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Families covered: Jones (Bishops in Ireland), Jones (later Hamilton-Jones) of Moneyglass

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Lewis Jones, Bishop of Killaloe (b c1560, d 02.11.1646)
Wikipedia ("Lewis Jones (bishop)"), which identifies Lewis's 5 sons, reports that he married a young wife at the age of 60. She must have been Lewis's 2nd wife as the Wikipedia articles on his sons identify their mother as ...
m1. Mabel Ussher (sister of James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland)
3. Henry Jones, Bishop of Clogher then Meath (b c1605, d 05.01.1681/2)
Wikipedia ("Henry Jones (bishop)") gives little information on Henry's family but notes that he married a niece of Archbishop James Ussher, who must therefore have been his cousin, and mentions that he had "several children", mentioning only 1 of them, Mary. Wikipedia ("Michael Jones (soldier)") reports that the heir of Henry's brother Michael was Michael, son of Henry's 1st wife (who was Michael's step-daughter), Mary Culme. We hope in due course to determine whether or not Mary was the Archbishop's niece mentioned by Wikipedia or was a 2nd wife.
  m(1). Mary Culme (dau of Sir Hugh Culme by Mary) mother of Michael, possibly also of the daughters
  A. Michael Jones
  B. Mary Jones 
  m. Sir Henry Piers, 1st Bart of Tristernagh (d 19.09.1691)
  C. Deborah Jones (d 04.09.1672) probably of this generation
  m. (29.12.1662) Francis Annesley of Clogmaghericatt (Castle Wellan) (b 23.01.1628)
  C. Jane Jones probably of this generation
  m. Sir Philip Coote of Mount Coote
  D. Elizabeth Jones possibly of this generation
m1. John Cusack of Kilkishen (d 20.11.1717)
  m2. Thomas Studdert of Bunratty Castle (b 1696)
2. Michael Jones, Governor of Dublin (b 1606, d 10.12.1649, Lt. General) details from Wikipedia ("Michael Jones (soldier)")
  m. (02.1646, sp) Mary (d 1661, widow of Sir Hugh Culme)
3. Oliver Jones (b c1612, d 1664, Lt. Colonel, MP) details from Wikipedia ("Oliver Jones (Irish MP)")
  A. Ambrose Jones (dsp?)
  B. Rebecca Jones
  m. Rev. John Congreve of Kilmacow
4. Sir Theophilus Jones, later in Osbertstown (b by 1610, d 02.01.1685, Lt. Colonel) details from Wikipedia ("Theophilus Jones (soldier)")
  m. Alicia Ussher (b 1625, d 1690, dau of Sir Arthur Ussher, cousin)
  A. Judith Jones
  m. Francis Butler (b 1634, d 1702, MP)
  B.+ other issue - Arthur, Mabella
5. Ambrose Jones, Bishop of Kildare (d 15.12.1678) date from Wikipedia ("Ambrose Jones") which does not mention that he married ...
  m. Elizabeth Webbe (d 28.0.1673, dau of George Webbe, Bishop of Limerick)
6. Alice Jones probably of this generation
  m. Richard Ashe of Somerstown (d 21.06.1659)
m2. (c1620) ??



Morres Jones of Ystrad (a temp Charles II who r. 1660-1685)
1. ?? Jones
  A. Morres Jones 'of Moneyglass" (d 15.09.1735)
  m. Anne Dobbyn (dau of Captain William Dobbyn of Duneane House by Sarah, sister of "French John" O'Neill of SHane's Castle)
  i. Thomas Morres Jones ("Bumper Squire Jones") of Carolan's Muse (d 12.1769)
m. (07.06.1740) Elizabeth Cope (dau of Robert Cope of Loughgall)
  a. Robert Morres Jones (d unm 1775)
  b. Thomas Morres Jones of Ivybrook (b 1746, d 27.05.1818)
  m. (1770) Letitia Hamilton 'of Money Glass' of Glenawly (d c1814)
  (1) Thomas Morres Hamilton Jones (dsp 1807, captain, 2nd son)
m. (06.1804) Mariane Nixon (dau of Humphrey Nixon of Nixon Lodge, son of Rev. Andrew, m2. Edward Hudson)
  (2) Kenrick Morres Jones, later Hamilton-Jones (b 1785, d 31.03.1830) had issue
  m. (1818) Mabella Hill (d 09.05.1868, dau of Major Charles Hill of Bellaghy Castle, m2. Lt. Col. Arthur Kennedy of Cultra)
  (3) Elizabeth Jones
  m.(1809) Mark Kerr O'Neill of Flowerfield (grandson of Felix O'Neill of Neil's Brook)
  (4) Mary Jones
  m. Rev. William Babington
  (5) Ann Jones
  m. _ Mitchell (captain)
  (6) Britannia Jones
  m. (11.06.1807) Humphrey Stewart Nixon (captain, nephew of Sir John Stewart, Bart)
  (7) Emma Jones
  m. Alexander O'Hara
  (8) Letitia Jones
m. Henry O'Hara
  (9) Harriet Jones (d 04.1868)
  m. Rev. Charles Henry Crookshank
  (10) Helen Jones (d 29.03.1869)
  m. Alexander McManus of Mount Davy's (captain)
  (11)+ other issue - William Morres (dsp), Robert Morres (d unm 06.1794)
  ii. Mary Jones (d 01.03.1755)
  iii. Anne Jones (d 09.04.1765) probably the Anne who married ...
  m. Henry Malone of Ballynahown

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