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I have today been watching, on TV, the State Funeral of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. This is just a temporary note to advise you that, in a few days' time, I shall release a page that will pay tribute to both The Queen and The King whilst providing some comment on Constitutional Monarchy.

Life is much about obtaining Memories. I think that I will hold-on for a long time to the memory of today's Funeral and, indeed, to various other events relating to Her Majesty The Queen. I heard of her death, on Thursday 8th September, whilst on holiday on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords, on board 'Queen Mary 2'. The Captain interrupted our dinner to announce that Her Majesty had died. That was an occasion to be remembered, as was the memorial service given later that day which included my first singing of 'God Save the King'. I am not an ardent Royalist but I am certainly a Royalist inasmuch as I view Constitutional Monarchy as by far the best way of having a Head of State. A significant caveat to that is that it applies only as long as the role is taken very seriously and with true humility by the Royal Family. We in the UK have been blessed by having a succession of monarchs who dedicated their lives to just that, a recent exception being succeeded by exceptional people. In the eyes of millions, Queen Elizabeth was truly exceptional. In the...