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Families covered: Hamilton of Abercorn
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Sir James Hamilton of Donalong, 6th Earl of Abercorn (b c1660/1663, d 28.09.1734)
m. (24.01.1683-4) Elizabeth Reading (b c1668, d 19.03.1754, dau/heir of Sir Robert Reading, Bart of Dublin)
1. James Hamilton, 7th Earl of Abercorn (b 22.03.1685/6, d 11.01.1744, 2nd son)
  m. (26.03.1711) Anne Plumer (bpt 03.07.1690, d 10.08.1776, dau of Colonel John Plumer of Blakesware by Mary, dau of William Hale of King's Walden)
A. James Hamilton, 8th Earl of Abercorn (b 22.10.1712, d unm 09/19.10.1789)
  B. John Hamilton (d 18.12.1755, Captain RN)
  m. (11.1749) Harriet Craggs (d 01.02.1769, dau of James Craggs, Secretary of State, widow of Richard Eliot of Port Eliot)
  i. John James Hamilton, 1st Marquess of Abercorn (b 07.1756, d 27.01.1818)
  m1. (2.06.1779) Catherine Copley (d 13.09.1791, dau of Sir Joseph Copley of Sprotborough)
  a. James Hamilton, 'Viscount Hamilton' (b 07.10.17876, dvp 27.05.1814) had issue§R§
  m. (25.11.1809) Harriet Douglas (d 26.08.1833, dau of Hon. John Douglas, son of 15th Earl of Morton)
  Their elder son was created 1st Duke of Abercorn.
b. Katharine Elizabeth Hamilton (b 1784, d 29.02.1812)
  m. (28.07.1805) George Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen (d 14.12.1860, Prime Minister)
  c.+ other issue - Claud (b 01.11.178, d 1808, MP), Harriot Margaret (b c1782, d 30.04.1803), Catherine Constantia (b 1782, d 1783), Maria (b 1785, d unm 21.01.1814)
  m2. (04.03.1792, div 1799) Cecil Hamilton (dau of George Hamilton) @@ just below
  g. Cecil Frances Hamilton (b 1795, d 07.07.1860)
  m. (16.02.1816) William Howard, 3rd Earl of Wicklow (d 22.03.1869)
  m3. (03.04.1800) Anne Jane Gore (b 04.1763, dsp 03.05.1827, dau of Arthur Saunders Gore, 2nd Earl of Arran, widow of Henry Hatton)
  ii. Anne Hamilton (d unm 04.11.1764)
  C. George Hamilton (b 11.08.1718, d 26.11.1787, Canon of Windsor, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Onslow (d 1800/2, dau of Lt. General Richard Onslow)
  i. Anne Hamilton (b 1755, d 1795)
m. (c1790) F.H.W. Cornewall, Bishop of Worcester
  ii. Elizabeth Hamilton (b 1765)
  m. (1793) Glynn Wynne
  iii. Jane Hamilton of Gilston Park (b 1768, d 26.03.1831)
  m1. (1791) William Plumer of Gilston Park (dsp 1822)
  m2. (1825) Richard John Lewin (Cmdr, NR)
  m3. (16.07.1828, Robert Ward, later Plumer-Ward of Gilston Park (b 1765, d 1847)
  iv. Cecil Hamilton (b 15.03.1770, d 19.06.1819)
  m1. (04.03.1792, div 1799) John James Hamilton, 1st Marquess of Abercorn (b 07.1756, d 27.01.1818) @@ just above
  m2. (23.05.1799) Sir Joseph Copley, Bart (b 1769, d 21.05.1838)
v. Isabella Hamilton (b 1772)
  m. (1795) George Seymour (son of Francis, Marquess of Hertford)
  vi.+ other issue - George (d unm 1782), son (d infant), son (d infant), Mary (b 1756), Harriot (b 1760, d 1788), Catherine (b 1763), Rachel (b 1766)
  D. Anne Hamilton (b 12.06.1715, d 14.12.1792)
  m. (16.08.1746) Sir Henry Mackworth, Bart
  E.+ other issue - William (d young), Plumer (d young), William (b 18.02.1721, d 1744), daughter (b 27.02.1736, d infant)
2. George Hamilton (d 03.05.1775, MP, 6th son)
  m. (10.1719) Bridget Coward (d 24.08.1775, dau/heir of Colonel William Coward of Wells)
  A. Elizabeth Hamilton
m1. (mcrt 30.07.1754) John Cameron of Glenkindy (Colonel)
  m2. Comte de Fay
  B. Bridget Hamilton (d 03.04.1789)
  m. Rev. Thomas Finney
  C. Maria Hamilton (b 07.01.1725, d 22.07.1798)
  m1. Francis Marsh
  m2. (08.06.1756) William Beckford of Fonthill, Lord Mayor of London (a 1768)
  D. Harriot Hamilton (d 1787)
  m. Rev. William Peter
  E. Frances Hamilton (d 1752)
  m. William Tooker of Chilcompton
  F. Rachel Hamilton
  m. Rev. Neville Walter
  G.+ other issue - George (b 1721, d unm), John (b 1726, d unm 12.08.1756, Archdeacon of Raphoe), William (d unm 06.1793, Colonel), James (m2, dsp 1797), Charlotte (d unm)
3. Francis Hamilton (b 1700, d 20.05.1746, rector of Dunlear)
  m. (20.10.1733) Dorothy Forth (d after 03.05.1777, dau/coheir of James Forth of Redwood)
  A.+ issue (d unm) - James (d young), Frances (d after 16.07.1808, before 12.1819)
4. Charles Hamilton of Cobham & Painshill, Surrey (bpt 13.11.1704, d 11.09.1786, MP, 9th son)
  m1. ??
A. Jane Hamilton
  m. (17.05.1750) Edward Moore (d 28.02.1757, author)
  B. daughter
  m. (25.06.1750) Kenton Cowse
  m2. _ Cockburn (dau of David Cockburn of Ayr, MD)
5. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m1. (02.01.1711) William Brownlow of Lurgan (d 27.08.1739, MP)
  m2. (1741) Martin, Comte de Kearnie
6. Mary Hamilton
  m. (01.1719) Henry Colley of Castle Carbery (d 1723, MP)
7. Philippa Hamilton (d 27.01.1767)
  m1. Benjamin Pratt, Dean of Down, Provost of Dublin (dsp 06.12.1721)
  m2. Michael O'Connell of London
  A. John Connell, later O'Connell, of Bristol then London then Brussels (d 1808) probably of this generation, had issue
  m. (1758) Katherine Bisse (b c1740, d 1798, dau of Rev. John Bisse of Weston-super-Mare)
8. Jane Hamilton (d 06.12.1753)
  m. (29.09.1719) Archibald Hamilton of Riccartoun, Pardovan & Confey Castle, Governor of Jamaica (bpt 17.02.1673, d 05.04.1754)
9.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 12.07.1687, d infant), Robert (d infant), John (b c1694, d unm 1714), George (d infant), William (bpt 20.10.1703, d 10.11.1721), Jane (d infant)

Main source(s) (see here): 'HamiltonHistory' (p43+), BP1934 ('Abercorn'), TSP ('Abercorn')
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