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Families covered: Fortesecue of Clermont, Fortescue of Dromisken
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Sir Faithful Fortescue of Dromisken, Governor of Knockfergus (bpt 22.08.1585, bur 29.05.1666)
m1. Anne Moore (d 05.09.1634, dau of Gerald Moore,1st Viscount Drogheda)
1. Christopher Fortescue (dvp)
  A. Elizabeth Fortescue
m. Sir Richard Graham, Bart of Norton Conyers
2. Sir Thomas Fortescue of Dromisken, Governor of Carrickfergus (b c1620, d 1710, 3rd son)
  m(2). Sidney Kingsmill (dau of Colonel ?? Kingsmill)
  A. Chichester Fortescue of Dromisken (Colonel)
  Not mentioned by BE1883 or Commoners but probably an early spouse of Chichester, presumed divorced, was ...
  m(1). (div?) Elizabeth Slingsby (b c1619, bur 23.01.1695/6, dau of Sir William Slingsby of Kippax)
m(2). (1681) Frideswood Hall (dau of Francis Hall) named Tudeswood by Commoners
  i. Thomas Fortescue of Dromisken (d(vp?) 19.05.1725)
  m. (30.08.1716) Anne Garstin (dau of John Garstin or Garsten of Bragganstown)
  a. Chichester Fortescue of Dromisken, Sheriff of Down (b 05.06.1718, d 16.07.1757)
m. (09.04.1743) Elizabeth Wellesley (b c1720, d 10.10.1752, dau of Richard Wellesley, 1st Lord Mornington)
  (1) Thomas Fortescue of Dromisken, Sheriff of Louth (b 01.05.1744, d 1779)
  m1. (03.1770) Mary Pakenham (d 1775, dau of Thomas Pakenham, 1st Lord Longford)
  (A) Anna Maria Fortescue
  m. (18.01.1802) W.P. Ruxton of Redhouse
(B)+ other issue - Chichester (d young), Elizabeth (d unm)
  m2. Mary Nicholson (dau of Edward Nicholson by Henrietta Sandford)
  (D) Chichester Fortescue of Dromisken, Sheriff of Louth (b 12.08.1777, d 25.11.1826) had issue
  m. (10.08.1809) Martha Angel Hobson (dau of Samuel Meade Hobson of Waterford)
  Their elder son was created Lord Clermont.
  (E) Henrietta or Harriet Fortescue (d 21.01.1816)
m. (12.11.1812) George Knox (son of Viscount Northland)
  (2) Richard Fortescue (b 07.05.1749, d 1774)
  (3) Sir Chichester Fortescue (b 07.06.1750, Rear Admiral, Ulster King of Arms)
  m. (1791) Frances Anna Jones (d 03.01.1803, dau of David Jones of Bensfort)
  (A) Frances Anne Fortescue (d 07.1875)
  m1. (1825) Rev. George Hamilton (b 19.12.1784, d 09 08.1830, rector of Killemogh)
  m2. Rev. Loftus George Reade
  (B) Henrietta Catherine Fortescue
  m. H. McEvatt
(C)+ other issue - Richard (b 11.12.1791, d 1805), Chichester (b 28.11.1794), Sidney, Elizabeth
  (4) Gerald Fortescue 'of co. Louth' (b 15.11.1751, d 27.10.1787/8, Ulster King of Arms)
  m. Elizabeth Tew (dau of Alexander Tew, alderman of Dublin)
  (A) Thomas Fortescue (in Delhi)
  m. (19.03.1859) Louisa Margaret Eager (dau of Francis Russell Eager)
  (B) Anne Fortescue
m. William Richard Hopkins-Northey of Oving House
  (5) Elizabeth Fortescue (b 03.04.1745, d 30.09.1780)
  m. (1762) William John Kerr, 5th Marquess of Lothian (b 13.03.1737, d 1815)
  b.+ other issue - John (b 09.06.1719), Anne (b 30.06.1720, d unm 12.1751)
  ii. Sidney Fortescue
  m. Thomas Bolton of Knock (brother of Theophilus, Archbishop of Cashel)
  iii. Gertrude Fortescue
  m. (1707) Thomas St. Leger
  iv. Lettice Fortescue (d 1726)
  m. Rev. Thomas Tisdall (d 1729)
v. Anne Fortescue
  B. William Fortescue of Newragh (d 1733)
  m. (1681) Margaret Gernon (dau of Nicholas Gernon of Miltown)
  i. Thomas Fortescue of Randalston (b c1686, d 02.1769)
  m. Elizabeth Hamilton (d 12.08.1756, sister of James Hamilton, Earl of Clanbrassil)
  a. William Henry Fortescue, 1st Viscount Clermont, Earl of Clermont (b 05.08.1722, d 30.09.1806)
  m. (29.02.1752) Frances Cairnes Murray (b c1734, 03.12.1820, dau of Colonel John Murray of co. Monaghan)
  (1) Louisa Fortescue
  m. (21.09.1776) Rev. _ Harrington
b. James Fortescue of Ravensdale Park (b 15.05.1725, d 1782)
  m. Mary Henrietta Hunter (dau of Thomas Orby Hunter of Crowland Abbey)
  (1) Thomas Fortescue (d 1785, MP)
  (2) William Charles Fortescue, 2nd Viscount Clermont (b 12.10.1764, d unm 24.06.1829)
  (3) Maria Fortescue (d c1853)
  m1. (1781) _ Sloper (Captain)
m2. George Francis Barlow of Hampton-on-Thames (Colonel)
  (4) Charlotte Fortescue
  m. (1796) Sir Harry Goodricke, Bart of Ribston Hall (d 1820)
  (5) Emily Fortescue (d 27.02.1864)
  m. (1811) Charles Grantham of Ketton (dsp 21.12.1859, Captain RN)
  c. Margaret Fortescue (d 22.09.1756) apparently of this generation
m. Sir Arthur Brooke, Bart (d 07.03.1785)
  d.+ other issue - Matthew (b 07.11.1726), John (b 28.02.1730)
  ii. Faithful Fortescue of Corderry (d 22.03.1740, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Tipping (dau of Thomas Tipping of Castletown)
  a.+ issue - Thomas (b 30.06.1731, d 06.11.1733), Faithful (d 1785)
  iii. John Fortescue (rector of Haynestowne)
  m. Elizabeth Bellingham (dau of Henry Bellingham of Castle Bellingham)
  a.+ issue including James
iv. Alice Fortescue (dsp)
  m. George Vaughan of Buncranagh
  v. Mary or Elizabeth Fortescue (d 29.10.1762)
  m. John Foster of Dunleer
  vi+. other issue - Chichester, Matthew (RN)
3. Lettice Fortescue
  m. Sir Thomas Meredyth of Dollardstown (d 1677)
4. Eleanor Fortescue
  m1. Thomas Burnet of Ballyleck
  m2. Brent Moore
5. Mary Fortescue apparently the Mary who married ...
  m. Henry Smithwick of Shandrome (b 1600, d 11.1670, Lt. Colonel)
6.+ other issue - John (d unm 1668), Roger, Garret, William, Elizabeth, Alice (a 1656)
m2. (1639, sp) Eleanor Whitechurch (dau of Sir Marmaduke Whitechurch, widow of John Symonds)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 4, 'Fortescue of Dromisken and Ravensdale Park', p125+), BE1883 ('Fortescue of Clermont')
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