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Families covered: Rede (Read) of Beccles, Reade of Folkestone, Read of Norwich, Rede of Redydale, Read (Reade or Rede) of Weston

Brian de Rede
1. William de Rede (2nd son)
  A. Robert de Rede
  i. Galfrinus de Rede
  a. Thomas de Rede of Redydale
  (1) Thomas Rede (a 1429)
(A) Thomas Read
  (i) John Read of Norwich (d 11.11.1502) the first mentioned by the Visitations
  m. Joan Ludlow (d 1503)
  (a) William Read or Rede of Beccles, Suffolk (d by 1552)
  m. Margaret Tooley of Catton (Corton?) (d 1540)
((1)) Thomas Read or Rede of Beccles (b by 1503, d by 1554)
  m1. Margaret (dau of Nicholas Quynt (Quinton?))
  m2. Ella Goldingham (dau of John Goldingham of Balstead)
  ((A)) John Rede or Reade of Weston Hall (bur 06.03.1603)
  m. Ursula Cooke (dau of William Cooke of Linstead)
  ((i)) Thomas Reade of Weston (bur 03.09.1622)
  m. Anne Gawdy (dau of Sir Thomas Gawdy of Claxton & Redenhall)
  Visitation (Suffolk) reports that Thomas & Anne had 7 sons and 7 daughters. Some details come from Visitation (London, 1634, Reade).
  ((a)) Audrey Reade
  m. Astley Brampton 'of the Exchequer'
((b))+ other issue - Henry, Edward, Clipsbe of London (a 1634), 4 sons, Dorothy, 5 daughters
  ((ii)) Ella Reade
  m. Francis Goldingham of Banham
  ((iii)) Dorothy Rede (bpt 26.02.1560)
  m. (03.08.1584) Edward Clare of Essex
  ((iv))+ other issue - John (d by 1590), Elizabeth (bur 19.05.1566)
  ((B)) George Rede of Thorington
  m. Ann Lee (dau of Sir Anthony Lee, m2. Leonard Spencer of Rendlesham)
  Visitation (Suffolk) reports that they had 2 daughters, one bpt 1561, the other bpt 1563. It is probable that one of them was ...
  ((i)) Anne Rede
  m1. (1585) Francis Jenney (dvp 1590)
  m2. William Jermy
((C)) Margaret or Frances Rede
  m. William Drake of Hardley (d 1584)
  ((D)) Alice Rede
  m. Roger Roser of Hacheston
((2)) William Read of London, later of Wathe Hall & Little Redisham (d 10.02.1542)
  m. Anne Ferneley (dau of William Ferneley of London & West Creeting, m2. Sir Thomas Gresham of Osterley)
  ((A))+ 2 sons
  ((3)) Joan Read (bur 30.03.1579)
  m. Robert Daundy of Ipswich (bur 11.04.1558)
  ((4)) Anne Read
  m. Christopher Playters of Sotterley (d 1547)
  ((5)) Margery Read (bur 20.08.1565-6)
  m. Clement Palgrave of Barningham Northwood (d 1583)
((6)) Elizabeth Read
  m. Augustin Steward, Mayor of Nowrich (d by 1571)
  ((7)) Ellen Read
  m. Robert Miller of Lynn
  ((8)) Margaret Read
  m. John Berney of Reedham (d by 1558)
  ((9))+ other issue (d young?) - 3 sons, 1 daughter
(b) Edward Read, Sheriff then Mayor of Norwich
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Lyston
  m2. Isolde (Isabel or Izod) Stanley (dau of William Stanley, son/heir of Sir Humphrey)
  ((1)) John Read, Sherrif of Norfolk (dsp 14.06.1572)
  ((2)) William Read (Rev.) - continued below
  ((3)) Sir Peter Read of Gymmyngham, Norfolk (d 29.12.1568, General)
  m1. Jane Lee (dau of Sir Anthony Lee of Quarenden)
  ((A)) Elizabeth/Isabell Read (dsp young?)
  m. Anne Blennerhassett (dau of Sir Thomas Blennerhassett of Frens, widow of George Duke of Brampton)
  ((B)) Giles Read (dvp)
  m. Catherine Greville (dau (sb sister) of Lord Brooke)
((4)) Margaret Read
  m. Robert Cage
  ((5)) Elizabeth Read
  m. Jeffrey Loveday
  ((A))+ issue - Arthur, Mauld, Anne
  m3. Isabel Woodlesse of Harwich
  ((6)) Ursula Read
  m1. Thomas Garneys of Beccles
  Reed shows Ursula as mother by Thomas of the wife of Edward Croft. However, Visitation shows that it was Thomas Browne who was Edward's father-in-law. That is supported by the Croft records.
  m2. Thomas Browne of Attleborough
  ((A)) Anne Browne (d 1575, heir)
  m. Edward Croft (d 1601, son/heir of Sir James of Croft Castle)
  m3. (sp) Sir John Brend
  m4. (sp) Thomas Colby
m4. Ann/Agnes Cranmer (widow of _ Blackman)
  ((7)) Francis Read (d young)
  (c) Edmund Read
  ((1)) Thomas Read
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas of Carleton & Beccles (d by 1543, rector of Beccles), Roger, Clement, John (Sheriff of Norwich), son (d young?), 4 daughters
  (ii) Sir Robert Reade of Buckingham (Lord Chief Justice, 7th/youngest son)
  The following comes from Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572, Carrell), BHO (History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent, Volume 3, Parishes: Chidingstone) & Visitation (Kent, 1574, Willoughby).
  m. Margaret Alphew (dau of John Alphew or Alphege of Bore Place)
  (a) Bridget Reade called Katheryn by Visitation (Kent)
  m. Sir Thomas Willoughby of Bore Place (d 1545, Chief Justice)
  (b) Jane Reade
  m. John Carrell or Caryll (Sergeant at law)
  (c) Dorothy Reade called Mary by Visitation (Surrey)
  m. Sir Edward Wootton (b 1489, d 08.11.1550)
  (d) Mary Reade not named by Visitation (Surrey)
  m. Sir William Barentyne or Barryngtyne of Oxfordshire
  (e)+ other issue - son (dvpsp 1501 - called Robert by Visitation, Edmund (judge) by BHO), Elizabeth (Abbess of Mawling)
  (iii)+ other issue - Sir Bartholomew (a 1502, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London), Richard of Shipden in Norfolk, Simon, William of London, Thomas
  (2) Edward de Rede
  b.+ other issue - William, Robert
2.+ other issue - Robert, Thomas of Redydale



William Read (Rev.) - continued above
1. Sir William Reade
  m. Elizabeth Menis of Sandwich (heir)
A. William Reade of Folkestone, Kent (d c1618)
  m. Rebecca Menis (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Menis of Sandwich)
  i. Matthew Reade of Folkestone (d c1625)
  m. Alice Ward (dau of Ambrose Ward)
  a. William Reade (d young)
  b. Elizabeth Reade
  m. Henry Oxenden of Deane
  c. Benet Reade
  m. John Michel of Richmond
  ii. John Reade (dsp)
  iii. (Sir) William Reade of Canterbury (d c1630?, of the Middle Temple)
  m. Lucy Heneage (dau of Michael Heneage by dau of Robert Honywood)
  a. John Reade of Gray's Inn (d unm)
  b. William Reade of Weymouth, Massachusetts (b 1565, d 1623) had issue in USA
  m. Avice Deacon (b 1586, d 1621)
  c. Rebecca Reade
  m. _ Wansford
  d. Anna Reade
  m1. Thomas Hatton of London
  m2. John Brewer
  iv. Richard Reade of London (d c1657)
  The Harleian editor noted that the following has been supplemented by information taken from Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1684).
  m. Joanna Dale (dau/coheir of William Dale of London)
  a. Richard Reade of Whitlesey (b c1639, a 1684)
  m. Margaret Atkinson (dau of Henry Atkinson of Whitlesey)
  (1)+ issue (a 1684) - Henry (b c1664), Richard (b c1676), John (b c1683), Rebecca (b c1666), Sara (b c1671), Joanna (b c1673), Anna (b c1678)
  b. Elizabeth Reade
  m. John Ellis of London
  c.+ other issue - William, Elizabeth
  B. Matthew Reade (dsp)
  C. Alice Reade
  m. Stephen Richardson
  D. Rebecca Reade
  m. Stephen Ruck

Main source(s): 'The English Ancestry of William Reade of Weymouth', a paper delivered by Edward F. Reed as reported in 'Proceedings of The Reade Historical and Genealogical Assocation with papers on the family history read at its first three annual meetings', printed in Boston in 1907 (found online here) with support for the upper section from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Read) & Visitation (Suffolk, Rede of Beccles and Weston, 1561) and support for the lower section from Visitation (Kent, 1619, Reade)
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