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Families covered: Reade of Appelford, Reade of Barton Court, Reade of Beedon, Reade of Dunstew, Reade of Ipsden, Reade of Shipton Court
[This page was originally launched as Reade1. It was renamed when it was deduced that the family below descended from the family shown on the earlier version of Reade3, now named Reade1.]

Edward Rede or Reade of Beedon, Sheriff of Berkshire (a 1439)
m. Katherine (dau of Lord de Lisle)
Rossiana, which identifies Edward's wife as above, inserts an additional generation here, another Edward of Beedon who married Mary and had ...
1. William Rede or Reade of Beedon, Barton, etc. (bur 01.01.1541-2)
  m. Dorothy Beaumont (bur 1539, dau of John Beaumont of Orton-on-the-Hill alias Overton)
  A. Thomas Rede or Reade of Beedon, Abingdon, Dunstew & Barton (bur 27.04.1556)
  m. Anne Hoo (bur 30.10.1575, dau of Thomas Hoo of Hoo)
i. Thomas Reade of Barton and Beedon, Sheriff of Berkshire (b 01.07.1545, d 25.09.1604)
  m. (before 1568) Mary Stonhouse (bur 14.09.1625, dau of George Stonhouse of Little Peckham)
  a. Sir Thomas Reade of Barton Court, Beedon, Appleford, Ipsden, Dunstew and Brocket Hall, Sheriff of Berkshire then Oxfordshire then Hertfordshire (b 1575, bur 20.12.1654)
  m. (03.1597-8) Mary Brocket (bur 20.04.1654, dau of Sir John Brocket of Brocket Hall)
(1) Thomas Reade of Ipsden and Appleford (bpt 22.02.1606-7, dvp bur 14.12.1634, 2nd son)
  m. (08.09.1624) Mary Cornewall (dau of Sir Thomas Cornewall of Burford)
  (A) Sir Compton Reade of Barton Court, Beedon, Denford and Shipton Court, 1st Bart (bpt 24.01.1625-6, d 29.09.1679)
  m. (1650) Mary Cornewall (d 26.04.1703, dau of Sir Gilbert Cornewall of Burford)
(i) Sir Edward Reade, 2nd Bart (b 30.06.1659, d 04.09.1691)
  m. Elizabeth Harby (d 13.09.1730, dau of Edward (not Francis) Harby of Adston)
  (a) Sir Winwood Reade, 3rd Bart (b 1683, d unm 30.06.1692)
  (b) Sir Thomas Reade of Shipton Court, 4th Bart (b 1684, d 25.09.1752)
  m. (29.10.1719) Jane Mary Dutton (d 28.06.1721, dau of Sir Ralph Dutton, Bart of Sherborne)
((1)) Sir John Reade, 5th Bart (b 21.06.1721, d 09.11.1773)
  m. (1759) Harriet Barker (d 23.12.1811, dau of William Barker of Sonning)
  ((A)) Sir John Reade, 6th Bart (b 08.03.1762, d 18.11.1789)
  m. (13.01.1784) Jane Hoskyns (d 17.12.1847, dau of Sir Chandos Hoskyns, 5th Bart)
  ((i)) Sir John Chandos Reade of Shipton Court, 7th Bart (b 13.01.1785, d 14.01.1868) had issue
  m. (06.01.1814) Louisa Murray (d 06.02.1821, dau of David Murray of South Warnborough)
  ((ii)) George Compton Reade (b 08.01.1788, d 24.12.1866) had issue
  m. (06.03.1809) Maria Jane Hoskyns (d 1837, dau of Sir Hungerford Hoskyns, 6th Bart)
  ((iii))+ other issue (d unm) - Julia Jane (d 09.04.1837), 3 daughters
((B)) Thomas Reade (b 08.03.1762, d 24.01.1837)
  m. Catherine Hill (d 1830, dau of Sir John Hill)
  ((i)) John Edmund Reade (b 1800, d 17.09.1870) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (01.10.1847) Maria Louisa Reade (d 24.11.1866, dau of George Compton Reade)
  ((ii))+ 3 daughters
  ((C)) Mary Reade (d 20.02.1818)
  m. (18.01.1768) Sir Elijah Impey (d 01.10.1809)
  (c) Edward Reade (b 1686, d infant)
  (d) George Reade (b 1687, dsp 28.03.1756, Brigadier General)
  m. Jane Nowes (d 1744, dau of Charles Nowes of Wood Ditton)
  (ii) Anne Reade (d 1681)
  m. Cornelius Vermuyden
  (iii) Elizabeth Reade
  m. Sir Fairmedow Penyston, 4th Bart (dsp 24.12.1705)
  (iv)+ other issue - Thomas (b 13.12.1653, dvp 1675), Mary (d unm bur 02.05.1663)
  (B) Edward Reade of Ipsden
  m1. (1651) Jane Acton (dau of Thomas Acton)
  (i) Compton Reade (d unm)
  m2. Ellen (widow of William Allen of Goring)
  (ii) Thomas Reade of Ipsden
  m. (1703) Rebecca Blackall (dau of William Blackall of Chackenden)
  (a) John Reade of Ipsden
  m1. Bridget Brigham (dau of Thomas Brigham of Cane End)
  ((1)) John Reade (dsp)
m2. Martha Bartholomew (dau of William Bartholomew of Ipsden)
  ((2)) George Reade of Ipsden
  m. (1774) Ann Thomas (dau of Rev. W. Thomas)
((A)) John Reade of Ipsden (b 25.11.1778, d 24.10.1849)
  m. (09.02.1796) Anna Maria Scott (d 24.08.1863, dau of John Scott, later Waring)
  ((i)) William Barrington Reade of Ipsden House (b 30.01.1803, d 11.12.1881, 4th son) had issue
  m. (12.04.1837) Elizabeth Murray (dau/heir of John Murray of Ardbennie)
  ((ii)) Edward Anderton Reade (b 15.03.1807, d 12.02.1886) had issue
  m. (04.1838) Eliza Burnard (dau of Richard Burnard of Colyford & Crewkerne)
  ((iii)) Compton Reade (b 15.03.1811) had issue
  m. (15.03.1833) Jane Walker (dau of Ralph Walker of Newcastle)
  ((iv)) Sophia Brooke Reade (d 1856)
m. (1820) Rev. Thomas Woodroffe (b 1789-90, d 1856, Canon of Winchester)
  ((v)) Julia Susanna Reade (d 1834)
  m. (1822) Allen Francis Gardiner (Captain)
  ((vi))+ other issue (d unm ) - John Thurlow (b 22.06.1797, d 1827), George Edward (b 25.08.1798, d 1816), Henry Jonathan (b 25.02.1801, d 1821), Charles (b 08.06.1814, d 11.04.1834), Ellinor (d 01.06.1878)
  ((3))+ other issue
  (iii)+ other issue - Philip Edward (dvp unm), daughters
  (C) Thomas Reade of Appleford (bpt 10.08.1628, d 08.03.1701) had issue
  BLG1886 suggests that Thomas dsp but BP1934 reports that he married and had issue.
  m. (07.03.1657) Anne Knapp (bur 21.02.1704, dau of Henry Knapp of Woodcot)
  (D) Anne Reade (bur 15.03.1691)
  m. Thomas Cornewall, 14th of Burford (bur 22.07.1686, Major)
(E) Catherine Reade (d 05.03.1665)
  m. Bridstock Harford (d 20.04.1683)
  (F) Mary Reade (bur 06.08.1685)
  m. John Cornewall of Rochford
  (G)+ other issue - Cornewall (bpt 06.01.1632-3, bur 11.07.1642), Geoffrey (bpt 20.04.1634, a 1650), Beatrice (bur 18.03.1647)
  (2) Richard Reade (b 12.06.1610)
  BLG1886 identifies Richard as ancestor of Reade of Woodparks, co. Galway, whilst BP1934 reports that he is "said to have been" ancestor of Reade of Rossenarra, co. Tipperary.
(3) Sir John Reade, 1st Bart of Brocket Hall, Sheriff of Hertfordshire (b 1616, bur 06.02.1693-4)
  m1. (02.01.1640) Susanna Style (bur 18.05.1657, dau of Sir Thomas Style, 1st Bart)
  (A) Sir James Reade, 2nd Bart of Brocket Hall, Sheriff of Hertfordshire (bpt 10.03.1654-5, d 16.10.1701)
  m. Love Dring (b c1655, d 09.11.1731, dau of Robert Dring of Isleworth)
  (i) Sir John Reade, 3rd Bart of Brocket Hall (b c1689, d unm 22.02.1712)
  (ii) Dorothea Reade (d 21.04.1753)
  m. Robert Dashwood, younger of Northbrook (dvp 29.09.1728)
  (iii) Anne Reade
  m. Robert Myddleton of Chirk Castle
  (iv) Love Reade
  m. (06.08.1719) Thomas Winnington of Stanford (b 1696, dsps 23.04.1746)
(v)+ other issue - Mary, Susan (d young)
  (B) Mary Reade
  m. Sir John Bucknall of Oxhey
  m2. Alissimon (widow of Hon. Francis Pierrepont)
  (4) Elizabeth Reade (bur 24.12.1671)
  m. Sir Gilbert Cornewall of Burford (bur 05.10.1671)
  (5) Frances Reade
  m. (01.12.1624) Sir William Russell, 1st Bart of Wytley (Strensham) (b c1602, d 30.11.1669)
  (6) Mary Reade
  m. Sir Robert Dormer of Crendon (d 12.05.1689)
  (7) Margaret Reade
  m. Sir Francis Russell
  (8) Anne Reade (dsp 01.03.1693)
  m. Richard Winwood of Ditton (d 28.06.1688)
  (9)+ other issue - William (bpt 19.04.1601, bur 09.09.1625), Geoffrey (d 1649?), Ellen (dsp 1669)
  b. John Reade of Barton Court and Appleford (bpt 13.10.1577, d unm 10.01.1605)
c. Richard Reade (bpt 16.08.1579, d 1659)
  Visitation (Berkshire, 1665-6, Reade of Pumney) identifies Richard's wife as Ellen, dau of Sir Alexander Cave of Rotherby, but BP1934 names her as follows. Their children are as reported in the Visitation.
  m. (c1619) Helen Carr (bur 25.02.1623, dau of Sir Alexander Carr of Bargrave)
  (1) Alexander Reade of Pumney (b c1600, a 1644)
  m. Mary Rufin (dau of Thomas Rufin of Little Ayot)
  (A)+ issue - Alexander (b c1634), Charles, Russell, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane
  (2) Charles Reade in London
  m. Katherine
d. Mary Reade (d 13.12.1614)
  m. (14.09.1600) Henry Bulstrode of Bulstrode
  ii. Katherine Reade of Ipsden (d before1604)
  m. (05.09.1546) Thomas Vachell of Coley Park (dsps 03.05.1610)
  iii. Elizabeth Reade
  m. (before 16.04.1556) Richard Baker of White Knights
  iv. Alice Reade (bur 22.02.1540)
  v. Marie Reade (d 10.10.1607)
  m1. Walter Hurst of Hurst
  m2. Edward Martyn of Shinfield
  a. Ann Martyn
  m. William Wollascott of Tidmarsh (sb 'of Wollascott'?)

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Reade'), BLG1886 ('Reade of Ipsden') with input from BEB1841 ('Reade of Brocket') and a little support from 'Rossiana' (see Reade1), Visitation (Berkshire, 1665-6, 'Reade of Barton')
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