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Families covered: Roche of Carrigdownan, Roche of Fermoy

Noting that there was a John Roche, Lord of Fermoy, who had a daughter Blanch who married John FitzGerald, 1st Earl of Kildare who died in 1316, this long-established family is thought to have have been descended from Adam FitzRobert (a 1196) shown in 'Roche01'. The first ancestor so far proven was ...
Maurice Roche of Fermoy
m. Amy McCarty (dau of Donald Oge MacCarty More)
1. David Roche, 'the Great', 1st Lord of Fermoy (d before 05.1488)
  m. Joan de Burgh (dau of Walter 'MacWilliam' de Burgh)
  A. Maurice Roche, 2nd Lord of Fermoy (a 1490)
  m1. Joan FitzThomas (dau of James FitzThomas, 8th Earl of Desmond)
i. David Roche, 3rd Lord of Fermoy (d before 09.09.1539)
  m. Catherin MacCarty (dau of Teige MacCarty More)
  a. Maurice Roche, 'the Mad', 4th Lord ('Viscount') of Fermoy (a 1559)
  m. Grany MacCarty (dau of Cormac MacTeige MacCarty, Chief of Muskerry)
  (1) David Roche, 5th Lord ('Viscount') of Fermoy (d before 11.1582)
  m. Ellen Butler (dau of James Butler, 9th lord of Dunboyne )
(A) Maurice Roche, 6th Lord, Viscount of Fermoy (d 24.10.1600)
  m1. (before 1566) Eleanor FitzThomas (dau of Sir Maurice FitzThomas of Desmond family)
  (i) David Roche, 7th Lord, Viscount of Fermoy (b before 1588, d 22.03.1635)
  m. (before 1602) Joan Barry (dau of James FitzRichard Barry, Viscount Barry of Buttevant)
  (a) Maurice Roche, 8th Lord, Viscount of Fermoy (d 1670)
  m. (c1625) Ellen Power (dau of John Power, younger of Power)
  ((1)) David Roche, 9th Lord, Viscount of Fermoy (d unm 1681)
BE1883 suggests that this David died in 1703 and was succeeded by his nephew Ulick. We follow TCP.
  ((2)) John Roche, 10th Lord, Viscount of Fermoy (d after 21.06.1693)
  m. Catherine Condon (a 09.1706, dau of Richard Condon of Ballyranan)
  ((A)) David Roche, 11th Lord, Viscount of Fermoy (d unm 1703)
  ((B)) Ulick Roche, 12th Lord, Viscount of Fermoy (dspm 1733)
  m. Anne Maria Carr (d c1762, of Nothumberland)
  ((3)) Ellen Roche
  m. (after 01.04.1640) William Bourke, 6th Lord of Castle Connell (b 06.1623)
(b) Sir Theobald Roche (dsp, 3rd son)
  m. Julia (dau of Dominick, 1st Viscount Kilmallock)
  (c) Ulick Roche
  m. Gyles or Cecilia Kerry (dau of John O'Connor Kerry of Carrigfoyll)
  ((1)) Theobald Roche of Ballymagoulan
  m. Anne Boyle (dau of John Boyle)
  ((A)) Francis Roche
  ((B)) David Roche
  m. _ Lundy
((C)) Joan Roche
  m. Sir Tyrlogh MacMahon, Bart
  ((D)) Catharine Roche
  m. Charles MacCarthy of Carrignevar
  (d) Redmond Roche 'of Ballyhendon' (a 12.1641, dsp)
  m1. Joan Dowdall (dau of Sir John Dowdall of Kilfinny)
  m2. Alice Smyth (dau of Sir Richard Smyth of Ballynatray)
  (e) Ellen Roche
  m1. Donell MacCarthy Reagh of Kilbritain
  m2. (by 1599) Charles 'Cormac Oge' MacCarty, 1st Viscount Muskerry (bur 27.05.1640)
  m3. Thomas FitzMaurice (dsp, son of Thomas, Lord Kerry)
(f) Amy or Catherine Roche
  m. John Everard of Fethard
  (g) Joan Roche who apparently married ...
  m. William Sarsfield, 2nd Viscount Sarsfield of Kilmallock
  (h)+ other issue - John (d unm after 1642), Ellinor
  (ii) Theobald Roche (d 27.01.1620)
  m. Grany MacCarthy (dau of Sir Owen MacCarthy)
  (a) David Roche (b c1604)
  (iii) John Roche
  (iv) Ellen (or Joan) Roche
  m. Donough O'Brien, 4th Earl of Thomond (d 05.09.1624)
  (v) Amy Roche
  m. Dermont 'MacDonogh' MacCarthy of Duhallow
m2. Catherine FitzThomas/FitzGerald (dau of Sir Gerald 'the Rebel' FitzThomas, 14th Earl of Desmond)
  (B) William Roche of Ballingaugin
  m. _ Tobin (dau of James Tobin of Killakin)
  (C) Theobald Roche (4th son)
  m. Grany O'Brien (dau of Murough O'Brien Ara)
  (D) Jane or Joan Roche
  m. Patrick FitzMaurice, 17th Lord of Kerry (d 12.08.1600)
  (E) Helen Roche
  m. David Barry, 5th Viscount Barrymore or Buttevant (d 10.04.1617)
(F)+ other issue - Richard (d unm), John, Redmond, son
  (2) William Roche of Carrigdown or Carrickdownam or Carrigdownan
  m. Ellen Tobin (dau of John Tobin of Compshinagh)
  (A) John Roche
  (i) William Roche
  (a) Ulick Roche of Carrigdownan (a 1629)
  (B)+ other issue - James, Edward
  (3) John Roche (d unm)
  (4) Ellen Roche
  m. John Barry, 1st Viscount Barrymore or Buttevant (b 1517/8, dsp 1553)
(5) Margery Roche
  m. James Barrett of Ballincolly
  (6) Catherine Roche
  m. Connor or Conogher O'Callaghan of Clonmeen
  (7) Joan Roche mentioned by BE1883 (FitzGerald of Desmond) but not by BE1883 (Roche of Fermoy)
  m. (div) James FitzThomas/FitzGerald, 13th Earl of Desmond (d 14.10.1558)
  ii. Ellen Roche
  m. Maurice FitzThomas 'the lame', 9th Earl of Desmond (d 1520)
  m2. More O'Brien
  B. Edmund Roche (d 1540)
  Edmund was listed by BE1883 as if he was the 8th son, being described there as 'of Ballenme', but he was identified in BP1870 (Fermoy) as "3rd son of David, Lord Roche, by Jane his wife, dau. of Walter-Burke-McWilliam Eughter".
  C. Ellena Roche
  m. James de Courcy, 13th Lord Kinsale (d 1499)
  D.+ other issue - Redmond of Ballymagly, Ulick of Cragh, Theobald of Ballyhindon and Clash, William of Ballyhowly, Philip of Scrall and Rahan, Gerald of Ballyhonan, Jacob

Main source(s): TCP (Fermoy), BE1883 (Roche of Fermoy)
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