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Families covered: MacLellan of Auchlane, Maclellan of Balmangan, MacLellan of Bombie, Maclellan of Borness, MacLellan (Maclellan) of Kirkcudbright, MacLellan of Nunton

?? MacLellan of Bombie, Galloway
m. ?? Gray (sister of Lord Gray)
1. Sir Patrick MacLellan of Bombie, Sheriff of Galloway (a temp James II who r. 1437-1460)
  TSP suggests that the "earliest mention of a laird of Bombie of the name of Maclellan is in 1466", referring to the following William. BE1883 mentions the above Sir Patrick but identifies the undermentioned Thomas as "the direct ancestor of the Lords Kircudbright', thereby indicating that Sir Patrick was not Thomas's ancestor. However, various web sites suggest that Sir Patrick was ancestor of the Lords Kircudbright, indicating that Sir Patrick was also Thomas's ancestor. Given the dates, and noting that Thomas's eldest son was called William, it is provisionally presumed that Sir Patrick was father of William father of Thomas.
  A. William MacLellan of Bombie, Provost of Kirkcudbright
  TSP notes that the mother of the following Thomas was Marion Carlyle. The presumption that William was his father implies that it was he who married ...
  m. Marion Carlyle
  i. Thomas MacLellan of Bombie (d by 11.1503, alderman of Kirkcudbright)
  m1. (mcrt 13.07.1476) Margaret Gordon (dau of Sir William Gordon of Lochinvar)
  m2. Agnes Dunbar (dau of Sir James Dunbar of Mochrum) ## see here ##
  BE1883 mentions only Thomas's marriage to Agnes Dunbar and thereby implies that she was the mother of Thomas's children. TSP does not indicate which wife was mother of which child.
a. Sir William MacLellan of Bombie (d Flodden 1513)
  m. Elizabeth Mure (dau of Alexander Mure of Bardrochwood)
  (1) Thomas MacLellan of Bombie (d 11.07.1526)
  m1. ??
  (A) Thomas MacLellan of Bombie (d 1547 (Pinkie?))
BE1883 shows Helen Gordon as married to this Thomas rather than being 1st wife of the Thomas of the next generation. TSP shows his wife as ...
  m. Marion Kennedy (dau of Gilbert Kennedy, 2nd Earl of Cassilis, m2. William Campbell of Skeldon)
  (i) Thomas MacLellan of Bombie, Provost of Kirkcudbright (d 07.1597)
  m1. Helen Gordon (d 26.11.1581, dau of Sir James Gordon of Lochinvar)
  m2. (mcrt 01.1584) Grizel Maxwell (dau of John Maxwell, Lord Herries)
  (a) Sir Robert MacLellan, 1st Lord Kirkcudbright (d 18.01.1638-9)
BE1883 identifies Robert's wife as Margaret, dau of Sir Matthew Campbell of Loudoun, but TCP (supported by TSP) identifies her as ...
  m1. (mcrt 10.1603) Agnes Campbell (dau of Hugh Campbell, 1st Lord of Loudoun, by Margaret Gordon)
  ((1)) Mary or Anne MacLellan (d 1650)
  m. Sir Robert Maxwell of Spottis or Orchardtoun, 1st Bart
  m2. Mary Montgomery (d before 09.1636, dau of Hugh Montgomery, Viscount Airds)
  m3. Mary Gage (d 07.08.1639, dau of Robert Gage of Raunds, widow of John Rowley of Castleroe then Sir George Trevelyan)
  Not sure of which marriage was ...
  ((2)) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Hugh Montgomery of Maghera
(b) William MacLellan of Glenshinnock, Provost of Kirkcudbright (d before 26.11.1631)
  m. Rosina Agnew (dau of Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw)
  ((1)) William MacLellan (dsp)
  ((2)) Thomas MacLellan, 2nd Lord Kirkcudbright (dsps 05.1647)
  m. (mcrt 28.07.1640) Janet Douglas (d 1651, dau of William Douglas, 1st Earl of Queensberry, by Isabel Kerr)
  (c) John MacLellan of Borgue or Bourg
  m1. Elizabeth Maclellan (dau/heir of William Maclellan of Auchlane)
  m2. (mcrt 12.12.1615) Margaret Coupar (dau of William Coupar, Bishop of Galloway, she m2. John MacCulloch of Ardwall)
  ((1)) John MacLellan, 3rd Lord Kirkcudbright (d 1664-5)
  m. (before 1642) Anne Maxwell (dau of Sir Robert Maxwell of Orchardtoun by Mary, dau of 1st Lord Kirkcudbright)
  ((A)) William MacLellan, 4th Lord Kirkcudbright (d unm 29.03.1668/9)
  ((2)) William MacLellan of Auchlane or Auchlean
  ((A)) John MacLella, 'de jure 5th Lord Kirkcudbright' (d young by 1680)
  TCP suggests that John, who did not assume the title, was de jure 5th Lord. TSP mentions him but says "if ever entitled thereto, certainly did not assume the title" and shows his brother as the 5th Lord.
((B)) James MacLellan, '5th/6th Lord Kirkcudbright' (b 1661, d 1730)
  m. Margaret Drummond
  ((i)) Margaret MacLellan (d 1741)
  m. Samuel Brown of Mollance
  ((a)) Henrietta Broun (Brown) probably of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Maxwell, 6th Bart of Orchardtoun (d 03.02.1761)
  ((ii)) Mary MacLellan (d unm)
  ((iii)) Janet MacLellan
  m. William Maxwell of Milton
((3)) Margaret MacLellan
  (d) Margaret MacLellan
  m1. William Maclellan of Gelston
  m2. Patrick Vaus of Librack (b c1576, d 1637)
  (e) Marion MacLellan
  m1. Thomas Maclellan of Nunton @1@ below
  m2. John Glendonwyn, younger of Parton
  (ii) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Archibald Stewart of Culgruff (d by 1595)
  (B) Margaret MacLellan
  m. James Johnstone of Wamphray (son of James of that ilk)
  m2. (1525-6) Marion Accarsane, heiress of Glen (widow of Sir Robert Gordon of Lochinvar)
(2) William MacLellan of Nuntoun (d 07.1549)
  m. Agnes Johnston (probably dau of the laird of Johnston)
  (A) James MacLellan (d 1571)
  m. (before 07.1564) Isobel McDowall (m2. John Gordon)
  (i) Thomas MacLellan of Nunton (d 26.01.1592-3)
  m. Marion Maclellan (dau of Thomas Maclellan of Bombie) @1@ above
  (a) Robert MacLellan of Nunton
  m. Agnes Gordon (dau of John Gordon of Over Culwha, granddaughter/heir of James Gordon of Barnbarraoch, widow of John Grierson of Bargatton)
  (b) Thomas MacLellan (d before 1630)
  m. Nicolas Maxwell (widow of John Cutlar of Orroland)
  ((1)) Robert MacLellan (a 1634)
(ii) James MacLellan of Auchinha (dsp)
  m. Katherine Broun
  (B)+ other issue - John, Thomas
  (3) Katherine MacLellan
  m. (c1537) John Kennedy of Culzean
  b. John MacLellan of Auchlane (a 10.1512)
(1) Thomas MacLellan of Auchlane
  m. Agnes Gordon
  (A) William MacLellan of Auchlane (a 1597)
  m. Katherine Kennedy (dau of Gilbert Kennedy, 3rd Earl of Cassilis, widow of Sir Patrick Vaus of Barnbarroch)
(i) Margaret MacLellan
  m. Gilbert Maclellan of Galtway (son of William of Balmangane) @2@ below
  (B) Thomas MacLellan
  c. Gilbert MacLellan in Balmangan (a 1544)
  m. Margaret Herries (dau of Andrew Herries, 2nd Lord of Terrregles)
(1) William Maclellan in Balmangan (d 09.1605, 2nd son)
  m. Margaret Gordon (dau of John Gordon in Airds)
  (A) Thomas Maclellan of Balmangan
  m1. Janet Maclellan (d 13.06.1597)
  (i) James Maclellan of Balmangan (a 1639)
  m. Jean Charteris (dau of James Charteris by Florence McGhie)
  (a) Robert Maclellan of Balmangan & Bourness (d 1690)
  ((1)) William Maclellan of Borness (d 1694)
  m. (mcrt 1672) Agnes MacCulloch (d 1695, dau of William MacCulloch of Ardwall)
  ((A)) William Maclellan of Borness, '6th/7th Lord Kirkcudbright' (d c1762)
  William, a glover, claimed the title but was ordered by the House of Lords "not to presume to take upon himself the title, honour and dignity of Lord Kirkcudbright until his claim shall have been allowed in due course by law".
  m. Margaret Murray
  ((i)) son (dvp 03.1741)
  ((ii)) John Maclellan, 7th/8th Lord Kirkcudbright (b 1729, d 24.12.1801, Lt. Colonel)
  John had the title confirmed by the House of Lords.
  m. (by 1768) Elizabeth Bannister (or Bannerman) of Hampstead or Hampshire (d 15.06.1807)
  ((a)) Sholto Henry Maclellan, 8th/9th Lord Kirkcudbright (b 15.08.1771, dsp 16.04.1827)
  m. (28.03.1820) Mary Cantes (d 28.05.1835, m2. Robert Davies)
  ((b)) Camden Gray Maclellan, 9th/10th Lord Kirkcudbright (b 20.04.1774, dsp 19.04.1832)
  m. Sarah Gorges (b c1780, d 21.01.1863, dau of Colonel Thomas Gorges)
  ((c)) Elizabeth Maclellan (b 18.04.1769)
  m. (31.05.1795) Finlay Fergusson
  ((2)) Robert Maclellan of Balmangan (a 1704)
(ii)+ other issue - William, Gilbert, Thomas (a 1616), Margaret, Elspeth, Grisel, Janet, Agnes
  m2. (sp) Florence McGhie (a 1618, widow of James Charteris, younger of Kelwood, and Roger Gordon of Whytepark)
  (B) Gilbert MacLellan of Galtway
  m. (mcrt 23.04.1588) Margaret Maclellan (dau of William Maclellan of Croftis, later of Auchlane) @2@ above
  (C) James MacLellan (d 1606)
  (D) Agnes MacLellan
  m. (before 1571) John Lennon of Cally
  (E) Helen MacLellan
  m. (mcrt 22.01.1593) Alexander Mure (d before 25.12.1600, son/heir of John of Cassencary)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas of Barmagachan, James of Sennick
  d. Thomas MacLellan
  e. Christian MacLellan
  m. William Cairns of Orchardton
  f. Catherine MacLellan
  m. Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum (d Flodden 1513)

Main source(s): TSP (Kirkcudbright), BE1883 (Maclellan of Kircudbright) with some support from TCP (Kirkcudbright)
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