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This section first uploaded 12.03.14, reviewed 30.07.17.
Sir William Guthrie of Lunan
1. Alexander Guthrie (b c1515, d c1582, Town Clerk of Edinburgh)
  m. Janet Henderson (dau of George Henderson of Fordell (by Katherine Adamson), m2. David Carnegie of Kinnaird
  A. Marion Guthrie
  m1. David Borthwick of Balcarres, etc. (bur 31.01.1580/1, King's Advocate, Lord of Session as Lord Menmuir)
  m2. (29.11.1581) John Lindsay of Balcarres (b 1552, d 03.09.1598, Lord of Session as Lord Menmuir)
2. Margaret Guthrie (d 04.1571) possibly of this generation
  m. (before 12.06.1527) Sir Robert Carnegie of Kinnaird



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Simon Hanham (or Hanning) of Gloucestershire
1. Joan Hanham (d 10.04.1437)
  m1. Robert Cheddar, Mayor of Bristol (d 05-06.1384)
  m2. Sir Thomas Brooke (d 1413)
2. Ismania or Emma Hanham (d 09.1420)
  m1. Sir John Raleigh of Nettlecombe (d 1372)
  m2. Sir John de Burghersh, 'Lord Kerdeston' (b 1343, d 21.09.1391)
  m3. Lawrence Berkerolles (d 12.1411, son/heir of Sir Roger of Coity)



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William de Galwey (a 1400)
BEB1841 ('Galwey, in Irish section) identifies William as ancestor of Sir Geoffrey, 1st Bart.
1. ?? de Galwey
  A. ?? Galwey
  i. ?? Galwey
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Galwey
  (1) ?? Galwey or Galway
  (A) James Galway of Kingsale (alderman of Limerick)
  (i) Sir Geffrey Galway of Kallwollin, Mayor then Governor of Limerick, 1st Bart (d 28.03.1636, MP)
  BEB1841 appears to confuse this Geffrey with his grandson. We follow TCB.
  m1. Anne Comyn (dau of Nicholas Comyn, Mayor of Limerick)
  (a) John Galway or Galwey (dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Betts of Norfolk
  ((1)) Sir Geoffrey Galway or Galwey, 2nd Bart (d before 1653)
  m. Eleanor (b c1627, a 11.1676)
  ((A)) Sir James Galwey, 3rd Bart (d c1700)
  m. (01.1684) Margaret Blunt (dau of James Blunt of Ballycullane)
  ((i)) Catherine Galwey (b 05.01.1690, d 07.04.1767)
  m. (04.02.1705) Simon Ronan (son/heir of John of Faranagelagh)
  ((ii))+ other issue (d young) including Patrick
  m2. Mary McSheehy (dau of Morogh McSheehy of Ballyallevan)
  m3. Moare O'Brien (dau of Moroth O'Brien of Tuagh, m2. John Browne of Kilcomen)



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_ Esturmy (a 1066)
1. Richard Esturmy (a temp Stephen who r. 1135-1154)
  A. Roger de Esturmy of Stratton, Norfolk (a 1189)
  i. Sir William Esturmy, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk (d c1225)
  a. Sir Robert Esturmy (d 1244)
  (1) Sir Roger Esturmy (d 1253-4)
  (A) Sir William Esturmy (b 1224, d 1309)
(i) Roger Esturmy or Sturmy (d 1327)
  (a) Sir William Esturmy or Sturmy (d 1366)
  ((1)) Rhoisia Esturmy or Sturmy (d 1382)
  m. William Clement of Stow
  ((A)) Emma Clement (d 1397)
  m. John Cakestreet
  ((i)) Alice Cakestreet (d 1412)
  m. John Sorrell
  ((a)) Anne Sorrell
  m. John Copinger of Buxhall



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Thomas de Bulkeley of Bulkeley
1. Richard de Bulkeley of Bulkeley
  A. William de Bulkeley of Bulkeley
  i. Mabell de Bulkeley
  m. Richard de Hadley (son of Cadogan de Hadley)
  a. William de Hadley of Bulkeley (a 1314)
  (1) William de Hadley of Bulkeley (a 1363)
  (A) Isabell de Hadley
  m. Hamon Bressy de Bulkeley
2. Richard de Bulkeley
  A. William de Bulkeley
  i. Richard de Bulkeley (a 1314)
  a. William or Wilkin de Bulkeley (a 1342, 1391)
  (1) Maud de Bulkeley
  m. Wilkin or William Tatnall



This section first uploaded 20.06.20
(1) Cross-references to the following family's place of residence are spelt as either Liberton or Libberton, the latter being the most common. However, noting that Liberton was a village just south of Edinburgh, and is now a suburb of Edinburgh, whereas Libberton is a village in Lanarkshire, and given that the family appears to have had strong connections with Edinburgh, we suspect that the correct version should be Liberton. Spelling was not consistent in the period covered below.
(2) Identified by 'An Historical Account of The Senators of The College of Justice' (Brunton & Haig, 1836, 'George Winram of Libbertoun', p341+), supported by Wikipedia, as the father of Senator George was ...
James Winram of Liberton (d 1632, Keeper of the Signet)
m. Jean Swinton (d 1635)
1. Sir George Winram of Liberton (b 1604, d 09.1650, Lord of Session as 'Lord Liberton (Libbertoun)')
  m1. (by 07.1629) Agnes Hamilton (d 1636, dau of Sir John Hamilton of Magdalens, Lord of Session)
  A. John Winram of Liberton (Lt. Colonel) father of Margaret, not mentioned by Wikipedia but possibly of this generation (of this marriage), could be a cousin of Catherine & Anne?
  i. Margaret Winram
  m. Thomas Aikman of Brambleton & Ross (b in the 1640s?)
  B. Catherine Winram who married ...
  m. Archibald Johnston of Hilton (b c1630, d 1671)
  C. Anne Winram (d 1690) who married ...
  m. James Arnott of Woodmylne (Woodmill)
  m2. Janet Johnston (dau of Archibald Johnston, Lord Warriston, her 3rd marriage)
2. Margaret Winram probably of this generation --
  m. Sir Lewis Stewart of Kirkhill & Strabrock (d before 17.04.1656) --

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