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Families covered: Campbell of Lochow (Lochawe)

Gillespic (Gillocallum) / Archibald Campbell (d 1091)
http://amg1.net/scotland/flemfam.htm suggests that Gillespic's original name was Erkenbald and that he was Flemish, probably descended from one the Baldwins, Counts of Flanders. It is indeed not unlikely that much of the ancestry provided on the continuation was fanciful, created to support a Celtic ancestry when it was politic to do so in Scotland. However, it is also not unlikely that many would dispute that!
m. Eva MacDuibn (dau of Paul MacDuibn, 'Paul the sporran')
1. Duncan Campbell (d 1097)
  m. Diorbahil/Dorvail (Dorothy) MacFiachir (dau of Dugald Cruachan, Thane of Over Lochow)
  A. Cailen 'Maol Math' Campbell (bald good) (d 1110)
  m. Eaill (niece of Alexander I, King of Scots)
  i. Sir Gillespic/Archibald Campbell (d after 1222)
  m. Finvol Fraser (dau of John Fraser)
  a. Sir Duncan Campbell
  This is presumably the "Sir Dugald, 18th of Lochow" (d early 13th century), shown by BLG1952 ('Campbell of Strachur') as married to Fingal MacGiallamoir and father of ...
  (1) Sir Gillespic /Archibald Campbell of Lochow (d c1280) - continued below --
  (2) Iain Campbell
  (3) Duncan 'Dubh' Campbell, 1st of Strachur (d c1280)
  b. Donald Campbell (dsp)
  c. Dugald Campbell of Craignish
  partner(s) unknown
  ii. Taus (Tavis) Coir ancestor of Clan Tavish
  iii. Ivor Croumb = Iver Crom



Sir Gillespic / Archibald Campbell of Lochow (d c1280) - continued above
1. Sir Colin Campbell of Lochow or Lochawe ('Mor') (d c1296)
  m. _ St. Clair
  A. Sir Neil Campbell of Lochow
  m1. (by 1308) _ Crawford (dau of Andrew Crawford)
  i. Sir Colin Campbell of Lochow (d by 05.1343)
m. Helena Mor (dau of Sir John Mor of Lennox)
  a. Sir Archibald Campbell of Lochow (d by 1394)
  m. Mary (or Isabella) Lamont (dau of Sir John Lamont of that ilk)
  (1) Sir Colin Campbell of Lochow (d c1413)
  m1. Margaret Drummond (dau of Sir John Drummond of Stobhall)
  m2. (by 03.1387) Margaret Campbell (dau of John Campbell) @@ below
(A) Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochow, 1st Lord Campbell (d 1453)
  m1. Marjory Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, Regent)
  (i) Archibald Campbell, Master of Campbell (dvp 03.1440)
  m1. Elizabeth Somerville
  (a) Colin Campbell, 1st Earl of Argyll (d 10.05.1493) --
  m. (by 04.1465) Isabel Stewart (d 26.10.1510, dau of John Stewart, Lord of Lorn) --
  m2. _ Stewart (dau of Murdac Stewart, Duke of Albany)
  m2. Margaret Stewart (dau of Sir John Stewart of Ardgowan and Blackhall)
(ii) Sir Colin Campbell, 1st of Glenorchy (b c1406, bur 26.09.1475) --
  m1. Mariot Stewart (dau of Sir Walter Stewart of Albany)
  m2. (c1448) Janet Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 2nd Lord Lorn) --
  m3. Margaret Robertson (dau of Robert Robertson of Stowan)
  m4. (by 10.1467) Margaret Stirling (dau of Luke Stirling of Keir)
  (iii) Neil Campbell ancestor of Campbells of Ellengreig and of Ormadale
(iv) Duncan Campbell of Auchinbreck and Kilmichael (a 1452)
  m. Ann Macdougall (dau of John Macdougall, son of Alan of Lorne)
  (v) Archibald Campbell ancestor of Campbells of Otter
  (B) John Campbell ancestor of Campbells of Barbreck
  (C) Colin Campbell of Ardkinglass (d 1434) --
  m1. _ Campbell (of Strachur)
  m2. (1396) Christina (dau of Robert Lamont or MacLayman of Inveryne) --
  (D) Dugald Campbell, 1st Captain of Dunstaffnage Castle
  m. _ MacDonald (dau of Donald MacDonald, Lord of the Isles)
  (E) Donald Campbell (a 08.1442)
(F) Christian Campbell
  m. Duncan Macfarlane, 6th of Arrochar (d before 1426)
  p1. daughter of Abbott Macalaster
  (G) Dugall (or Neil) Campbell, Dean of Argyll
  p2. ??
  (H) Duncan Campbell ancestor of Campbells of Duntroon
  (2) Duncan Campbell ancestor of Campbells of Glenfeoch
  (3) Helena Campbell (d before 1447) --
m. Sir Duncan, 8th Earl of Lennox (b c1345, d 25.05.1425) --
  b. John Campbell ancestor of Campbells of Barbeck, Succoth, etc. (see Campbell27)
  c. Dugald Campbell
  m. Margaret Glasreth (sister of John Glasreth of Glassary)
d. Alicia Campbell (a 06.1371) --
  m. (c1370) Sir Alan de Lauder of the Bass, 1st of Hatton --
  p. daughter of Macildhui
  e. Neil Campbell ancestor of Campbells of Kenmore or Melfort
  ii. Dugald Campbell (a 1323)
  a. John Campbell
  (1) Margaret Campbell --
  m. Sir Colin Campbell of Lochow @@ above --
m2. Margaret Cameron (dau of Sir John Cameron of Lochiel)
  iii. Duncan Campbell
  m3. (c1312) Mary Bruce (dau of Sir Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale)
  iv. John Campbell of Moulm, Earl of Atholl (b c1313, dsp Halidon Hill 19.07.1333)
  m. Joan Menteith (dau of Sir John Menteith)
  B. Donald Campbell (a 1320)§D
  m. Amabilla
  i. Duncan Campbell --
  m. Susanna Crauford (a 1318, dau of Sir Reginald Craufurd of Loudoun) --
  C. daughter --
  m. Angus Mhor MacDonald of the Isles (d c1296) --
  D.+ other issue - Sir Dugald of Torsa and Menstrie, Arthur of Dunstaffnage, Duncan

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (initally uploaded within Irish03, moved here on 29.01.15): 'The House of Argyll and collateral branches of the Clan Campbell', 1871
(2) For lower section: TSP (Argyll), BP1934 (Argyll)
[The line of Loudoun, descended from Duncan immediately above, was moved to Campbell04 on 29.01.15.]
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