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Families covered: Early Lords of Galloway and Earls of Carrick

Said by some to have descended from King Fergus MacErc was...
Fergus, Lord of Galloway (d 1161)
m. daughter of Henry I, King of England
1. Uchtred, Lord of Galloway
  m. Gunnild (dau of Waldeve of Dunbar, Lord of Allerdale)
  A. Lochlan of Galloway (d c1165)
  B. Roland, Lord of Galloway, Constable of Scotland (d 19.12.1200)
m1. Elena / Eva de Morville (d 11.06.1217, dau of Richard de Morville, Constable of Scotland)
  i. Alan, Lord of Galloway, Constable (d 1234)
  m1. ?? of the Isles (dau of Reginald, Lord of the Isles)
  a. daughter (d c06.1314)
  b. Elena of Galloway HJY
  m. Roger de Quincy, 2nd Earl of Winchester (d 25.04.1264) HJY
m2. (1209) Margaret of Huntingdon (dau of David 'Etherington', Earl of Huntingdon)
  c. Thomas of Galloway (dvpsp)
  d. Christina of Galloway (dsp 1245-6)
  m. (1236) William de Fortz (de Fortibus), Earl of Albemarle (d 1259)
  e. Devorgilla of Galloway (d 28.01.1289-90) GS
  m. (1233) John de Baliol of Barnard Castle (d by 1269) GS
  f. Marian of Galloway not mentioned by TSP
The identity of this Marian must be suspect for, if she was of this family, her descendants would have been amongst the competitors for the succession to the Maid of Norway but we have not heard of a competitor who claimed this descent.
  (m)/p. Sir John 'the Red' Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, Justiciar of Galloway (d after 1273)
  m3. (1228) _ de Lacy (dau of Hugh de Lacy of Ireland)
  partner unknown
  g. Thomas of Galloway (d c1298)
m. dau of the King of Man
  ii. Thomas of Galloway, Earl of Atholl (d before 08.1232)
  m. Isabella, Countess of Atholl (d 1236)
  a. Patrick, Earl of Atholl (dsp by 1242)
  iii. son (a 1186)
  iv. Ada of Galloway
  m. (1233) Walter Bisset of Aboyne (b c1185, d 1251)
  m2. (??) Idonea Longespee Plantagenet (dau of William Plantagenet, 'Longespee', 1st Earl of Salisbury)
  Identification of this daughter Devorgilla and the suggestion that her mother was Idonea (or Ida) Longespee comes from 'RootsWeb'. This marriage (shown on 'RootsWeb' as Roland's second which suggests that he divorced his first wife who was still alive at the time of his death) is considered doubtful as no confirmation of it has been found in the Longespee records.
  v. Devorgilla of Galloway HJY
  m. Nicholas de Stuteville, lord of Cottenham HJY
C. Eva of Galloway Y
  m. Sir Walter de Berkeley (Chamberlain) Y
  D.+ other issue - son (d 30.09.1185), Fergus (a 1213)
2. Gilbert of Galloway and Carrick (d 01.01.1185)
  A. Duncan, 1st Earl of Carrick (d 13.06.1250)
  m. Aveline (dau of Alan FitzWalter, 2nd High Steward)
i. Neil, 2nd Earl of Carrick (d 1256)
  m. Margaret Stewart (dau of Walter Stewart, 3rd High Steward)
  a. Marjory (or Margaret), Countess of Carrick (before 27.10.1292) JR
  m1. Adam de Kilconcath or Kilconquhar, Earl of Carrick (dsp Acre 1270)
  Some sources suggest that Marjory had a daughter by this marriage, probably called Isobel, who was the wife of Sir Thomas Randolph of Strathnith and was mother of Thomas, 1st Earl of Moray. However, this seems unlikely not only because TSP (Carrick) reports that there was no issue by this marriage but also because the Earldom of Carrick would thereby normally have passed into the Randolph family but there appears to have been no record of this even being considered.
  m2. (1271) Sir Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale (d by 04.04.1304) JR
  b. Rignach de Carrick possibly of this generation
  m. Gilliecallum or Malcolm MacGillean (a 1314)
  c.+ 2 other daughters
  ii. John de Carrick of Straiton
  a. Roland de Carrick
m. Matilda Levington
  (1) Sir Gilbert FitzRoland of Carrick (a 1300)
  (A) Gilbert de Carrick (a 1346)
  (2) Roland de Carrick (b c1275, a 1310)
  (A) Malcolm de Carrick
  (3) daughter
  m. Arthur, Castellan of Lochdoon (a 10.1306)
  iii.+ other issue - Alexander, Allan
  B. Malcolm
  i. son
  ii. Thomas de Logan --
3. Elfrica or Affrica HJRY
  m. Olave, King of Man and the Isles (b c1080, d 29.06.1153) HJRY

Main source(s): TSP (Galloway), TSP (Carrick), TCP (Carrick)
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