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Families covered: Ramsay of Whitehill

Robert Ramsay of Swynisdene, 1st of Whitehill (b 1430)
1. James Ramsay, 2nd of Whitehill (d 1527)
  A. James Ramsay, 3rd of Whitehill (b 1500, d 1558)
  m. Margaret Hume
  i. James Ramsay, 4th of Whitehill (d 1598)
  a. John Ramsay, 5th of Whitehill
  m. Helen Lindsay
  (1) William Ramsay, 6th of Whitehill (a 1623)
  (2)+ other issue - Margaret, Agnes, Elspeth, Helen
  BLG1952 does not report how the 2nd line of Ramsays of Whitehill connected to the 1st line but reports that William, 6th laird, sold Whitehill "to his kinsman, Simon" and that Simon was "a direct collateral descendant of the first line". Arbitrarily,we show the connection at this generation.
  ii. ?? Ramsay
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Ramsay
(1) Henry Ramsay (dsp?)
  (2) Simon Ramsay, 7th of Whitehill
  m. Elizabeth Stevenson of Hermishiels
  (A) John Ramsay, 8th of Whitehill (d 1653)
  (B) Sir James Ramsay, 1st Bart of Whitehill (b 1618, d 1674)
  m. (1643) Ann Baird (d 1680, dau of James Baird of Newbyth)
(i) Sir John Ramsay, 2nd Bart of Whitehill (b 1645, d 1715)
  m1. (1671) Anna Carstairs (d 1693, dau of John Carstairs of Kilcolnquhar)
  (a) Sir John Ramsay, 3rd Bart of Whitehill (b 1675, dsp 1717)
  m. Marjory Deans
  (b) Sir Andrew Ramsay, 4th Bart of Whitehill (b 1678, d 1721, 3rd son)
  m. (1716) Elizabeth Learmouth (d 1763)
((1)) Sir John Ramsay, 5th Bart of Whitehill (b 1720, d unm)
  ((2)) Anne Ramsay of Whitehill
  m. (1736) Robert Balfour of Balbirnie (b 1698, d 1767)
  Whitehill passed to their 2nd then 3rd sons, who took the name Ramsay but d unm, then, through their daughter to their grandson Robert Wardlaw who changed his surname to Wardlaw-Ramsay.
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas (d 1727), Helen (d 1729)
  (c) Isobel Ramsay (b 1676)
  m. (1694) William Drummond of Hawthornden
(d) Mary Ramsay (b 1682)
  m. (1709) William Preston of Gorton (1733)
  (e)+ other issue - George (b 1677, d 1701), Charles (b 1684), Anna (b 1673)
  m2. Rosina Purves of Woodhouselee
  (h) Euphan Ramsay
  m. (1723) Roger or George Aytoun of Inchdairnie
  (i) Rosina Ramsay (d unm 1759)
  (ii) Bethia Ramsay
  m. (11.1669) David Lindsay of Kirkforthar
  (iii) Mary Ramsay (d 1693)
  m1. John Mason of Rosebank, Roslin
  m2. John Baird
  m3. Henry Bothwell of Glencourse (d 10.02.1735)
  (iv)+ other issue - William, James (b 1663)
  (C) George Ramsay
  (D) Simon Ramsay of Carberry had issue
  m. Agnes Rig (dau of William Rig of Carberry)
2.+ other issue - William of Polton, David

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Wardlaw-Ramsay formerly of Whitehill)
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