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Families covered: Devereux of Bodenham, Devereux of Chartley, Devereux of Devereux, Devereux of Lyonshall

BE1883 suggests that this family "derived its surname from the town of Eureux, in Normandy, and .. came into England with the Conqueror". Eureux is more normally known as Evreux or Eure or (in Latin) Ebroicis. Various web sites show this Devereux family as descended from the following Robert, which we do not doubt, but most of them show this Robert as a son of Walter 'le Ewrus' (d'Evereux) de Roumare, Comte d'Evreux whose very existence is doubted.
Robert de Ebroicis of Hereford (a 1066)
1. Reginald Devereux of Hereford (d before 1140)
  A. William Devereux of Hereford
  Collins identifies William's widow as Halewyse and reported that Walter de Laci gave her certain lands in marriage. Various web sites show the mother of William's children as ...
  m. Heloise de Lacy (dau of Gilbert de Lacy)
i. Eustace Devereux of Hereford
  m. ?? (dau/heir of Hugh de Longfield of Lyonshall) name found in various web sites
  a. Stephen Devereux of Frome & Lyonshall (a 1222) the first given by BE1883
  Collins identifies Stephen's wife as Isabel. Various web sites name her ...
  m. Isabel de Cantelou (dau of William Cantelou or Cantilupe by Mecelin, dau of Adulph de Braci)
(1) Sir William Devereux of Lyonshall, Herefordshire (d Evesham 04.08.1265)
  m. Maud Giffard (sister of Walter Giffard, Bishop of Bath and Wells)
  (A) (Sir) William Devereux of Lyonshall (d 1314)
  BE1883, which does not name William's wife or designation, does not mention the following Walter but suggests that William was succeeded by Sir John, 1st Baron. Collins identifies his wife only as Alice and shows his son as Sir William who, by Alice, was father of Sir Walter who (by Margery) was father of Sir John, 1st Lord, and Sir William of Bodenham who m. Anne, dau of Sir John Barre. There is clearly some confusion between the generations. We provisionally follow those web sites which show as follows.
m. Alice de Grandison (dau of Pierre de Grandison by Agnes, dau of Ulric, Comte de Neufchatel)
  (i) Sir Walter Devereux of Lenhales (d 1320)
  m. Margaret or Margery de Braose (widow of Sir Roger Colvill, dau of Sir Richard de Braose by Alice, heiress of Stinton)
  (a) Sir William (sb Walter?) Devereux of Bodenham (d 1376)
  m. Anne or Margaret Barre (dau of John Barre of Whitechurch) ## see note here ##
  ((1)) Sir Walter Devereux of Bodenham (a 1382)
((A)) Sir Walter Devereux or Deverois of Bodenham, Herefordshire (d Pilleth 1403-4) - continued below
  m. Agnes de Crophull (dau of Thomas de Crophull)
  ((2)) Sir John Devereux of Lyonshall, 1st Lord (d 22.02.1392/3)
  TCP reports that the parentage of the 1st Lord is not known but that he was probably a younger son of Walter Devereux or Deverose of Bodenham. We follow various web sites in showing him as Walter's younger brother. BE1883 suggests that John married Margaret, dau of Sir John Barre, but TCP identifies her as ...
  m. Margaret de Vere (d 15.06.1398, dau of John de Vere, 7th Earl of Oxford)
  ((A)) John Devereux, 2nd Lord (dsp 13.11.1396)
  m. Philippa de Brien (dau of Sir Guy de Brien)
  ((B)) Joane Devereux (d 05.1409)
  m1. Walter FitzWalter, 5th Lord (b 05.09.1368, d 16.05.1406)
  m2. (before 29.01.1407/8, sp) Hugh Burnell, 2nd Lord (b c1347, d 27.11.1420)
  ((3)) Anne Devereux probably of this generation
  m. Roger Vaughan of Bredwardine



Sir Walter Devereux or Deverois of Bodenham, Herefordshire (d Pilleth 1403-4) - continued above
m. Agnes de Crophull (dau of Thomas de Crophull, cousin/heir of SIr John)
1. Walter Devereux or Deverois (b 1387, d 1420)
  m. Maud Bromwich (dau of Sir Thomas Bromwich)
  A. Sir Walter Devereux of Bodenham and Whitchurch, Chancellor of Ireland (b 1411, d before 1459)
  m. Elizabeth Merbury (dau of Sir John Merbury)
i. Sir Walter Devereux, 1st Lord Ferrers of Chartley (b 1432, d Bosworth Field 22.08.1485)
  m1. (before 26.11.1446) Anne Ferrers (d 1468, dau of William Ferrers, 7th Lord of Chartley)
  a. Sir John Devereux, 2nd Lord Ferrers of Chartley (b 1463, d 05.03.1500-1)
  m1. Cicely Bourchier (dau of William Bourchier, younger of Essex)
  (1) Walter Devereux, 1st Viscount Hereford (d 27.09.1558)
  m1. Mary Grey (d 22.02.1534, dau of Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset)
  m2. Margaret Garneys (d 1599, dau of John Garneys of Kenton)
  (2) Anne Devereux
  m1. Henry, Lord Clifford
  m2. Sir David Owen of Midhurst
  m2. Elizabeth Langham
(3)+ 2 sons
  b. Sir Richard Devereux
  c. Sir Thomas Devereux
  d. Elizabeth Devereux
  m1. Sir Richard Corbet of Morton Corbet
  m2. Sir Thomas Leighton of Watlesborough (b 1454)
  e. Sybil (or Isabel) Devereux
  BP1934 shows as Sybil (or Isabel) of this generation as married to Sir James Baskerville. We follow Collinsin showing her a generation earlier.
  m2. Joan Verdon (m2. _ Poyntz)
  ii. Sir John Devereux
  iii. Anne Devereux
  m. Sir William Herbert of Raglan, 1st Earl of Pembroke
  iv. Sibil Devereux
  m. Sir James Baskerville (a 1487)
  B. Elizabeth Devereux
  m. (John) Milbourne or Melborne
2. Joan Deverois mentioned by BP1934 but not by Collins
  m. Thomas Swyneford
3.+ other issue - Richard, John, Stephen, Roger, Elizabeth, Margaret

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Collins's Peerage of England (Sir Egerton Brydges's 1812 edition, Devereux, Viscount Hereford) with some support/input from BE1883 (Devereux, Barons), TCP (Devereux or Deverose)
(2) For lower section : BP1934 (Hereford), Collins's Peerage of England (Sir Egerton Brydges's 1812 edition, Devereux, Viscount Hereford)
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