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This section first uploaded 08.09.11.
John Walsh of London, later of Redbourn in Hertfordshire (b c1737, bur 22.03.1822, plumber)
m. Elizabeth (b c1738, d 24.06.1799)
1. Frederick Walsh (b c1762, d 24.02.1839)
  m. (24.07.1795) Harriet Frances Brown
  A.+ issue including Francis Delaval
2. Mary Elizabeth Walsh (bpt 18.05.1758, d 27.11.1812)
  m1. (15.09.1779) George Carpenter 'of Redbourn' (b 1713, d 10.11.1782)
  A. Mary Elizabeth Louisa Rodney Carpenter (b 01.01.1783, d 01.06.1811)
  m. Thomas Lyon-Bowes, 11th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (b 03.05.1773, d 27.08.1846)
  m2. (25.06.1783) Francis Delaval
3. Charlotte Jane Sarah Walsh (b c1767, d 23.11.1848)
  m. (02.09.1788) Joseph Valentine Grimstead of Leatherhead & Epsom (b 06.07.1757, d 2212.1834)
  The Genealogist article identifies Joseph's family name as Grimstead which is supported by TCP (Strathmore). However, BP1934 (Strathmore) and various web sites such as 'RoyalData' identify it as Grinstead.
  A. Charlotte Grimstead (b 22.01.1797, d 1881)
  m. Thomas George Lyon-Bowes, 'Lord Glamis' (b 06.02.1801, dvp 27.01.1834)§R§



This section first uploaded 17.09.11.
John Pilfold of Baylings in Warnham (a 1737)
m. (08.05.1716) Mary Michell (dau of Walsingham Michell of Horsham)
1. Charles Pilfold of Effingham, Surrey
m. Bethia White (dau of William White of Horsham)
  A. Charles Pilfold (d in India)
  B. John Pilfold (Captain)
  m. _ South
  i.+ 2 daughters
  C. James Pilfold of Swansea
  m. Anne Stanford (dau of William Stanford of Sullington)
  i.+ "Several children"
  D. Elizabeth Pilfold
  m. (10.1791) Sir Timothy Shelley, Bart
  E. Charlotte Pilfold
  m. (02.1781) Thomas Grove of Fern
  F. Bethia Pilfold
  m. Gilbert Jackson (rector of Donhead)



This section first uploaded 26.09.11.
Stephen de Ufwell
1. Robert de Ufwell (dsp)
2. Margery de Ufwell
  m. Henry de Esse
  A. Juliana de Esse
  m. John de Orwey @@ below
  B. Gervasa de Esse
  m. William de Parco



This section first uploaded 26.09.11.
See also the line of Orway here.
Robert de Orwey
1. William de Orwey
  A. Thomas de Orwey
  i. William de Orwey
  a. John de Orwey
  m. Juliana de Esse (coheir of Robert de Ufwell) @@ above
  (1) Thomas de Orwey of Orwey
  (2) Robert de Orwey
  (A) Elizabeth Orwey (heir)
  m. Richard de Okebere



This section first uploaded 04.10.11, reviewed 10.07.18.
John Durnford
m. Johanna Cokeyne (dau/heir of Henry Cokeyne by Alice, dau/heir of John Carndow by Alice, dau/heir of John Birrie (Berry?) by Clara, sister of John Damerell)
1. Alice Durnford
  m. Richard Coode in Gidley (a 1420)
2. Johanna Durnford ## see here ##
  m. Sir Piers Edgcomb



This section first uploaded 04.10.11.
George Logie (sheriff clerk of Kincardine)
m. Elizabeth Forbes (dau/heir of John Forbes of Kincardine by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Peter Farquharson, 4th of Inverie)
1. Francis Logie of Middlefield
  m. (13.01.1777) Jean Gordon (bpt 11.10.1747, d 25.05.1802, dau of Thomas Gordon, son of Charles of Buthlaw)
  A. Mary Logie (dsps 18.11.1838)
  m. William Young of Fawsyde, 9th of Buthlaw
  B. Elizabeth Logie (d unm)
  C. Anne Logie (d 06.07.1856)
  m. (25.04.1805) Alexander Pirie of Waterton
  Their eldest son became Patrick Pirie-Gordon of Buthlaw.

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(2) For Pilfold : within the pedigree of Michell in CountyGen (Sussex, Berry)
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