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Families covered: Davye of Easton (Eston), Davye of Geyst, Davye of Gunthorpe, Davye of Norwich

Robert Davye of Gonthorpe (Gunthorpe), Norfolk
1. John Davye of Gonthorpe (Gunthorpe)
  m. Margaret Bryston (dau/coheir of John Bryston)
  A. Thomas Davye
  m. Katherine Barthelmew
  i. Thomas Davye of Gunthorpe
  m. Elizabeth Seafoule (dau of George Seafoule of Waterden)
  a. Gregory Davye of Gunthorpe
m. Katherine Wylby (dau/coheir of Thomas Wylby of Hindringham son of William son of Edward son of John son of William (Wylby) by Jane, dau/heir of John Avenell son of John son of Rafe son of Andrew (Avenell) by Jane, dau/heir of Rafe Planteyne by Alice, dau/heir of Roger Froximys (de Fraxino))
  (1) Richard Davye of Gunthorpe
  m. Ann Cobb (dau of William Cobb of Sandringham)
  (A) Christopher Davye of Gunthorpe
  m. Elizabeth Pagrave (dau of Clement Pagrave (Palgrave) of Norwood Beernyngham)
  (i) Gregory Davye (dsp)
  (ii) Dorothy Davye
  m. Francis Brampton of South Creak
  (iii) Frances Davye
  m. Richard Ellpit of North Creak
  (iv) Anne Davye
m. _ Hargrave of Algrave
  (v) daughter
  We show another daughter (not mentioned by Visitation) but it may have been one of the above-mentioned who married the following _ Daines and carried estates into the Daines family. The following connection comes from BLG1862 (Gay of Alborough) which identifies the following Thomas as grandson of Christopher Davye and great-grandson of Clement Palgrave.
  m. _ Daines
  (a) Thomas Daines of Gunthorpe
  ((1)) Margaret Daines (d 1707)
  m. (1665) William Gay of Aldborough (d 1670)
  (B)+ other issue - John, Thomas, Dorothy, Frances, Anne, Elizabeth, Bridget
  (2) Elizabeth Davye
  m. Francis Reymes of Overstroud, Norfolk
  (A) William Reymes
  b. John Davye (parson of Gunthorpe)



Their coats of arms indicate that the following family was connected to the above family. RHG reports that "The Davys of Mangreen, and the present Davys of Ingoldesthorpe, descend from the same family, through the Davys of Gunthorpe."
Henry Davye of Eston (Easton), Norfolk
1. Robert Davy of Eston (bur 1485)
  A. Thomas Davye of Easton (d 1511)
  i. Robert Davye of Easton (bur 30.11.1532)
  m. Elizabeth Harlestone (dau/heir of John Harlestone of Geyst)
  a. Robert Davye of Easton
m. Elizabeth Norgate of Aylesham
  (1) Simon Davye
  m. Catherine Barrett of Laxfeld
  (A) Elizabeth Davye
  m. William Bussey, Mayor of Norwich
  (B) Catherine Davye
  m. William Goslin, Mayor of Norwich
  (C) Mary Davye
  m. (1627) Roger Mingay or Norwich
  (D) Susan Davye
  m. _ Swanson of Norwich
  (E)+ other issue - Robert, John, Simon, Edmond, Richard
  (2) Henry Davye of London
  m. Alice
  (A) Ibury Davye
  m. _ Moore of London
  (B) Elizabeth Davye
  (3) John Davye of Maidstone, Kent
  m. Catherine Banks (dau of John Banks, m1. Ambrose Wingate)
  (A)+ issue - John, 3 daughters
  (4) Elizabeth Davye
  m. Francis Muriell
  (5) Susan Davye
  m. Lancelot Fletcher (Dean in Cumberland)
  b. Edmond Davye of Geyst
  m. Ciceley Yonges (dau of John Yonges of Norfolk)
  (1) Robert Davye of Geyst
  m. Martha Grymes (dau of Thomas Grymes of Antingham)
  (2) Thomas Davye
  m. Mary Clarke (dau of John Clarke of Loddon)
  (A) Robert Davye
  m. _ Wolmer
  (B)+ other issue - John, Thomas, Mary
  ii. Richard Davye of Easton, Mayor of Norwich (d 1568)
  m. Christian Bishop (d 1557, dau/heir of Richard Bishop of Yarmouth)
  a. Richard Davye (Steward of Norwich)
  (1) Henry Davye (Steward of Norwich)
  (A)+ issue - Henry, Christopher
(2)+ other issue - William, Christopher
  b. Henry Davye, Sheriff of Norwich (bpt 1548, d before 02.02.1595)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, 'Davy of St. Ellingham') & RHG (vol 2, p488).
m. Elizabeth Webb (dau of Richard Webb of Ixworth)
  (1) William Davy of Ellingham Magna, Norfolk (d before 01.07.1667)
  m. Margaret Gourney (dau of Thomas Gourney of East Barsham)
  (A) Mary Davy (d 1701)
  m. Sir Roger Potts of Mannington, Bart (d 1711)
  (2)+ 9 others
  c. John Davye of Norwich (Iremonger)
  d. (Isabell) Davye
  m. Randall Smyth, Sheriff of Norwich
  e. daughter (Elenor?)
  m. Thomas Husband of Huntingdon
  B. Robert Davy of Gunthorpe
  m. ?? of Gunthorpe (heiress)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, 'Davye', #104/98)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, 'Davy or Davye', #88/83 & 280/257) with input as reported above
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