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Families covered: Copinger of Buxhall, Copinger of Lavenham

(1) We use 'Copinger' rather than 'Coppinger' for the file name because that appears to be spelling used by the main branch of the family for many years. It appears that the spelling with two Ps was used mainly by the branch that settled in Ireland.
(2) WAC reports of tthe following John that "The Copingers had long previously flourished in Buxhall" and "The family was in immediate connection with a branch of the Copingers in the county of Cork, Ireland. In the time of John Copinger's father some of the family had passed into Ireland". Commoners (vol 2, 'Coppinger of Ballyvolane', p326) reports "So far back as the beginning of the fourteenth century (anno 1319) we find, by the municipal records of Cork, Stephen Coppinger, mayor of that city". We presume to show Stephen, Mayor of Cork, as an uncle of John's father but stress that we do not know exactly how the branches were connected.
?? Copinger
1. ?? Copinger
  A. ?? Copinger of Buxhall, Suffolk
  i. John Copinger of Buxhall
  m. Anne Sorrell (dau/heir of John Sorrell by Alice, dau/heir of John Cakestreet by Emma Clement)
  a. William Copinger of Buxhall (a 1436)
  b. John Copinger of Buxhall (d 1441)
  (1) William Copinger of Buxhall (d c1450)
  (2) Walter Copinger of Buxhall (d 1512)
  (A) John Copinger of Buxhall (d 1517)
  m1. Anne m2. Jane
  (i)+ issue (dvp(sp)) - 5 sons, 2 daughters
  (B) Walter (William) Copinger of Buxhall (d 10.03.1532) the first mentioned by Visitation
m. Beatrix Ashurst of Gloucester (Asherst of Gloucestershire) (d 02.02.1512)
  (i) John Copinger of Buxhall & Derringstone (Kent) (d 26.03.1540, Lieutenant of the Tower, Master of the Mint, Groom of the Robes to Henry VIII)
  Commoners (vol 3, 'De Burgh of West Drayton', p501 in a note, identifies this John as son of William of Buxall son of Sir William (d 1513, Lord Mayor of London) son of Walter of Buxall. Provisionally, we follow WAC in showing his ancestry as above.
m. Jane Bond (dau/(co)heir of William Bond of London & Kent (Clerk of the Green Cloth) by Anna, dau/heir of John Alphage (Alphew de Boore) by Isabella, dau/heir of Rice Petit)
  (a) Henry Copinger of Buxhall & Alhallows (Hoo, Kent) (d 13.09.1570)
  m. (c1543) Agnes Jermyn (d before 27.11.1600, dau of Sir Thomas Jermyn of Rushbrook by Anne, dau of Thomas Sprynge of Lavenham)
  ((1)) Thomas Copinger of Buxhall & Alhallows, Sheriff of Kent (d before 1587)
m. (1566) Frances or Mary Broke (dau of William Broke or Brooke, Lord Cobham, by Dorothy Nevil)
  ((A)) William Copinger (a 1568, dsp)
  ((B)) Sir Francis Copinger who married and had issue by ...
  m. Frances Burgh (dau of Thomas Burgh, 5th Lord of Gainsborough)
  ((2)) William Copinger (b c1544, d 28.02.1594)
  m. Martha
  ((A)) William Copinger (b 20.04.1594)
  ((3)) Sir Ambrose Copinger of Dawley Court in Harlington, Middlesex (d before 07.04.1604)
  m. (sp) Lettice Fitzgerald (dau of Edward Fitzgerald, brother of 11th Earl of Kildare, m2. ??, m3. ??)
  ((4)) Henry Copinger, later of Buxhall (b 1550, d 21.12.1622, rector of Lavenham, Master of Magdalen College (Cambridge), 5th son)
m. (19.08.1579) Anne Fisher (dau of Henry Fisher of Lynn)
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, 'Copinger of Buxall').
  ((A)) William Copinger of Buxhall (b 11.1582, d 13.01.1648)
  m. Mary Gooday (d 04.03.1663, dau of Richard Gooday or Goodday of Kettle Barson (Kettlebarston))
  ((i)) Henry Copinger of Buxhall (d 04.12.1675)
  m. (c1647) Mary Herris (d 10.1691, dau/coheir of Christopher Herris of Shenfield by Mary, dau of Sir Harbottle Grimston (Bart) by Elizabeth, dau of Ralph Copinger of Stoke-in-Hoo)
  ((a)) Henry Copinger of Buxhall (b c1654, d 07.1691)
  m. (1686) Sarah Goodday (dau/heir of George Goodday)
  (((1))) Sarah Copinger (b c1698)
  m. Thomas Hill
  (((A))) Thomas Hill of Stowmarket, later of Buxhall (dspm 05.09.1746)
  m. Lydia (b 1724-5, d 04.05.1748)
  (((B))) Henry Hill, later of Buxhall (rector of Buxhall) had issue
  m. Susan Hulton
  ((b))+ other issue - Elizabeth (a 1664), Mary (bur 19.05.1720?), Anne (a 1664)
  ((ii)) William Copinger (clerk)
m. Mary
  ((a)) William Copinger
  ((iii))+ 6 daughters
  ((B)) Ambrose Copinger 'of Lavenham' (d c11.1644)
  m. Judith Keddington (d 03.11.1675, dau of Roger Keddington)
  ((i)) Anne Copinger probably of this generation
  m1. Isaac Crane or Creame of Lavenham
  m2. Stephen Soame of Thurlow
  m3. (1660) Sir George Reeve of Thwaite (Thwayte), 1st Bart (b c1618, d by 10.1678)
  ((ii)) Margaret Copinger (3rd dau)
  m. Thomas Burlz
  ((a)) Judith Burlz
  m. _ Brinkley
  The following comes from Visitation (London, 1634, 'Copinger').
  ((C)) Raphe Copinger of London (a 1634, 4th son)
  m. Katherine Francklyn (dau of Valentine Francklyn of Kent)
  ((i))+ issue (a 1634) - Raphe, Francis, Mary
  The following comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, 'Copinger of Bramford).
  ((D)) Francis Copinger of Bramford, Suffolk (a 1664, 5th/6th son)
  m1. Elizabeth Mildmay (dau/heir of Walter Mildmay of Chelmsford)
  ((i)) Walter Copinger (b c1636, a 1664)
  m2. Elizabeth Payne (dau of Walter Payne of Boxted)
  ((ii))+ other issue (a 1664) - Francis, Elizabeth, Mary
  The following comes from Visitation (London, 1663, 'Copinger').
  ((E)) Robert Copinger or Coppinger of Lavenham (7th son)
  m. Joane Wedor of Suffolk
  ((i)) John Coppinger of London (a 1633, haberdasher, youngest son?)
  m. Judeth Jackman (dau of Thomas Jackman of the Middle Temple)
((ii)) Judith Coppinger
  m. Abraham Chaplin of KEtton
  ((iii))+ other sisue - Henry, William (dsp), Anthony, Robert, Thomas, Elizabeth
  ((F))+ other issue - Henry, son, Thomas (youngest), 4 daughters
  ((5)) Robert Copinger of Lavenham (d before 05.01.1626)
  m. Joan Wadder (widow of _ Harwell)
  ((A))+ 10 children
  ((6)) Ralph Copinger of Stoke-in-Hoo, Kent (d 06.06.1620)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Copinger probably of this generation
  m. Sir Harbottle Grimston, 1st Bart of Bradfield (d 19.02.1647-8)
  ((B)) daughter
  ((7)) John Copinger (bpt 28.02.1558, d before 15.03.1625)
  m. Marjory Weekes (dau of John Weekes of Salisbury)
((A))+ 2 sons (dsp)
  ((8)) Edward Copinger (bpt 05.1559, a 1621)
  m. _ Harwell
  ((9)) Ursula Copinger
  m. Thomas Randolph (Postmaster, Ambassador)
  ((10)) Susan Copinger
  m1. Sir George Clive of Huxley
  m2. John Poole of Poole
((11)) Elizabeth Copinger (bpt 08.11.1562)
  m. Sir Richard Lee of Lee (d 1627)
  ((12))+ other issue - Edmund (d 08.1591), Walter (bpt 25.11.1565, bur 23.05.1570), Frances (d unm?)
  (b) Sir Ralph Copinger (a 06.1550, dsp?)
  m. Emma
  (c) Thomasine Copinger
  m1. Ralph Johnson of Raynham
  m2. Martin James of Smarden
(d) Elizabeth Copinger
  m1. John Wilkins of Stoke (dsp 21.02.1535?)
  m2. Sir Roger Manwood of Harlington (Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, m1. ??)
  (e) Margaret Copinger
  m. William Payne
  (f) Anne Copinger
  m. Christopher Massingberd of Calais (a 1548, Clerk of the Council)
  (ii) Thomasine Copinger (d before 08.05.1555)
  m. Ralph Symonds, Sheriff of London
  (iii) Jane Copinger
  m1. _ Whalley
  m2. _ Holt
2. Stephen Copinger or Coppinger, Mayor of Cork (a 1319)

Main source(s):
(1) 'History of the Parish of Buxhall in the County of Suffok' by W.A. Copinger (1902, p97+) ("WAC" above) with thanks to a contributor (DCS, 18.09.13) for bringing this to our attention
(2) Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, 'Copinger of Buxhall') with input as reported above
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