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John (Dovington or) Donnington or Donington of Donnington, Yorkshire, and/or Stoke Newington, Middlesex
m. Elizabeth Pye
1. Margaret Donington or Donnington (b c1509, d 20.12.1561)
  m1. Sir Thomas Kitson of Hengrave (d 11.09.1540)
  m2. (Sir Richard Long of Shengay (d 29.09.1546)
  m3. John Bourchier, 2nd Earl of Bath (b c1499, d 10.02.1560)



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John Mules of Yarishborough
m1. Elizabeth
1. Isabella Mules
  m. John Dabernon or Dabarnon of Dunsland (son of John by Thamsine, dau/heir of Robert Cade of Dunsland)
  A. Elizabeth Dabernon
  m. John Batyn @@ below
  B. Johanna Dabernon
  m. John Gifford
2. Alice Mules
  m. _ Gilbert
  A. William Gilbert
m2. Johanna (m2. Sir John Norby)



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William Battin or Battyn of Exeter
1. John Battin
  m. Elizabeth Dabernon (dau of John Dabernon of Dunsland) @@ above
A. Robert Battin
  Visitation has 2 sections which cover this family. One includes this generation but the other omits it. Vivian includes it.
  m. ?? (dau of Gilbert alias Webber)
  i. Robert Battin
  m. Johanna Walrond (dau of John Walrond of Wood)
  a. Humphrey Battin or Battyn of Dunsland (d 15.11.1522)
  m. Catherine Carminow (dau of John Carminow or Carmenow of Fentengollan (Ventengollam))
  (1) Phillipa Battin
  m1. John Arscott of Arscott & Holsworthy (b c1494, d 01.05.1563)
  m2. William Holland of Sheepwash
  (2)+ other issue - Johanna, Maria
  b. John Battin or Battyn



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William Ward of Gisborough, Yorkshire
1. William Ward of Gisborough
  m. Frances Vincent (dau of Sir Francis Vincent, Bart of Stoke Daberon)
  A. Mary Ward (d 1754, heir)
  m. (24.09.1741) Sir George Jackson, later Duckett of Hartham House, 1st Bart (b c1725, d 15.12.1822)
2. Hannah Ward (d 1769, 7th dau)
  m. George Jackson of Richmond, Yorkshire (b 1686, d 1758)



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Andrew Blake of Fortygar & Castle Grove (Castlegrove)
Andrew is identified in BIFR1976 ('Blake', p120) as ancestor of Blakes of Castlegrove, Netterville and Canada.
m. (c1630s/40s) Elizabeth Blake (dau of Sir Thomas Blake, 3rd Bart of Menlough Castle) probably husband of this Andrew, presumed mother of ...
1. ?? Blake
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  A. Andrew Blake of Castle Grove
  m. (1723) Sibilla Blake (dau of Martin Blake of Cummer & Ballyglunin)
  Possibly parents of both the following Andrew & Dominick who were possibly of the same generation - but possibly not!
  i/ii. Andrew Blake of Castle Grove
  m. Isabella Knox (dau of John Knox of Castlerea, widow of Xaverius Blake of Dunmacrina & Oranmore (who d 1784))
  ii/i. Dominick Blake of Castle Grove
m. Elizabeth Hoare (b c1750s, dau of Sir Joseph Hoare, 1st Bart of Annabella, m2. Colonel James Bulkeley)
  Either Andrew or Dominck were probably father of ...
  a. Dominick Blake of Castle Grove
  m1. Frances Netterville (d 1764, dau of Nicholas Netterville, 5th Viscount of Dowth (who b 1708/9))
  (1) Andrew Blake of Castle Grove probably of this generation
  (A) Frances Blake (d 15.04.1815, m2. Louisa Bagot Sneyd)
  m. (04.06.1804) John D'Arcy of Kiltulla & Clifden Castle (b 1785, d 1839, m2. Louisa Bagot Sneyd)
  (2) Edward Blake of Castlegrove father of John, possibly of this generation
  (A) John Netterville Blake ("nephew of John, 6th Viscount Netterville")
  m. (22.06.1840) Anna Nixon (dsp 15.09.1841, dau of George Nixon of Nixon Hall)
  (3) Catherine Blake probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. (by 1799) Anthony Atkinson (d 1815)
The following information comes from https://landedestates.ie/estate/1239.
  (4) Netterville Blake (2nd son) ancestor of Blake of Newborough
  (A) Arthur Netterville Blake of Kilcloghan House (3rd son)
  (B) James Netterville Blake of Newborough
  (C)+ 12 other children
  m2. ??
  (5) ?? Blake ancestor of Blake of Canada
  The undermentioned Catharine was identified as "grand-dau. of Dominick Blake, of Castle Grove, by his wife, dau of Sir Joseph Hoare, Bart.".
  iii. son or daughter
  a. Catharine
  m. Myles Burke of Ower

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