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Families covered: Roper of Brenley, Roper of St. Dunstan's (Canterbury), Roper of Eltham, Roper of Well Hall

William Musard of Miserden, later Rosper or de Rubra Spatha (a temp Henry III 1216-1272)
m. Elnith (dau of Thomas Appledore of Dean Court)
1. Edwin or Adam Roper
  The Visitation starts with this Edwin. Collins calls him Adam.
  A. Adam Roper
  Of the following children, Thomas & John are mentioned by Collins, Edmund & Thomas & Agnes by the Visitation.
  i. Edmund Roper (prior of Billingston)
  ii. Thomas Roper
  m. _ Apledore (dau of Thomas Apledore)
a. Ralph Roper of St. Dunstan's, Canterbury
  m. Beatrix Lewkenor (dau of Sir Thomas Lewkenor)
  (1) John Roper of Canterbury
  (A) Edmund Roper (dvpsp)
  m. Catharine
  (2) Edmund Roper (d 11.12.1433)
(A) John Roper of Swacliff
  m. Margery Tattershall (d 02.02.1518, dau of John Tatershall by Agnes Chicheley)
  (i) John Roper of Eltham Well Hall (a 07.04.1524, Attorney General)
  m. Jane Fineux (dau of Sir John Fineux of Swingfield by Elizabeth Apulderfeld)
  (a) William Roper of Eltham (b 1495/8, d 04.01.1577/8)
  The following is supported by the ThomasMoreStudies source here.
  m. (02.07.1521) Margaret More (b 1505, d 25.12.1564, dau of Sir Thomas More, Lord Chancellor)
  ((1)) Thomas Roper of Eltham (b 1533, d 1567)
  m. Lucia Browne (d 1607, dau of Sir Anthony Browne of Battle Abbey & Cowdray Park)
((A)) (Sir) William Roper of Eltham and St. Dunstan's
  m. Catherine Browne (d 1616, dau of Sir Humphrey (not Anthony) Browne of Ridley Hall)
  ((i)) Anthony Roper of Well Hall (b 1583, d 1643)
  m1. Mary Gerrard (d 1622, dau of William Gerrard of Trent)
  ((a)) Mary Roper
  m2. Dorothy or Catherine Holte (dau of Sir Thomas Holte of Ashton)
  ((b))+ other issue - Anthony, Elizabeth
  m3. (Margaret) Compton (dau of Sir Henry Compton of Bramble Tye)
  ((d)) Edward Roper of Well Hall, Eltham & St. Dunstan's (b 1641)
m. (1666) Katherine Butler (dau of James Butler of Amberley Castle)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Roper (a 1700)
  m. Edward (Charles) Henshaw of Hampshire, later of Well Hall in Eltham
  BHO (Environs of London, vol 4 (Counmties of Hers, Essex & Kent), Eltham) reports that they had the following 3 daughters.
  (((A))) Catherine Henshaw
  m. (sp) William Strickland
  (((B))) Elizabeth or Mary Henshaw
  m. Sir Edward Dering, Bart
  (((C))) Susannah Henshaw
  m. Sir Rowland Wynne, Bart
(((2)))+ other issue (d young) - Edward (b c1672, d 25.04.1707), Lennard, Katharine, Margaret
  ((e)) Anne Roper (b 1640, d unm)
  ((ii)) Thomas Roper (b 1585, d 1647)
  m. (1621) Susan Winchcombe (dau of John Winchcombe of Henwick by Mary Verrey)
  ((a))+ issue - William, Francis, Thomas, George, Mary, Margaret, Frances
  ((iii)) Anne (probably not Mary) Roper (b 1587, d 1648)
  m. Sir Philip Constable, 1st Bart of Everingham (b 1595, d 1664)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Martha Roper probably the Martha who married ...
  m. Thomas Watton of Addington (d 16.09.1622)
((C)) Catherine Roper
  m. Edward Bwntly
  ((D))+ other issue - Henry, Frances, Charles, Thomas, Philip, Mary, Frances,, BMabel
  ((2)) Anthony Roper of Farningham (b 1544, d 1597)
  m. Anne Cotton (dau of Sir John Cotton of Landwade by Isabel Spencer)
  ((A)) Isobel Roper (d 1622)
  m. Sir Thomas Wiseman of Rivenhall
  ((B))+ other issue - Sir Anthony, John, Henry, Jane
((3)) Elizabeth Roper (b 1523, d 1560)
  m1. (sp) John Stephenson
  m2. Sir Edward Bray of Shere (d 1581)
  ((4)) Margaret Roper (b c1526, d 1578)
  m. Sir William Dawtrey of Moor House (d 1591)
  ((5)) Mary Roper (b by 1531, d 20.03.1573)
  m1. (sp) Stephen Clarke (d 1554)
  m2. James Basset (b 1523, d 21.11.1557/8)
  (b) Christopher Roper of Badmangore and Linsted (d 04.1559)
  m. Elizabeth Blore (dau of Christopher Blore of Rainham and Teynham)
  (c) Eleanor (Helen) Roper (d 05.1563)
  m1. John Moreton
  m2. Sir Edmund Montague (d 10.02.1556-7, Lord Chief Justice)
  m3. Sir John Digby
(d) Elizabeth Roper
  m1. John Pilborow
  m2. Leonard Saunders
  (e) Margaret Roper
  m. Henry Appleton of Dartford
  (f) Anne Roper (bur 08.03.1572/3)
  m. (1529) Sir Edward Maddison (not Mackson)
  (g) Elizabeth Roper
  m. Sir John Dawney
  (h) Agnes Roper (nun)
(ii) Thomas Roper of Brenley
  Collins places this Thomas here. The Visitation shows him ## below.
  (iii) Robert Roper in Norfolk
  (iv) Margery or Alice Roper
  m. John Boys of Nonyngton
  (B) Thomas Roper (dsp)
  (C) Edmund Roper
(i) Thomas Roper of Brenley see ## above
  m. Alicia Toke (dau of William Toke)
  (a) John Roper of Brenley
  ((1)) Elizabeth Roper
  m. Robert Eyre of Derbyshire
  (b) Benneta Roper
  m. John Ramsey
  (D) Agnes Roper
  Visitation shows Agnes as a generation earlier (dau of Ralph) but the Colepeper records identify her father as Edmund and this appears to be supported by the dates.
  m. Walter Colepeper of Bedgebery (d 1462)
  iii. John Roper (a temp Edward 1327-1377)
  iv. Agnes Roper
  m. Simon Kennett
2. John Rousper

Main source(s): Collins (1741, vol IV, Roper, Lord Teynham), Visitation (Kent, 1619, Roper), BP1934 (Teynham)
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