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This section first uploaded 08.07.07.
Given its part in the ancestry of many powerful families, it is surprisingly difficult to find reliable-seeming information about this family. The following is based on http://home.eckerd.edu/~oberhot/feud-maine.htm which is consistent with what is shown in Wikipedia but disagrees with many family web sites as reported below. The first person mentioned on http://www.1911encyclopedia.org/Maine,_France as "perhaps the first hereditary counf of Maine" was ...
Roger, 'Count of Maine' probably father of ...
1. Hugues (Hugh) I, Count of Maine (d 955)
A. Hugues II, Count of Maine (d 992)
  i. Hugues III, Count of Maine (d 1015/6)
  a. Herbert I, Count of Maine (d 1032/6)
  Various family web sites show Herbert (rather than his son) as husband of Bertha of Chartres.
  (1) Hugh IV, Count of Maine (d 26.03.1051)
  m. Bertha de Blois = Bertha of Chartres dau of Eudes of Blois, widow of Alain III of Brittany)
(A) Herbert II, Count of Maine (d 09.03.1062)
  (B) Marguerite of Maine (d 1063)
  (2) Biote or Biota of Maine
  m. Walter of the Vexin
  (3) Paule or Paula of Maine EGHJSWY
  m. Lancelin de Beaugency (d 1055, possibly son of Landry de Beaugency) @@ below EGHJSWY
  (4) Gersent or Gersenda of Maine
  m1. (div 1048) Thibaut, Count de Blois, Chartres, etc (b 1012, d 29/30.09.1089)
  m2. Albert Azzo II, Margrave of Milan
  ii.+ other issue - Foucoin, Herbert Bacon (Regent of Maine)



This section first uploaded 08.07.07.
Landry, Sn. de Beaugency
1. Lancelin, Sn. de Beaugency (d 1055)
  m. Paule du Maine @@ above
  A. Jean, Sn. de Beaugency (d by 1056)
Various web sites show Paula du Maine as Jean's wife rather than his mother.
  i. Helias de la Fleche, Count of Maine (d 1110)
  m. Maud de Chateau-du-Loire (dau of Gervase, Sire de Chateau-du-Loire)
  a. Eremburge, Countess de Maine (b c1096, d 1126) EGHJSWY
  m. (11.07.1110) Fulk V 'the Younger', Count of Anjou (b 1092, d 1143/4) EGHJSWY
  B. Lancelin, Sn. de Beaugency (d 1081)
  m. Alberge
  i. Raoul, Sn. de Beaugency = Rene de Boisgency (d 1113)
  m. Matilde de Vermandois (dau of Hugh, Count de Vermandois et de Valois)
  a. Agnes de Beaugency (Boisgency) GHJSWY
  m. (1132) Enguerrand II, Sn de Coucy, Marle and le Fere (d 1147) GHJSWY



This section first uploaded 19.09.07.
Thought to have been a blood relation with the Counts of Lens was ...
Ernulf or Arnulf, Sn de Hesdin (b c1038)
Presumed to have been a different Ernulf/Arnulf from ...
1. Ernulf or Arnulf, Sn de Hesdin
  m. Emmelina
  The following comes from http://amg1.net/scotland/flemfam.htm. Although the article there appears to show confidence on the connection, we view it as speculative.
  A. Walter, Sn de Hesdin
  B. William de Graham of Abercorn & Dalkeith (a 1127, 1147) J
  C. Aveline HJRY
  m. Alan FitzFlaald, lord of Oswestry (a 1121) HJRY
2. Matilda (Maud) de Hesdin HJRY
  m. Patrick de Chaources or Chaworth (a c1086) HJRY

Main source(s):
(1) Counts of Maine : as mentioned above
(2) Sn. de Beaugency : various web sites
(3) Sn. de Hesdin : as mentioned above with cross-references from elsewhere in the database
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