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Families covered: Galwey of Carrick, Galwey of Doon, Galwey of Dungarvon, Galwey of Fort Richard, Galwey of Lota, Galwey of Lotamore, Galwey of Malaga

Edward Galwey of Lota, co. Cork (d 10.07.1680)
m1. Ellen Goold (dau of Ingatius or Henry Goold of Cork) father shown as Ignatius by BIFR1976, Henry by Commoners
1. John Galwey of Lota (d before 17.02.1712/3, MP)
m. (c01.1674) Elizabeth Meade (dau of Col. William Meade of Ballintubber)
  A. William Galwey of Lota (b 1673, d 12.02.1733/4)
  m. (1711) Mary Butler (dau of Col. John Butler of Westcourt)
  i. John Galwey of Lota & Westcourt (d 07.09.1793)
m. Jane O'Bryen (d before 22.06.1769, dau/heir of William O'Bryen of Anacross (Ahacross) by Gertrude, dau of John St. Leger of Old Court)
  a. Edward Galwey of Lota (d 1812, 3rd son)
  m1. Jane Westropp (d 1784, dau of Mountiford Westropp of Mellon)
  (1) John Galwey of Lota (dsp 14.01.1840)
  m. (1813) Susanna Grainger (d 16.05.1836, dau of John Meares Grainger of Causetown, widow of Pierce E. Arthur of Limerick)
  (2) Edward Galwey of Lota (d unm 09.08.1844, Rear Admiral RN)
  (3) William Galwey of Lota (d 04.12.1865) had issue
  m. (24.05.1803) Ann Norcott (d 08.08.1832, dau of James Norcott of Springfield (uncle of Major General Sir Amos Norcott) by Jane, sister of Sir Thomas Roberts of Brightfieldstown, 1st Bart)
(4) James Edward Galwey of Nadrid, co Cork (b 1781, d 01.1827, 6th son) had issue
  m. Marcella McEvoy (d 05.09.1826, dau of Christopher McEvoy of Copenhagen)
  (5) Pierce Galwey (d 07.1830, Captain) had issue
  m. Sarah Johnson of Trinidad
  (6)+ other issue - Richard (had issue), Mountiford Westropp (b 07.02.1779, d unm, RN), Thomas (d unm)
  m2. (c1790) Martha Roberts (dsp, dau of Randal Roberts of Brightsfieldstown, sister of Sir Roberts, 1st Bart)
  m3. (02.07.1807) Hannah Hickman (dsp, dau of Poole Hickman of Kilmore, widow of William Harte of Knockferry)
  b. Richard Galwey of Fort Richard (formerly Reagrove & Rochestown), co. Cork (b 17.06.1757, d 18.02.1826)
  m. (18.01.1787) Margaret Creagh (d 09.08.1822, dau of Patrick Creagh of Cork (son of Christopher by Jane Galwey) by Margaret, dau of Dominick Trant of Ballintlea)
  (1) John Galwey of Fort Richard (d 13.10.1860) had issue
  m. (15.05.1828) Jane Galwey (d 12.01.1857, dau of James Edward Galwey of Nadrid)
  (2) Mary Galwey
m. (06.12.1819) James Lombard of Killarney
  (3) Catherine Galwey
  m. (18.01.1829) Francis Kyan (son of Maj. Gen Francis by Jane, dau of James Blackney of Ballycormack by Gertrude Galwey)
  (4) Margaret Galwey
m. Alexader Foley McNamara of Cork (son of John Foley of Sleaveen)
  (5)+ other issue (d unm) - William (b 1799, d 19.12.1855, Captain), Edward of Robert's Cove (d 17.041.847)
  c. John Galwey of Doon (co Clare) & Rock Lodge (co Cork) (b 1761, d 17.03.1844)
  m1. (1785) Alice Butler of Doon (dau of James Butler of Castlekeale)
  (1)+ issue (d unm) - James Butler, William
  m2. Emily Gould (dau of Ignatius Gould of Knockraha)
  (3) Edward Galwey of Doon (d 07.10.1859) had issue
  m. (06.1837) Louisa Galwey (dau of James Edward Galwey of Nadrid)
  (4) Catherine Galwey (b 1793)
  m. (c04.1819) Richard Barry of Barry's Lodge
  (5) Jane Kellett Galwey (b 1796, d 12.01.1878)
  m. (05.1831) Thomas Warren (d 01.03.1838, rector of Baltimore, son of Thomas of Monkstown)
  (6) Frances Galwey (b 1800)
  m1. Denis McCarthy of East View
  m2. (27.06.1833) William Spread Hendley of Downing
  (7) Mary Galwey (b 1804)
  m. (15.10.1827) Tome X. Sampayo of Portugal
(8) Gertrude Galwey (bpt 03.01.1806)
  (9) Ellen Galwey
  m1. Moore La Barte of Cahir Castle
  m2. Edward La Barte
d. William Galwey (b 24.03.1762, d 06.1833, rector of Abingdon then Archdeacon of Cashel)
  m. (10.06.1785) Lydia Webb (dau of Patrick Webb of Hermitage)
  (1) John Galwey (b 31.12.1786, dsp 11.1849, rector of Clonbeg)
  m. Abigail Cooke (d 28.01.1877, dau of Robert Cooke of Kiltinane Castle)
  (2) William Patrick Galwey (b 22.12.1788, dsp 11.1827)
  m. (30.07.1817) Eliza de Gondreville (d 18.05.1826)
  (3) Robert Galwey (b 07.08.1790, dsp)
  m. (1850) Margaret O'Regan (d 09.04.1891, dau/coheir of William O'Regan)
  (4) Charles Galwey (b 03.05.1792, d 13.03.1882, rector of Moville then Badoney, Archdeacon of Derry) had issue
  m. (09.04.1822) Honoria Tomkins Knox (b 1799-1800, d 1.02.1881, dau of Col. Andrew Knox of Prehen)
  (5) Edward Galwey of Lisduff, co. Tipperary (b 07.01.1798, dsp 09.01.1879)
m. (26.06.1835) Mary Elizabeth Anne Sankey (d 25.01.1879, dau of Matthew Villiers Sankey of Coolmore)
  (6) Richard Galwey of Dublin (b 1801, d 19.11.1838) had issue
  m. (14.11.1835) Jane Galwey (dau of William Galwey of Lota)
  (7)+ other issue (d unm) - Lydia Elizabeth (b 07.01.1794, d 28.05.1837), Isabella (b 08.12.1795, d 05.04.1867)
  e. Gertrude Galwey (b 15.05.1752)
  m. (10.1775) James Blackney of Ballycormack & Ballyellen
f. Jane Galwey
  m. (09.02.1788) Sir Richard Kellett, 1st Bart (d 1853)
  g.+ other issue - William (b before 1746, bur 04.06.1760), John (bur 29.04.1759), Mary (b 02.05.1756, d 10.1765)
  ii. Richard Galwey of Danville, co. Kilkenny
  m. (1745) Margaret Kavanagh (dau of Bryan Kavanagh of Borris)
  iii. Elizabeth Galwey
  m. (1737) William Coppinger of Ballycolane & Barryscourt (d c1775)
iv. Helen Galwey
  m. (c10.1742) Sir John Esmonde, 5th Bart (d 30.06.1758)
  v. Mary Galwey
  m. (12.04.1758) Colclough Byrne of Ballymanus (son of John of Cabinteely)
  B. Mary Galwey (b 1680, d 28.11.1736)
  m. (07.1703) Michael Grace of Gracefield (d 19.02.1760)
  C. Helen Galwey
  m. (1708) Philip Townsend (vicar in Cork, son of Col. Richard of Castle Townsend)
m2. Catherine White (dau of Stephen White of Manister, sister/coheir of William) father shown as William by Commoners
2. Walter Galwey mentioned by Commoners but not by BIFR1976
3. Patrick Galwey of Rocklands & Lotamore (a 1699, dsp, Colonel)
  m. Susanna Gwyn of Cork (m2. Darby O'Callaghan)
4. Helen Galwey (d 1684)
  m. (1669) Thomas Coppinger of Ballyvolane
5. Anastasia Galwey
  m. William Therry of Cork



John Mor Galwey of Dundanion and/or Ballyphegane, Sheriff of Cork (a 1664)
m. Catherine Meade (dau of William Meade, Mayor of Cork)
1. Geoffrey Galwey of Cork (d 1679)
  m. Anastasia White (dau of Stephen White of Manister na Corra)
  A. William Galwey of Lotamore (b 1656, 4th son)
  m. (1702) Margaret MacCurtin (dau of John MacCurtin of Killelough by Juana, dau of John Virling of co. Cork)
  i. John Galwey of Carrick (b 19.06.1706, d 11.1781)
  m1. (09.01.1725/6) Mary O'Madden (b c1703, d 02.12.1740, dau of Anthony O'Madden of Carrick by Catherine Power)
  a. John Galwey of Malaga (Spain) (b 27.12.1726)
  m1. (1750) Andrew de Gand (b c1726, dsps 1752, dau of Louis de Gand of Cadiz)
m2. (17.04.1770) Margaret Quilty (dau of Thomas Quilty of Malaga)
  (1) John Galwey of Malaga (b 27.12.1770, d before 14.08.1812)
  m. Teresa Molina
  (A) Juan Galwey (b 1798, dsp 1893)
  m. (1827) ??
  (B) Eduardo Galwey of Malaga (b 1799, d 1849) had issue
  m. Francisca Mougrand Boussaque (d 1883)
  (2) William Galwey (Captain)
  (3) Anthony Gerard Galwey of Malaga & Greenhill, co. Tipperary (b 19.08.1778) had issue
  m1. (c02.1800) Mary Wyse (d c1805/6, dau of John Myse of St. John)
  m2. (01.1807) _ Costello of London
  b. Anthony Galwey of La Rochelle( France) & Carrick (b 22.04.1728)
  m. (08.06.1761) Marie Anne de Labadie (dau of Col. Etienne Alexandre Raoul de Laabadie, Sr. de Chausseliere, by Jane, dau of John Butler of La Rochelle)
  (1)+ issue - John (a 1776, d young), Anna Anastasia (b 12.05.1763), Jeanne Josephein (b 20.03.1765), Mary Anne Guillaume (b 05.12.1767)
  c.+ other issue - William Francis (b 15.09.1731, d 27.04.1772, Dean of Waterford), Margaret
  m2. (1752?0 Anstace Mandeville (dsp, dau of Edward Mandeville of Ballydine)
  ii. Edward Galwey of Dungarvan, co. Waterford (d 1782)
  m1. Mary Rivers (d 24.11.1757, dau of Bartholmoew Rivers of Dungarvan by Ann, dau of Isaac Quarry of Knockane)
  a. William Galwey of Dungarvan (b 1740, d 09.1837, 2nd son)
  m1. Margaret Morrison (dsp 09.1787, sister of Rose)
  m2. Mary Byrne
  (1) John Matthew Galwey of Duckspool co. Waterford (b c1790, d 25.03.1842, MP) had issue
  m. (24.11.1813) Anne Barron (dau of Pierce Barron of Castletown)
  (2) James Galwey of Glen Lodge (Kilshellan), later of Colligan Lodge, Sheriff of co. Waterford (b 1800, d unm 22.11.1880, 4th son)
  (3) Alicia Galwey (b 1806)
  m. Thomas Nelson Trafalgar Foley of Ballygalley
  (4)+ other issue - William (bpt 02.01.1795, d young), William Edward (bpt 17.05.1796), Martha Mary (bpt 24.12.1791)
  b.+ other issue - John (dvp 01.1778), Mary (d unm)
  m2. Elizabeth Musgrave (dsp 05.1771, dau of Richard Musgrave of Salterbridge, uncle of Sir Richard Musgrave, 1st Bart of Tourin)
  m3. Rose Morrison (dsp)
  iii. Ellen Galwey
  m1. Garrett Barry of Ballynakina (son of Philip)
  m2. _ Bryan
  B. Edward Galwey of Carrick, co. Tipperary (b 1668, d 23.03.1723/4, 6th son)
  m. Ellen Cantwell (d 08.1725, dau of John Cantwell of Moycarkey)
  i. Anastasia Galwey (a 1778)
  m. Walter Foley of Cork
  ii. Mary Galwey
  m1. (1748) Walter Sale (d 02.12.1763)
  m2. _ Cullanan
  iii. Catherine Galwey
  m. Thomas White of Cork
  C.+ other issue - John (d young), James, Stephen (d 1690, Captain), Walter (b 1657, a 1682)
2. James Galwey of Cork (a 1687)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 ('Galwey) with some support from Commoners (vol 4, 'Galwey of Lota', p681+)
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