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Families covered: Bright of Badsworth, Bright of Banner Cross, Bright of Carbrook, Bright of Graystones, Bright of Horelow (Whorlow), Bright of Inkersall, Bright of Sheffield, Bright of Staveley

This family was probably connected to those shown on Bright3. It would not surprise us to find that there is overlap between them inasmuch as there might have been confusion with one or two names that stopped us from identifying the connection.
John Bright of Horelow or Whorlow Hall (a 1410)
1. Thomas Bright
  A. Richard Bright (a 1443)
  i. Thomas Bright
a. Richard Bright
  (1) John Bright of Horelow or Whorlow
  (A) Henry Bright of Horelow or Whorlow
  m. _ Dale of High Stors
  (i) John Bright of Horelow or Whorlow
m. Grace Bright (bpt 1575, dau of Anthony Bright of Dore)
  (a) Henry Bright of Horelow or Whorlow (a 1678)
  Henry's wife is identified as "Gertrude, dau of .... of Dore". It appears that she was ...
  m. Gertrude Ramsker (dau of John Ramsker)
  ((1)) Henry Bright 'of Whorlow'
  m. (Elizabeth) Clarke (dau of Ralph Clarke of Cutthorpe/Chesterfield, widow of ?? Harris)
  ((A))+ issue - Benjamin, Henry, Cornelius, Anne, daughter, Gertrude
  ((2)) Anne Bright
  m1. _ Baronswell of Hele Hall
  m2. Francis Stephenson of Ounston
  ((3)) Gertrude Bright
  m. John Graves (Greaves) of Hallfield
  ((4)) Grace Bright
m. John Bagshaw of Hucklow
  (ii) Thomas Bright of Graystones
  m1. Sarah Eyre of Grainfoot
  m2. Ann Rodes (widow of _ Green of Bradford)
  (a) Thomas Bright of Graystones (bpt 17.01.1618-9, bur 05.10.1696)
  m1. (19.02.1659) Barbara Froggatt (bpt 14.02.1639-40, bur 08.05.1675, dau of Godfrey Froggat of near Staveley)
  ((1)) John Bright (bpt 04.05.1662, dvp bur 20.08.1690)
m. (23.12.1681) Elizabeth Ashton (bpt 19.04.1663, dau of Alexander Ashton of Whiteley Wood)
  ((A)) Thomas Bright of Graystones (bpt 10.10.1683, d 11.01.1737)
  m. (14.11.1706) Mary Webster of Chesterfield
  ((i)) Thomas Bright of Graystones, later of Inkersall in Staveley (b c1711, d 08.09.1771, butcher)
  m. Mary Brailsford of Staveley (b 1717-8, d 06.05.1776)
  ((a)) Thomas Bright of Staveley (bpt 16.08.1745, d 01.09.1774)
  m. Hannah Frith (Dau of Peter Frith of Staveley)
(((1))) William Bright (b c1773, d 12.10.1790)
  (((2))) Mary Bright
  m. Robert Cross of Peartree Hill
  ((b)) William Bright of Staveley (bpt 28.09.1748, d unm 10.02.1773)
  ((c)) Paul Bright of Inkersall (d 17.03.1804)
  m. Henrietta Booker (dau of Samuel Booker of London)
  (((1))) John Bright of Birmingham (4th son)
  m. (1809) _ Mynors (dau/heir of Edward Mynors of Eccleshall)
  (((2))) Paul Bright of Inkersall & Sheffield (a 1828, 7th son) had issue
  m. (07.1810) Sarah Taylor (dau of James Taylor of Treeton Mill)
  (((3))) Mary Bright
  m. William Mills of Ashover
  (((4)))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne one of whom married ...
  m. Thomas Pickering Clarke of Bath
  (((6)))+ other issue - Thomas (d unm 1802), Henry, Brailsford, William (d 06.1824, Town Clerk of Doncaster), Robert
  ((d)) Abigail Bright
  m. (08.08.1783) John Brown of Chesterfield
  ((e)) Mary Bright
  m1. Samuel Hawks of Sheffield
  m2. John Heywood of Sheffield
  ((f)) Elizabeth Bright
  m. Paul Smith of White Lodge
  ((ii)) Samuel Bright of Nottingham (bpt 02.04.171, saddler)
  ((a))+ 1 son and 1 daughter
  ((iii)) John Bright (d infant)
  ((iv)) John Bright of Sheffield (bpt 17.01.1717-8)
  m. _ Wainwright (b c1724, a 10.1803, dau of Robert Wainwright of Sheffield, m2. Jonathan Wainwright of Sheffield)
  ((a)) John Hatfield Bright of Sheffield (silver plater)
  m. _ Woolhouse
  ((b)) son ("went abroad")
  ((c)) daughter
  m. _ Woolhouse
  ((v)) Mary Bright (bpt 21.12.1709)
  m. Thomas Crook
  ((vi)) Elizabeth Bright
m. (22.09.1741) Thomas Wingfield of Chesterfield (grocer)
  ((B)) Robert Bright (bpt 07.03.1685-6, to Jamaica?)
  ((i)) Robert Bright in Chesterfield (a 1750)
  ((C)) Barbara Bright (bpt 22.06.1690)
m. (11.10.1716) Richard Carr of Sheffield
  ((2)) Thomas Bright (bpt 08.09.1669, dvp)
  ((A)) Thomas Bright
  ((3)) Ann Bright (bpt 09.07.1665)
  m. Stephen Bright
  ((4)) Mary Bright (bpt 02.04.1671)
  m. (12.11.1689) Henry Broomhead
  ((5))+ other issue (d infant) - Barbara, Priscilla
m2. (29.09.1675) Elizabeth Bright (b 1646-7, d 29.08.1712)
  ((7)) Joseph Bright of Ecclesal (bpt 21.04.1687, bur 28.03.1743)
  m. Elizabeth Bright (dau of John Bright of Banner Cross) @@ below
  ((A)) John Bright (bpt 01.06.1710) had issue?
  ((B)) Thomas Bright (bpt 02.04.1712, dsp 23.01.1768, vicar of Ecclesfield)
  m. Isabella
  ((C)) Mary Bright (bpt 29.07.1719)
m. John Nodder of Sheffield
  ((D)) Elizabeth Bright (bpt 29.06.1721)
  m. _ Abby of Sheffield
  ((E))+ other issue - Joseph (bpt 30.04.1714), Elizabeth (d infant)
  ((8)) James Bright of Brincliffe Edge (b 08.07.1689, d 19.01.1726-7, youngest son)
  m. Judith Fenton (bpt 11.1685, d 06.07.1755, dau of Alexander Fenton of Gleadleys)
  ((A)) Thomas Bright of Sheffield (bpt 20.06.1721, d 19.03.1796)
  m1. Elizabeth Dickson (b c1721, d 17.10.1755, dau of John Dickson of Sheffield)
  m2. Margaret Norris of Stockport (b 04.10.1722, d 30.10.1768)
  ((i)) Thomas Fenton Bright of Sheffield (bpt 29.12.1762, a 11.1804)
  m. Hannah Shepherd (d 06.1806, dau of Richard Shepherd of Cudworth)
((a))+ issue - John, Thomas, Elizabeth (d infant), Charlotte (d infant)
  ((ii))+ other issue - James (d infant), Mary (d infant), Elizabeth (bpt 29.10.1766, bur 19.03.1783)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Bright (bpt 28.01.1719-20)
  m. Jeffery Chadwick of Halifax (wool stapler)
  ((9)) Rachel Bright (bpt 1678, a 1696)
  ((10))+ other issue (d young) - Joshua, William, Samuel, Charles, Catherine
  Not certain by which wife were ...
  ((15))+ other issue (a 1696) - Sarah, Elizabeth, Christiana
  (B) Thomas Bright of Bradway (in Norton) & Carbrook or Carbroke - continued below
m. Jane (dau of _ Martin alias Catley)
  (C) John Bright of Banner Cross
  (i) Robert Bright
  m. _ Shaw of Hallbroom
  (a) John Bright ('of Banner Cross')
  m. Ann Dale (dau of Thomas Dale of Whiteleywood)
  ((1)) John Bright
  ((2)) Elizabeth Bright possibly of this generation
  m. Joseph Bright of Ecclesal (bpt 21.04.1687, bur 28.03.1743) @@ above
  (b) Robert Bright
  m. _ Scargel
  (c) James Bright
  m. _ Grammar of Bakewell
  (d)+ other issue - Samuel, Stephen



Thomas Bright of Bradway (in Norton) & Carbrook or Carbroke, Yorkshire - continued above
1. Stephen Bright of Carbrook & Eccleshall (bpt 27.12.1583, d 06.06.1642)
  The following is supported by 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p78 (2)).
m1. Jane Westbye (sister of George Westbye of Ravenfield)
  A. Sir John Bright of Carbrook & Badsworth, Governor of Sheffield, York & Hull, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Bart (bpt 14.10.1619, d 13.09/10.1688, Colonel, 3rd son)
  m1. (by 1657) Catherine Hawksworth (dau of Sir Richard Hawksworth of Hawksworth (by Anne Wentworth), widow of William Lister of Thornton)
  i. John Bright (b 1658, dvpsp)
  m. Lucy Montague (dau of Edward, Earl of Manchester)
  ii. Catherine Bright (d 24.02.1703)
m. (by 1670) Sir Henry Liddell, Bart of Ravenshowrth Castle
  Their 2nd son inherited Badsworth and assumed the name Bright.
  m2. (by 1665) Elizabeth Norcliffe (b 1623-4, d 26.06.1674, dau of Sir Thomas Norcliffe of Langton by Dorothy Fairfax)
  iii. Dorothea Bright (d young)
  m3. (c07.1682) Frances Liddell (b c1649, d 11.1682, dau of Sir Thomas Liddell, 2nd Bart (by Anne Vane), widow of Thomas Vane of Raby Castle)
  m4. (07.06.1683) Susanna Wharton (b 1650, d 19.04.1737, dau of Michael Wharton of Beverlrey, sister/coheir of Sir Michael, m2. Sir John Newton, 3rd Bart)
  B. Mary Bright
  m. William Jessop of Broom Hall
  C. Ruth Bright
m. Edward Gill of Carhouse
  D.+ other issue - Thomas (dvp unm), Stephen (dvp unm), Sarah
  m2. Barbara Hatfield (dau of Ralph Hatfield, m2. Thomas Westby of Ravenfield)
  F. Hannah Bright (d unm)
  F. Martha Bright
  m. William Lister of Thornton & Midhope
2. James Bright (dsp)
  m1. _ Wordsworth
  m2. _ Spencer (dau of _ Spencer of Attercliffe)
3. John Bright (a 1635, Vicar of Sheffield)
  The following is supported by 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p78 (1)).
  m. Joan (Joanna) Smales (dau of (William?) Smales of Whaley)
  A. Stephen Bright (dsp?)
  B. John Bright of Leeds (dsp)
  m. Ellenor (relict of John Metcalf of Leeds)
  C. Ruth Bright
  m. Thomas Dixon, Mayor of Leeds (b 1623-4, d 11.08.1711, m1. dau of Michael Hutchinson of Leeds)
4. daughter (Elizabeth?)
  m. _ Parker of Derbyshire

Main source(s): FMG (vol 2, MS276 & 277 part, Bright) with support/input for the lower section from BEB1841 (Bright of Badsworth), Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1666, Bright of Badsworth) with some support from TCB (vol 3, Bright of Badsworth)
[Much of the lower section was initially uploaded within BZmisc14 on 01.07.10. It was moved here to facilitate expansion.]
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