)

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