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Families covered: Mackenzie of Aberlour, Mackenzie of Belmaduthy, Mackenzie of Culbo, Mackenzie of Flowerburn, Mackenzie in/of Melvaig, Mackenzie of North Erradale, Mackenzie of Pitlundie

Hector Mackenzie in Mellan
m. _ McIver (dau of Donald (or John?) McIver)
1. John Mackenzie of Aberlour (a 1715, d 09.08.1772)
  m. Margaret Mackenzie
  A. Hector Mackenzie of Edinvillie, Aberlour (d 09.03.1732)
  m. (05.05.1721) Elspet Stronach
  i. William Mackenzie of Lyne of Carron (b 26.03.1725, d 06.1813)
  m. (1763) Grizzel Dean of Knockando
  a. William Mackenzie (b 02.03.1769, 2nd son)
  (1) Grace Mackenzie
  b. Thomas Mackenzie (b 12.04.1766, 5th son) had issue
  m. (26.07.1821) Ann Grant (great-granddaughter of Ludovick Grant, grandson of Sir John of Freuchy)
  c. Elspet Mackenzie
m. John MacConnachie of Tombain
  d.+ other issue (dsp) - John (b 28.02.1764, d 1838), James (b 26.05.1771, d 1783), Alexander (b 07.01.1774), Hector (b 08.05.1778, d 1814), James (b 26.09.1785, d 1811, cleric), Margaret (d 1812)
  ii.+ other issue (dsp) - John (b 07.04.1728), Alexander (b 28.02.1731), Margaret
2. Murdoch Mackenzie
  A. Kenneth Mackenzie
3. Duncan Mackenzie
4. Mary Mackenzie
  m. Alastair Mor Mackenzie (son of Alexander Cam son of Alexander of Gairloch) @1@ below



Alexander Mackenzie
m. (1652) Jane Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie of Ord by Isobel Cuthbert)
1. Roderick Mackenzie
  m. Isabella Mackenzie (dau of William Mackenzie of Sand)
  A. Hector Mackenzie of Melvaig
  m. Mary Mackenzie (dau of William Mackenzie of Melvaig)
  i. Alexander Mackenzie in Melvaig
  m. Mary Morrison (dau of Hugh Morrison of Sand)
  a. Alexander Mackenzie had issue
m. Annabella Mackenzie (dau of John Mor Mackenzie) @2@ just below
  ii. Murdoch Mackenzie
  B.+ other issue
2. Alexander ('Alastair Mor Mac Alastair Chaim') Mackenzie
m. Mary Mackenzie (dau of Hector Mackenzie in Mellan) @1@ above
  A. John ('Ian Mor MacAlastair Mhic Alastair Cham') Mackenzie of North Erradale (a 1760)
  m. Barbara Mackenzie (dau of John Roy Mackenzie of Sand)
  i. John Mor Mackenzie of North Erradale
  m. Marsali or Marjory Mackenzie (dau of John Ban Mackenzie of Isle of Ewe by Annabella, natural dau of Sir Alexander Mackenzie, 2nd Bart of Gairloch)
  a. Annabella Mackenzie
  m. Alexander Mackenzie of Melvaig @2@ just above
  b. Margaret Mackenzie
  m. John Mackenzie of Melvaig
  c.+ other issue - Duncan, Murdoch, John, William
  ii.+ other issue - Alexander (d unm), Roderick (had issue), Colin (had issue), Roderick (d unm), John, Kenneth (had isssue)



William Mackenzie of Multafy, 1st of Belmaduthy (d 1658)
m. Mary Cuthbert (d 1658, dau of James Cuthbert of Alterlies & Easter Drakies)
1. Alexander Mackenzie, 2nd of Belmaduthy
  m. Catherine Mackenzie (dau of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Bart of Coul)
  A. William Mackenzie, 3rd of Belmaduthy
  m1. Margaret Rose (dau of Alexander Rose of Clava)
  i. John Mackenzie, 4th of Belmaduthy
  m. Rebecca Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie of Delvine)
  a. William Mackenzie, 5th of Belmaduthy
  m. Maria Lancaster (dau of John Lancaster of Cambridge)
  (1) John Mackenzie, 6th of Belmaduthy had issue
  m. Margaret Hay of Huntingdon
  (2) William Mackenzie (dsp)
  m. _ Hay of Huntingdon
  (3) George Mackenzie (dsp)
  m. _ Lynch
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - Cecilia, Maria, Rebecca
  b. Kenneth Mackenzie in Patna (3rd son) shown a generation earlier by BLG1886
  m. _ Mackenzie
  c. Margaret Mackenzie shown a generation earlier by BLG1886
  d. Rebecca Mackenzie shown a generation earlier by BLG1886
m. John Aird
  ii. George (or John) Mackenzie (d unm)
  iii. Catherine Mackenzie
  m. William Tolmie of Fortrose
  iv. Elizabeth Mackenzie
  m. John Matheson of Bennetsfield
  v. Jean Mackenzie
m. Simon Mackenzie of Scotsburn (d 23.07.1761)
  vi. Isobel Mackenzie
  m. William Mackenzie (d Fort de Quesne 1759)
  m2. Elizabeth Mackenzie (d 1772, dau of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Bart of Scatwell)
  vii. Kenneth Mackenzie in Reading (MD)
  viii. Roderick Mackenzie of Flowerburn
  m. Grace Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Inchcoulter)
BLG1886 moves from this Roderick to his grandson, identified as Roderick Mackenzie of Flowerburn. 'History of the Mackenzies' (p490) shows that the grandson Roderick was son of Roderick's unnamed daughter ...
  a. daughter (of Flowerburn)
  m. _ Kilgour
  (1) Roderick Kilgour, later Mackenzie of Flowerburn (d 1812) had issue
  m. Anne Grant (dau of John Grant of Glenmorrison)
  (2) Elizabeth Townsend Kilgour
ix. Lilias Mackenzie
  m. (1751) Roderick McLeod of Cadboll
  x. daughter not mentioned by BLG1886
  m. _ Fraser of Culduthel
B. Kenneth Mackenzie of Pitlundie
  m. Ann Mackenzie (dau of Hector Mackenzie of Bishop Kinkell, son of Kenneth of Gairloch)
  i. William Mackenzie of Pitlundie & Culbo
  m. ?? Mackenzie (dau of George Mackenzie of Inchcoulter)
  a. George Mackenzie of Pitlundie & Culbo (d 1802, Sheriff Substitute of Ross)
  m. Anne Mackenzie (d 1832, dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Davochmaluag)
  (1) William Mackenzie of Pitlundie & Culbo (d 1866) had issue
m. Margaret Allan (d 1841, dau of Thomas Allan)
  (2) Duncan Henry Mackenzie (d 1834, Major) had issue (who d unm)
  m. Mary Mackinnon (dau of Lachlan Mackinnon of Corry)
  (3) George Mackenzie of Drynie & Dingwall (d 1865)
  m. Catherine Macrae (dau of John Macrae, Sheriff of Dingwall) had issue
  (4) John Mackenzie of Tain (d 1852) had issue (who d unm)
  m. Christian Mackenzie (dau of Captain Kenneth Mackenzie of Kerrisdale, son of Sir Alexander, 3rd Bart of Gairloch)
  (5) Mary Proby Mackenzie (dsp)
  m. Jane Macdonell (WS)
  (6) Elizabeth Mackenzie
  m. Thomas Simson (son of minister of Avoch)
(7)+ other issue (d unm) - Alexander, Kenneth (d 1811, Captain), Anne
  b. William Mackenzie
  c. daughter
  m. Alexander Mackenzie of Cleanwaters
  d. Anne Mackenzie
  m. Roderick Mackenzie of Achvannie
  ii. Margaret Mackenzie
m. (09.09.1728) John Matheson of Attadale
  C. George Mackenzie of Culbo (d 1765)
  m. Mary Forrester (dau of Alexander Forrester of Cullenauld)
  i. Isabel Mackenzie
  m. (James) Fraser of Achnagairn
  ii. Anne Mackenzie
  m. John Mackenzie (Dr.)
  iii. Catherine Mackenzie
m. (1713) John Mackenzie of Gruinard
  D. Anna Mackenzie
  m. Alexander Mackenzie (son/heir of Bernard of Sandylands)
2. Isabel Mackenzie
  m. John Munro of Fayres (probably not Taynes)
3. Catherine Mackenzie (dsp)
  m. Alexander Mackenzie of Logie (Loggie) & Inchcoulter
4. Janet Mackenzie
  m. (1679) Alexander Mackenzie, 7th of Gairloch
5. Jean Mackenzie
  m. Hugh Baillie of Kynmylies (Kinmylies)
6. Mary Mackenzie
  m. Murdoch Mackenzie of Sand

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History of the Mackenzies' (p474+)
(2) For middle section : 'History of the Mackenzies' (p478+)
(3) For lower section : 'History of the Mackenzies' (p485+), BLG1886 ('Mackenzie of Flowerburn')
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