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This section first uploaded 10.04.12.
1. Peter
  A. Adam, lord of Birkin & Ledes
  m. Matilda de Cause (dau of Robert de Cause)
  i. John de Birkyn 'of Birkin & Laxton' (d 1230)
m1. Joan de Lenveise (dau of Jordan L'Enveise by Cecily, dau of John de Arundel) suggested as wife of John & mother of ...
  a. Thomas de Birkyn (dsp)
  b. Isabel de Birkin (d before 14.07.1252)
  m. Robert de Everingham (d 1246)
  m2. Agnes de Flammaville (widow of William Percy of Kildale)
  B. Thomas de Ledes
  m. Constance de Cause (dau of Robert de Cause)
  i. William de Ledes the Harleian editor notes that one source omits this generation
  a. Adam Ledes
  (1) William Ledes
  (A) William Ledes the Harleian editor notes that one source omits this generation
  (i) Sir Roger de Ledes the Harleian editor notes that one source omits this generation
(a) Roger de Ledes (a 1346)
  ((1)) Roger de Ledes the Harleian editor notes that one source names him Richard
  ((A)) Sir Roger de Ledes
  ((i)) William de Ledes (a 1418, dsp)
  m. Johanna (a 1418)
  ((ii)) Emma de Ledes
  m. Geoffrey Pigott
  ((2)) Robert 'FitzRichard' of North Hall, Leeds



This section first uploaded 10.04.12.
Brian de Clotherham
1. Alan de Clotherham
  A. Gamell de Clotherham
  i. John de Clotherham
  a. William de Clotherham
  ii. Symon de Clotherham
a. Gamell de Clotherham
  iii. Robert de Clotherham
  a. John de Clotherham (a 1272)
  (1) Sir Roger de Clotherham (a 1302)
  m. Joana
  (A) John de Clotherham
  m1/2. Alicia
  m2/1. Tthessanica
  (i) Joan de Clotherham (a 1359, 1404)
  m. Sir Randall Pigot (a 1359, d by 1405)
  (B) William de Clotherham
  (2) William de Clotherham
  iv. Alice de Clotherham
  m. John de Stodley (son of Symon (son of Huttingus) by Constantia, dau of John de Clotherham son of Henry)



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William Pett (bur 1727)
m. Pleasant
1. Edward Pett (b 30.09.1712, d 20.03.1746)
  m. Mary Jessard (b 01.08.1716, d 30.05.1747, dau of Stephen Jessard of Minster Cout by Mary)
  A. Pleasant Pett (b 1738, d 21.10.1807)
  m. (12.11.1771) George Hannam of Dover
  B.+ other issue (d unm) - Edward of Cleve (b 05.1737 d 09.09.1800), Mary (b 1745, d 1785)

Main source(s):
(1) For Birkin/Ledes : Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, 'Leeds, Pigot, Metcalfe, etc.')
(2) For Clotherham : Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, 'Pigot of Clotherham, etc'.)
(3) For Pett : CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p328)
[The section(s) on Pigot have been absorbed into Pigott04 & Pigott05; those on Nomanville by Normanville1.The section on Hardcastle has been moved to Hardcastle1.]
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