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Families covered: Tattershall of Finchampsted, Tattershall of Hilden, Tattershall of Wanstede

John de Tateshall (a 1292)
m. Catherine
1. Roger Tatteshall (a 1373, MP for Lincolnshire)
A. Robert Tattershall of Wanstede & Little Waltham, Essex (bur 1429)
  m. Anne
  i. John Tattershall of Wanstede & Little Waltham and Well Hall & Woolwich (Kent) (d 1446)
  m. Agnes Chichele (dau of John Chichele (Chamberlain of London) & grand-niece of Archbishop Chichele)
  a. Anne Tattershall (b c1439)
  m. Sir Ralph de Hastings (son of Lord Leonard)
  b. Margery Tattershall (b c1436, d 02.02.1518)
  m. John Roper of Swalecliffe
  ii. Richard Tattershall (d 1449)
  a. Robert Tattershall of Hilden (a 1510)
  (1) John Tattershall of Hilden (d 1553)
(A) John Tattershall, last of Hilden
  BLG1847 shows this John as father of the George of Finchampsted who m. Catherine Perkins. However, 'Chronicles of Finchampstead' (William Lyon, 1895, p159+) starts with the father of that George (and follows the line to the sisters who married into the Howard family) and reports that, whilst BLG identifies him as this John, "This does not appear to be correct" and shows the father as the following George. Provisionally, we show this John as brother of the following George but he may have been a cousin.
  (B) George Tattershall (b "between 1515-20")
m. (1562) Anne Welles (dau of Richard Welles, widow of William Parkyns)
  (i) George Tattershall of Stapleford (Wiltshire) then Finchampsted (Berkshire) (b by 1550, d before 1605)
  Visitation (Berkshire, 1665-6, 'Tettershall of Finchamsted' (sic)) starts with this George, identifying his wife as Katherine, dau of (unnamed) Perkins of Ufton. BLG1847 identifies her as Catherine, dau of Francis Perkins of Upton. 'Chronicles' identifies her as ...
  m. Katherine Perkins (dau of William Perkins (Parkyns) of Upton, sister of Francis)
  (a) George Tattershall of Finchampsted (d 1658)
  BLG1847 identifies George's 1st wife Elizabeth as dau of Henry Biggs of Stapleford. 'Chronicles' & Visitation identify her as ...
m1. Elizabeth Biggs (dau of Christopher Biggs (or Bigge) of Stapleford)
  ((1)) George Tattershall of (West Court in) Finchampsted (b 03.1603, a 1680)
  m. Mary Astell (bur 15.06.1660, dau of Henry Astell of Basildon (Hasledon or Bastledon))
  ((A)) Mary Tattershall (d 1695)
  m. Charles Howard of Greystoke (b c1630, d 1713, son of Earl of Arundel & Surrey)
  ((B)) Katherine Tattershall (d 1727)
  m1. Sir Peter Lichford of Dorking
  m2. (14.06.1672) Bernard Howard (b 1641-2, d 1717, son of Earl of Arundel & Surrey)
  ((2)) Mary Tattershall
  m. John Yate of Lyford
  m2. Anne (bur 13.05.1658) mentioned by BLG1847 & 'Chronicles' but not by Visitation
  ((3)) John Tattershall of Hertfordshire mentioned by BLG1847 but not by 'Chronicles'
  ((A)) John Tattershall of Chipsted, Surrey (d 1740, rector of Chipsted)
  m. Frances
  ((i)) John Tattershall of Upper & Lower Gatton & London (b 1711, dsp 1769, cleric)
  m1. Rachel Humphrey (sister/heir of Paul Humphrey of Gatton (MP))
  m2. Mary Maud (dau/heir of James Maud of Chelsfield Court)
  ((ii)) James Tattershall (b 1712, rector of Streatham, Surrey)
  m. Dorothy de Chair (dau of Rev. E. de Chair (royal chaplain), sister of John)
  ((a)) John Tattershall (b 1750, d 1801, rector of Howe, vicar of Harewood & Ledsham, chaplain to King George III)
  m. Sibylla Christian Huswell (d 18.7, dau of Admiral Robert Huswell, widow of Granville Wheler of Otterden Place)
  (((1))) Frances Tattershall
  m. John Baker (rector of Thorp Arch, son of John (MP for Canterbury))
  (((2)))+ other issue - John Cecil (d unm 1812), William (d 1792), Francis (dsp 1822, vicar of Ledsham), Sibylla Maria (d unm 01.01.1812)
  ((b)) James Tattershall (d unm 1791, rector of Tewkesbury)
((c)) William de Chair Tattershall (d 1829, rector of Westbourne & Wotton-under-Edge, chaplain to King George III)
  m. Mary Ward (dau of George Ward of Wandsworth Hall)
  (((1))) James Tattershall
  m. Louisa Justamond (widow of Lt. Col. _ Taylor)
  (((2))) George Tattershall (cleric) had issue
  m. Charlotte Johnstone (dau of Colonel ?? Johnstone, son of Captain Joshua by Elizabeth, dau of Cadwallader, 7th Lord Blayney)
  (((3))) John Tattershall had issue
  m. Charlotte Cooper (dau of George Cooper)
  (((4))) Jane Tattershall (d 1842)
  m. Granville Hastings Wheler of Otterden Place & Ledstone Hall
  ((d)) Jane Tattershall
m. John Baker of Hawkhurst (MP)
  ((e)) Dorothy Tattershall
  m. Thomas Rackett (rector of Spilsbury)
  ((f)) Frances Tattershall
  m. Sir John Brewer Davis of Hawkhurst & London
  (((1))) Horatio Davis
  m. (1823) Frances James (dau of Sir Walter James, Bart, by Jane, sister of John (Pratt), Marquess Camden)
  m2. ??
  ((g)) Thomas William Tattershall (d unm 1792)
  ((iii))+ 2 sons (dsp)
  (b) Elizabeth Tattershall
  m. John Doncastle of Binfield
  (ii) Constance Tattershall (d 1610)
  Visitation & BLG1847 show Constance a generation later, as sister of Elizabeth. 'Chronicles' suggests that, "for reasons given" by another source, "it seems more probable she was" of this generation.
  m. William Smith of Hardwick (b c1527, d 1627)

Main source(s): BLG1847 ('Tattershall, or Tattersall, of Lincolnshire, Essex, Kent, and Surrey') with support as reported above
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