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Families covered: Brune of Athelhampton, Bruyn (Brun) of South Ockenden, Brune of Plumber

Sir William Bruyn or le Brune or le Brun of Ranston, etc. (d 03.1300-1, Chamberlain to King Edward I)
Commoners identifies William's wife as Isolda, dau/heir of Philip Rockley of Okenden, and his son Maurice's wife as Matilda, dau/heir of Sir Philip Rokelle. Noting that Berry identifies Maurice's wife's family name as de la Rockell or Rockley, which VCH shows to have been 'de la Rochelle', we suspect that Commoners has confused Isolda's family with that of his daughter-in-law and so follow Berry & TCP in identifying William's wife merely as ...
m. Isolda/Isolde (d 1307-8)
1. Sir Maurice Bruyn or le Brune, Lord Brun (b before 1279, d 17.03.1354/5)
  VCH, which reports that most of its information on the Brun or Bruyn descent comes from TCP, reports that, although Maurice was summoned to Parliament "and is thus held to have become Lord Bruyn, ... none of his descendants was so summoned". Visitation (Dorset, 1623, Brune-1) inserts an additional generation here, a Maurice father of the following William, but he is not mentioned by any of the other sources.
m. (by 1300) Maud/Matilda de la Rochelle (b c1286, dau of Philip de la Rochelle by Joan)
  A. Sir William Bruyn or le Brune (b before 1315, d 24.02.1361/2)
  m. Alice Layer (a 1386, dau of Richard Layer or le Lacer or Lazer (by Julian), alderman of London, m2. Sir Robert Marney of Layer Marney)
i. Sir Ingelgram or Ingram Bruyn or le Brune of South Ockenden (b 06.12.1353, d 08.1400)
  m. Elizabeth de la Pole (d 1407, dau of Edmund de la Pole by Elizabeth de Haudlo)
  a. Sir Maurice Bruyn or le Brun of South Ockenden, Sheriff (b 14.09.1386, d 08.11.1466)
  m. Elizabeth Radford (d 1471, dau of Sir Henry Radford or Retford of Irby)
  (1) Sir Henry Bruyn or le Brun of South Ockenden (dvp 30.11.1461)
  m. Elizabeth Darcy (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Darcy of Malden/Maldon)
  (A)/(B) Elizabeth Bruyn or le Brun (d 07.03.1493/4)
m1. (before 17.02.1461/2) Thomas Tyrell or Tirrell of South Ockenden
  m2. (before 04.11.1475) Sir William Brandon
  m3. (after 1485) William Mallory or Mallery (probably not Malvis) (d before 1494)
  (B)/(A) Alice Bruyn or le Brun (d 15.02.1472/3)
  m1. (before 17.02.1461/2) John Berners
  (i) John Berners (dsp before 1494)
  m2. Robert Harleston of Shimpling (d Barnet 03.07.1471)
  m3. Sir John Heveningham of Heveningham
  (2) Thomas Brune - continued below
  m. Elizabeth (cousin/coheir of William Sturmy of Wolf Hall)
  (3) Jane (Johanna) Bruyn
  m. John Diggs of Diggs Court
  b. Richard Brune
  c. Joanna Brune (a 1371)
  m. Thomas de Overton



Thomas Brune - continued above
m. Elizabeth (cousin/coheir of William Sturmy of Wolf Hall)
1. John Brune (a 1554)
  m. Anne Tichburne (dau of Michael Tichburne of Tichburne)
  A. Sir John Brune
  m. Jane Bampfield (m2. Charles Wingfeild)
  i. Henry Brune of Charlton, Athelhampton, etc. (bur 02.03.1594/5)
m. Elizabeth Martin (dau/coheir of Nicholas Martin of Athelhampton by Margaret, dau/coheir of John Wadham of Merrifield)
  a. Sir John Brune 'of Athelhampton' (b c1577, dsp (sb dspm?) 28.03.1639)
  m. Bridget Seymour (dau of Sir Edward Seymour, Bart of Berry Pomeroy)
  (1) Mary Brune possibly of this generation
  m. John Webb of St. Giles-in-the Fields
  b. Charles Brune of Athelhampton (b c1587, d 17.10.1637)
m. Mary Coker (b c1604, d 26.04.1636, dau of Robert Coker of Mapower)
  (1) John Brune of Athelhampton (d 24.03.1645/6)
  m. Mary Hooper (dau of Edward Hooper of Boveridge)
  (A) Mary Bruen
  m. Sir Ralph Bankes of Corfe Castle (d c1679)
  (2) Charles Brune of Plumber, Sheriff of Dorset (b c1631, d before 20.11.1703)
  m1. Margaret Dennis (dau of John Dennis of Pucklechurch)
  (A) John Brune (b c1667, dsp)
  (B) Mary Brune
m. William Lewys
  m2. (c12.1674) Jane Collier (dau of Henry Collier of Hermitage (Collyer of Armitage))
  (C) Charles Brune of Plumber (d before 04.01.1726/7)
  m. Betty Jefferey (dau/heir of _ Jefferey of Bagborough)
  (i) Charles Brune of Plumber (dsp 1770)
  (ii) Betty Brune
  m. Neville Morton Pleydell of Shitterton (d 1774)
(iii)+ other issue (dsp) - John, Henry, James
  (D) Jane (Jenny) Brune (bpt 25.08.1680)
  (E) Elizabeth (Betty) Brune (d 05.03.1765)
  m. William Weston of Callow Weston
  c. Nicholas Brune
  d. Elizabeth Brune
  m. John Scrope of Castlecomb
  e. Mary Brune
  m. John Hall of Bradford
  f. Grace Brune
m. (22.09.1614) Sir Edward Lawrence of Creech Grange
  g. Anne Brune
  m. Edward Daccombe of Corfe Castle
  ii. Stephen Brune
  iii. Jane Brune
  m. _ Rugg
  B. Elizabeth Brune
  m. Henry Bickley
2. William Brune (a temp Henry VII who r. 1485-1509)
  m. Catherine Ringborne (dau/heir of William Ringborne of Purley)
  A. Thomas Brune (dsp)
  m. Anna Disney (dau of William Disney, m2. William Williams) ## see here ##

Main source(s): Commoners (vol I, Prideaux-Brune of Place), Visitation (Dorset, 1623, Brune (2 entries)) with support for the upper section from Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1838, Bruyn), VCH (Essex, vol 7, Parishes: South Ockendon), TCP (vol 2, pp355+) and support for the lower section from Visitation (Dorset, 1677, Brune)
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