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Families covered: Cranage of Cranage (Cranach of Cranach), Croxton of Croxton, Knutsford of Twemlowe, Tremlowe of Twemlowe

Lidulph de Croxton, lord of Twenlow, Croxton, Cranage, Winnington (half) & Goosetrey (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
1. ??
  Ormerod shows that there is confusion between the early generations of this family. On Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 2, p112) he shows just one Lidulph as son of Wulfric (rather than son of Waltheus son of Wulfric), brother of Ranulph, and father of Robert de Winnington, Richard de Croxton & Nicholas of Goosetrey. We follow Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, p114) where Ormerod notes that the following Lidulph was either son of grandson of the above one. We show an intermediary generation because we think the dates make one more likely than not.
A. Lidulph de Croxton & Twenlow, Sheriff of Cheshire (a 1199, 1216)
  i. Richard de Croxton (judge)
  m. Margery (dau of Matthew de Cranach)
a. Robert de Croxton (dvp?)
  m. Amicia de Newton (dau of Simon de Newton)
  (1) Richard de Croxton (dsp?)
  b. Roger de Croxton (dvp?)
  c. Warin de Croxton of Croxton (a 1237)
  m. Amilia mother of Avicia, presumed also of ...
  (1) Richard de Croxton of Croxton (a 1287)
  m. Christiana (dau of John (probably not Sir Richard) de Newton or Holt)
  (A) Robert de Croxton of Croxton (a 1330)
  m. Johanna
(i) Richard de Croxton of Croxton (a 1330)
  m. Margery de Vernon (dau of Richard de Vernon of Whatcroft)
  (a) Warin de Croxton of Croxton (a 1377)
  m. Margaret
  ((1)) Richard de Croxton
  ((A)) Ralph (not Warin) de Croxton of Croxton (dsp)
  ((B)) Margaret Croxton
  m. Hugh Mainwaring of Croxton
((C))+ other issue - Agnes, clemence
  (b) Nicholas de Croxton (a 1351) had issue
  m. Roesia
  (ii) Robert de Croxton (a 1350)
  (B) William de Croxton de Woodhouse
  (i)+ issue (de Woodhouse) - William, Robert
  (2) Warin de Croxton
  (3) Avicia de Croxton
m. Richard de Twemlowe @@ below
  d. Richard de Croxton
  (1) John Croxton
  (A) ?? Croxton
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (i) ?? Croxton
  (a) Thomas Croxton of Ravenscroft
  m. Margery or Margaret Ravenscroft (sister/heir of Thomas Ravenscroft of Ravenscroft)
  (2) ? Stephen de Clive
  ii. Robert de Winnington (d 1294)
m1. Margery de Winnington (dau/heir of Robert de Winnington, son of William de Winnington (Wyninton))
  m2. Matilda (dau of Richard de Wilbraham by Margaret, dau/coheir of Warin Vernon of Shipbrook)
  iii. Michael or Nicholas de Goosetrey of Goosetrey had issue
  iv. Gilbert had issue
  v. Warin de Clive see note at top of Clive01
2. Randle (Ranulph) de Cranach or Cranage
  A. Henry de Cranach or Cranage
  The following comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, Cranage, pp73-74) which includes the pedigree 'Cranach, Ermitage, Haslington, and Winnington, of Hermitage'.
  i. Henry de Cranach or Cranage or Craunach
  ii. Richard de Ermitage
  m1. Margaret / m2. Cecilia
Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  a. Thomas de Ermitage (a 1334)
  (1) Cecilia de Ermitage
  m. William (son of Richard de Haslington)
  (A) Thomas Haslington of the Hermitage
m. Sybill Toft (dau of Thomas Toft of Plumley)
  (i) Cicely Haslington
  m. Hugh Winnington of Northwich, later of the Hermitage
  iii. other issue - Thomas, Roger
  From either Thomas or Roger or Richard descended the undermentioned William de Cranach.
a. ?? presumed intermediary generation
  (1) William de Cranage or Cranach
  (A) Alice de Cranage or Cranach
  m. William Nedham (a 1375, son of Thomas de Nedham)
  B. Reginald le Brun
  The following comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 2, 'Winnington of Winnington').
  i. Richard de Twemlowe
  m. Avicia de Croxton (dau of Warin de Croxton by Amilia) @@ above
  a. ?? de Twemlowe
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (1) ?? de Twemlowe
  (A) John Twemlowe
  (i) Katherine Twemlowe (heir)
  m. (c1407) Hugh Knutsford
The following comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Booth of Twemlowe').
  (a) ?? Knutsford
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  ((1)) ?? Knutsford of Twemlow
  ((A)) Robert Knutsford of Twemlow (a 1525)
  ((i)) Margaret Knutsford (a 1525, dsp?)
  m. Hamon Stockley
  ((ii)) Mary Knutsford
  m. (before 1526) Edward Booth (son of William of Donham)
  ((iii)) Ellen Knutsford (d 30.05.1548)
  m. (after 1525) Roger Jodrell of Yeardsley
3. Ellen

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Croxton and Mainwaring of Croxton', p114) with input/support/contradiction as reported above
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