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Milestone reached

We have reached the milestone of having launched 6,000 pages into the database. That is made up of 5,842 pages in the main section of the database, that on British families in Medieval Renaissance & Modern periods, plus 94 'Continentals' (Medieval & Renaissance) and 64 'Ancient & Mythical'. It excludes 198 draft & temporary files (196 in the British section, 2 in the Continental) much of which could be launched into the main part of the database albeit often as sections within 'miscellaneous' pages.

Is there an end in sight? No! Strangely enough, you may think, one of the things that has kept me going with the database, and which encourages me to want to keep working on it for many years to come, is that it is a never-ending subject with almost limitless scope for expansion and improvement. However, the main thing that keeps me working on it is that it is something that should last for the long-term and which is under my own control. Having spent many years during my 'main' career working (very hard) for other people on things that were not under my own control and that subsequently were closed down or otherwise were lost, with almost nothing left to show for it all, this site represents something that should last and which I can keep improving. Sometimes the improvement is substantial, sometimes it is trivial, but every bit of work on the database improves it. That provides some satisfaction and also the incentive to keep...