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Families covered: Annesley Earl Annesley, Annesley of Bletchingdon (Bletchington), Annesley of Eydon
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Francis Annesley of Clogmaghericatt (renamed Castle Wellan), co. Down (b 23.01.1628)
m. (29.12.1662) Deborah Jones (d 04.09.1672, dau of Henry Jones, Bishop of Meath)
1. Francis Annesley of Thorganby (bpt 24.10.1663, d 07.08.1750)
  m1. (05.07.1695) Elizabeth Martin (dau of Sir Joseph Martin of London)
  A. Francis Annesley (d 01.05.1740, rector of Winwick in Lancashire)
m1. (div 1725) Elizabeth Sutton
  m2. Anne Gayer (dau of Sir Robert Gayer of Stoke Poges by Elizabeth, dau/heir of James, 2nd Earl of Anglesey)
  i. Arthur Annesley of Bletchingdon or Bletchington, Oxfordshire (b 1733, bur 18.02.1773)
  m. Elizabeth Baldwin (bur 18.05.1783, dau of Charles Baldwin of Arguileth or Aqualate or Aquilett)
a. Arthur Annesley of Bletchingdon (b 1760, d 20.01.1841)
  m. (01.02.1785) Catharine Hardy (dau/heir of Admiral Sir Charles Hardy)
  (1) Arthur Annesley, 10th Viscount Valentia (b 30.11.1785, d 30.12.1863) had issue
  ## Arthur inherited the Viscountcy from his distant cousin George.
  m. (12.08.1808) Eleanor O'Brien (d 10.06.1843, dau of Henry O'Brien of Blatherwycke Park by Margaret Flenary)
  (2) Catherine Elizabeth Annesley (bpt 27.11.1791, d 30.07.1859)
m. (04.05.1814) John Evelyn Boscawen (b 1790, d 12.04.1851, vicar of Ticehurst, son of George, 3rd Viscount Falmouth)
  (3) Barbara Caroline Annesley (d 05.11.1883)
  m. (15.10.1814) Thomas Tyrwhitt-Drake of Shardeloes (d 21.03.1852)
  (4) Mary Annesley (bpt 09.02.1800, d 19.11.1827)
  m. John Tyrwhitt-Drake (d 26.06.1860, rector of Amersham)
  (5)+ other issue - Charles of Eydon Hall (b 26.12.1787, d 26.09.1863, rector of Sawtrey St. Andrew), Francis (bpt 01.03.1789, d 1811), James (bpt 03.11.794, bur 11.11.1822), George Martin (bpt 21.10.1798, d 1824), Henry William (bpt 06.06.1805, bur 08.06.1805), Charlotte Anne (b c1794, bur 08.02.1806), Lucy Susan (bpt 26.01.1802, d unm 03.1868)
  b. Anne Annesley shown this generation by BP1934 ('Valentia'), a generation earlier by Baker
  m. (16.03.1784) Charles Warde of Squerries
c.+ other issue - Francis of Eydon (b 1763, d unm 13.12.1831, rector of Sawtrey St. Andrew), Elizabeth (bpt 14.02.1762, bur 27.09.1789)
  ii. Francis Annesley of Eydon (dsp 28.02.1811, rector of Chedzey in Someset)
  m. Mary Walker (d 16.01.1811, dau of John Walker of Bicester)
iii. James Annesley (d/bur 09.12.1777)
  B. Martin Annesley (bpt 12.10.1701, d 06.1749, rector of Frilsham, 3rd son)
  m. (12.12.1732) Mary Hanbury (dau of William Hanbury of Little Marcle by Frances Cotton)
  The following has been supplemented by information from BEB1841 ('Cotton of Connington').
  i. Arthur Henry Annesley (vicar of Chewton, 2nd son)
  a. Arthur Annesley of Clifford Chambers (b 30.10.1769, d 09.02.1845, minister) had issue
  m. (14.01.1800) Elizabeth Vere Tyndale (d 15.06.1865, dau of George Booth Tyndale)
  ii. Katherine Annesley
  m. Rev. Dr. Trollop
  iii. Elizabeth Annesley
m. (20.06.1771) George Booth Tyndale of Bathford (b 08.09.1743, d 28.12.1779)
  v.+ other issue - Francis (d 1812, MP), William, Martin, James, Mary
  C. William Annesley of Clogh (co. Downe), 1st Viscount Glerawley (b 1709, d 12.09.1770, 6th son)
  m. (16.08.1738) Anne Beresford (d 12.05.1770, dau of Marcus Beresford, 1st Earl of Tyrone)
  i. Francis Charles Annesley, 1st Earl Annesley (b 27.11.1740, dspl 19.12.1802)
  m. (08.02.1766) Mary Grove (d 25.08.1791, dau of Richard Grove of Ballyhimmock by Mary, dau of Richard Rylands of Dungarvan)
  p1. Dorothy McIlroy
  a.+ 4 sons (b before 08.1791)
p2. Sophia (wife of _ Connor)
  e.+ other issue - son (b by 08.1791?, d young), George de la Poer Beresford (b c1798, bur 18.02.1814), Francis Charles (d 09.03.1803)
ii. Richard Annesley, 2nd Earl Annesley (b 14.04.1745, d 09.11.1824)
  m. (25.09.1771) Anne Lambert (d 30.06.1832, dau of Robert Lambert of Dunlady)
  a. William Richard Annesley, 3rd Earl Annesley (b 16.07.1772, d 25.08.1838) had issue
  m1. (19.05.1803, div 1821) Isabella St. Lawrence (d 04.1827, dau of William St. Lawrence, 2nd Earl of Howth)
  m2. (15.07.1828) Priscilla Cecilia Moore (d 29.03.1891, dau of Hugh Moore of Eglantine)
  b. Robert Annesley (b 01.06.1773, d 21.04.1825) had issue
  m. Mary Anne Gandon (d 31.03.1845, dau of James Gandon of Canon Brook)
  c. Arthur Annesley, later Grove-Annesley of Ballyhimmock (b 09.11.1774, d 07.11.1849, Lt. General) had issue
  m. (28.12.1814) Elizabeth Mahon (d 26.02.1863, dau of John Mahon of Besborough)
  d. Catherine Annesley (d 17.07.1830)
  m. (1801) Sir Neale O'Donnel, Bart
  e. Anna Maria Annesley (dsp 1835)
m. Rev. G.H. McDowell-Johnstone of Ballywilhill House
  iii. William Annesley, Dean of Down (b 03.03.1747, d 11.06.1817)
  m. Jane Digby (d 02.04.1861, dau of John Digby of Landenstown)
  a. Marcus John Annesley of Oakley Park (b 02.06.1782, d 15.10.1858) had issue
  m1. (12.1803) Caroline Smith (d 08.07.1852, dau of Ferdinando Smith of the Grange)
  m2. (01.09.1853) Frances (dsp 01.09.1853, relict of Lambert Middleton)
  b. William Annesley of Ardilea (b 10.12.1783, d 10.12.1859, minister) had issue
m. (08.02.1806) Frances Elizabeth Reynell (d 09.01.1855, dau of John Reynell of Ballinaleck)
  iv. Catherine Annesley (d 23.11.1770)
  m. (24.07.1760) Arthur Saunders Gore, 2nd Earl of Arran (b 25.07.1734, d 08.10.1809)
  D. Elizabeth Annesley
  m. William Macguire of Dublin
  E.+ other issue - Henry (d 1728), John (d unm), James (d unm bur 22.07.1768), Arthur (bur 18.01.1786, of Lincoln's Inn), Deborah (d unm)
  m2. (07.1732) Elizabeth Cropley (dsp 20.05.1736, dau of John Cropley of Rochester)
  m3. (31.08.1737) Sarah Sloane (dsp, dau of William Sloane of Portsmouth, sister of Sir Hans)
2. Jane Annesley (d 1748)
  m. James Baille of co.Downe
3. Deborah Annesley
  m. Rev. Charles Ward (b 1662, d 1724)
4. Anne Annesley
  m. Henry Wood
5.+ other issue (dsp) - Arthur, Henry, Mary (d infant), Catherine (d infant)

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Valentia'), BP1934 ('Annesley'), 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Annesley of Bletchingdon, co. Oxon, and of Eydon', p503), Commoners (vol 1, 'Annesley of Bletchingdon', p8+)
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