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Families covered: Dutton of Dutton, Dutton of Hatton, Dutton of Sherborne

Peter Dutton of Hatton, later of Dutton (d 1503)
m. (1464) Elizabeth (probably not Margaret) Grosvenor (d by 1503, dau of Robert Grosvenor of Hulme)
1. Peter or Piers Dutton of Dutton (d 1508)
  m. Elizabeth Fouleshurst (dau of Sir Robert Fouleshurst of Crewe)
  The following comes from Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Dutton of Dutton and Hatton) with a little support from Collins.
A. Sir Piers Dutton of Dutton (d 1546)
  m. Elinor Legh (dau of Thomas Legh of Adlington)
  i. Hugh Dutton of Dutton (dvp 1546)
  m. Jane Booth (dau of Sir William Booth)
  a. John Dutton of Dutton (d 1608-9)
  m. Elinor Calveley (dau of Sir Hugh Calveley of Leay)
  (1) Peter Dutton of Dutton (dvp 1593)
m. Elizabeth Massey (dau/heir of Richard Massey of Aldford)
  (A) Peter Dutton (d infant)
  (2) Thomas Dutton of Dutton (d 1614, 3rd son)
  Visitation identifies Thomas's wife as Elizabeth, dau of John Anderton of Clayon, relict of John Singleton of Stany Tower) but Collins names her Thomasine Anderton which is supported by TCP (Gerard of Gerard's Bromley) which identifies her as ...
  m. Thomasine Anderton (dau of Roger Anderton of Bickershaw)
  (A) John Dutton (dspvp 1610)
  m. Elizabeth Egerton (dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Egerton)
  (B) Elinor or Eleanor Dutton (b c1596, d 12.03.1665/6)
m1. (16.09.1609) Gilbert Gerard, 2nd Lord of Gerard's Bromley (d 1622)
  m2. (1636) Robert Needham, 2nd Viscount Kilmorey (d 12.09.1653)
  (3)+ other issue - John, Lawrance, Adam, Geffrey, George, Jane, Amy, Eleanor
  b. Anne Dutton
  m. Christopher Holford of Holford
  ii. Ralph (or Richard?) Dutton of Hatton (d 1582, 3rd son)
m. Anna Townshend (dau of Sir Robert Townshend, Justice of Wales)
  a. Rowland Dutton of Hatton (b c1550, d 1606)
  m. Ellena Scriven (dau of Thomas Scriven of Frodsly)
  (1) Edward Dutton of Hatton (d 1620)
m. Mary or Elizabeth Calveley (dau of Hugh Calveley of Leay)
  (A) Peter Dutton (b c1601)
  m. Margaret Hayes (dau of Sir Thomas Hayes of London)
  (i) Alice Dutton probably of this generation
  m. (09.07.1655) John Catheral of Horton (b c1630, a 1663)
(ii) Martha Dutton (b c1632, d 31.12.1701) probably of this generation
  m. George Bird of Broxton (b c1624, d 31.12.1702)
  (B) Margaret Dutton
  m. John Bostocke (son of Richard of Tattenhall)
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas, Edward (dsp), Richard, Elianor, Jane, Anne
  (2) Mary Dutton probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Peter Minshull of Erdswick (d 1640)
  (3) Elenor Dutton probably the Eleanor (bpt 11.03.1609, bur 16.08.1669) who married ...
  m. (15.10.1634) Ralph Brassie of Bulkeley (b c1595, bur 17.04.1668)
  (4)+ other issue - George, Charles, Amey, Elizabeth, Jane, Frances, Sara
  b. Alice Dutton (d 1620)
m. John Starkey of Darley
  c. Amy Dutton
  m. Henry Bartlett of Senbury
  d. Bridget Dutton
  m. Thomas Bartlett (brother of Henry)
  e.+ other issue - Hugh, Robert, William
  iii. Margery Dutton
  m. John Booth
  iv. Elizabeth Dutton
m1 William Mandley of Mandley
  m2. Thomas Browne of Saltneyside (d 1587)
  v. Katharina Dutton
  m1. Sir Roger Puleston of Hinrall
  m2. Richard Grosvenor of Dodleston
  vi. Amye or Anne Dutton
  m. Hamlett Massy of Salle (a 1566)
  vii. Mary Dutton probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Matthew Ellis of Overleigh (d 06.02.1548-9)
  viii.+ other issue - Peter (dsp), Margaret, Alice
  m2. Elizabeth Poyntz (dau of William Poyntz of Worth Okedon)
  xi. Peter Dutton
  Possibly of this generation, being an illegitimate dau of (a) Sir Piers, was ...
  xii. Maud
  m. James Cotgreve of Hargreve (Cotgrave of Hargrave)
  B. Elizabeth Dutton (a 1537)
  m. Sir George Calveley of Lea (b 1472, d 1537)
2. Richard Dutton of Hatton
A. Ralph Dutton (dvp ?)
  i. William Dutton in Chester
  m. Agnes Conway (dau of John Conway of Flintshire)
  a. Thomas Dutton of Sherborne (d 04.10.1581, 2nd son)
  m1. Mary (dau of Robert Meyney or Taylor)
(1) Anne Dutton
  m. John Warnford of Severnhampton
  m2. Margaret Kirton (dau of Stephen Kirton of London)
  (2) William Dutton of Sherborne, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (d 10.11.1618)
  m. Anne Nicholas (dau of Sir Ambrose Nicholas, Lord Mayor of London)
  (A) Sir John Dutton of Sherborne (bpt 05.10.1594, d 14.0*.1656-7, 3rd son)
  m1. (1619) Elizabeth Baynton (b 1596, d 28.04.1638/48, dau of Sir Henry Baynton of Bromham)
(i) Elizabeth Dutton (d before 12.1674)
  m. George Colt of Colt's Hall (bpt 17.08.1614, d 20.01.1658-9)
  (ii) Lucy Dutton (bpt 09.04.1624, d 06.04.1656)
  m. (26.11.1638) Thomas Pope, Earl of Downe (bpt 16.12.1622, d 28.12.1660)
  (iii)+ other issue - William (bpt 10.01.1623, d 11.04.1628), Lucy (bpt 02.06.1621, bur 02.04.1623)
  m2. Anne King (dau of John King, Bishop of London)
  (B) Sir Ralph Dutton, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (d 1646, 7th son)
  m. Mary Duncombe (dau of Sir William Duncombe of London)
  (i) William Dutton of Sherborne, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (d 24.03.1674-5)
m. Mary Scudamore (dau of John Scudamore, 1st Viscount Scudamore of Sligo)
  (a) John Dutton (bpt 24.08.1664, bur 08.11.1664)
  (ii) Sir Ralph Dutton, 1st Bart of Sherborne (d c1721)
  m1. Grisell Poole (bur 25.02.1677, dau of Sir Edward Poole of Kemble)
  (a) Elizabeth Dutton (bpt 14.10.1675)
  m. William Green of London
  (b) Grisell Dutton (bpt 18.02.1677-8, bur 11.09.1681)
m2. Mary Berwick (dau of Peter Berwick, physician to King Charles II)
  (c) Sir John Dutton, 2nd Bart of Sherborne (b c1682, d 01.02.1742-3)
  m1. Mary Cullen (dsp bur 23.05.1719, dau of Sir Rushout Cullen, Bart of Upton)
  m2. Mary Keck (bur 15.06.1729, dau of Francis Keck of Great Tew)
  ((1)) Mary Dutton (bur 15.06.1729)
  (d) Anne Dutton (b c1670, d 1718)
  m. James Naper of Loughcrew (b c1660, d 1716/8)
  Their eldest son inherited Sherborne and took the name Dutton. His eldest surviving son became 1st Baron Sherborne of Sherborne.
  (e) Jane Mary Dutton (d 28.06.1721)
  m. (29.10.1719) Sir Thomas Reade, 4th Bart of Shipton Court (b 1684, d 25.09.1752)
(f)+ other issue - William (bur 22.03.1683), Clement (d 1687), Ralph (d unm 13.12.1716), Jemima (d unm bur 10.02.1762)
  (C) Mary Dutton (bpt 22.10.1589)
  m1. George Fettiplace
  m2. Sir George Fleetwood of Woodstock Park
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 15.09.1591, bur 06.01.1610), William (bpt 02.05.1593, bur 05.05.1593), Ambrose (bpt 21.11.1596, d 09.05.1597), William (bpt 05.01.1598), Giles (bpt 01.04.1605, dsp), Anne (bpt 22.08.1585), Eleanor (bpt 17.11.1586, bur 26.04.1604), Elizabeth (bpt 09.01.1587)
  (3) Thomas Dutton (dsp)
  (4) Eleanor Dutton
  m. (24.11.1586) Sir Ralph Salvyne of Newbiggin
  ii. Richard Dutton ancestor of Duttons of Claughton and Dalby
3. Geoffry Dutton
4. Eleanor Dutton possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Randle Brereton of Ipstones, Shoclach and Malpas (a 1522)

Main source(s): Collins (1812, volume 8, Dutton of Sherborne), BP1934 (Sherborne) with support from BEB1844 (Dutton of Sherborne) and input as reported above
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