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Families covered: Rotsey of Colemore, Rotsey of King's Norton, Reynardson of Holywell Hall, Roebuck of Sheffield

?? Rotsey of Colemore in King's Norton, Worcestershire
1. Richard Rotsey of (Colemore in) King's Norton the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Margaret Walshe (dau of John Walshe of Sheldesley)
  A. Thomas Rotsey of King's Norton
  m1. ??
  i.+ 8 children
  m2. ??
  ix.+ 2 children
  B. Edmund Rotsey
  C. Anthony Rotsey of London
  m. Elizabeth
  i.+ issue (a 1569) - 2 sons, daughter
  D. Margeria Rotsey
  m. Jacob Cruse of Foderinghay
  E. Joyce Rotsey
m. Hugo Davis of Salwarpe
  F. Jane Rotsey
  m1. William Greensmith
  m2. David Vincent
  G. Margaret Rotsey
  m. John Gervis
  H. Maria Rotsey
  m. William Guise of Elmore
  I. Barbara Rotsey
  m. John Redinge
  J. Dorothea Rotsey
  m. _ Greene of Kings Norton
2. Alice Rotsey possibly of this generation
  m. John Middlemore of Haselwell (d c1527)



Thomas Reynardson of Plymouth
m. Julian Brace
1. Sir Abraham Reynardson of Tottenham, Lord Mayor of London (b 1590, d 04.10.1661)
BLG1886 (and various other sources) shows Abraham as married only once, to Abigail Crispe, and so show her as mother of Jacob. BLG1952, supported by DNB ("Reynardson, Abraham"), shows the 2nd marriage.
  m1. Abigail Crispe (d 07.1632, dau of Sir Nicholas Crispe)
  A. Nicholas Reynardson of Holbrooke Park who married ...
  m. Anne Strode (dau of Sir George Strode of London &Westrom, widow of Ellis Crisp)
  m2. Eleanor Wynne (dau of Richard Wynne of Shrewsbury)
  B. Jacob Reynardson 'of Bristol' (b 1652, d 1719, youngest son?)
  m. (1680) Frances Farnaby (dau of Joseph Farnaby of Kippington)
i. Samuel Reynardson of Holywell Hall, Lincolnshire (b 1704, d 1797)
  m. (1732) Sarah Knipe (dau of Sir Randolph Knipe)
  a. Samuel Charles Reynardson (d unm)
  b. Jacob Reynardson of Holywell Hall (b 1743, d 1812)
m. (1777) Anne Cust (dau of Sir John Cust, 3rd Bart (Speaker), sister of 1st Lord Brownlow)
  (1) Etheldred Anne Reynardson of Holywell Hall (b 06.1778, d 22.03.1854)
  m. (03.06.1806) Thomas Birch, later Birch-Reynardson of Holywell Hall (d 31.01.1847, General, son of George)
  (2) Katherine Sarah Reynardson
  m. (19.07.1804) Wyrley Birch of Wretham Hall
  (3)+ other issue - Elizabeth Frances (d 1837), Jemima
  c. Frances Elizabeth Reynardson
  m. Edward Reeve
  d. Katherine Reynardson (b c1749, d 15.12.1819)
m. (11.12.1781) Henry Partridge of Norfolk
  ii. Elizabeth Reynardson (d 1757) probably of this generation
  m2. (22.04.1714) Benjamin Rudge (b 1680, d 1741, rector of Thornhaugh)
  iii.+ 2 others
  C. Samuel Reynardson possibly the Samuel of Hillingdon who was father of ...
  i. Mary Reynardson (d 12.08.1712) possibly fits here
  m. Sir Edmund Prideaux, 5th Bart of Netherton (b 05.11.1675, d 26.02.1728-9)
  D. Mary Reynardson probably of this generation
  m. Sir Samuel Barnardiston, 1st Bart of Brightwell Hall (dsp)
  E. Abigail Reynardson (bpt 23.03.1649-50)
  m. (18.08.1670, sp) Richard Onslow (son of Sir Richard)
  F.+ other issue - Isaac, Eleanor (bur 01.09.1651), Priscilla



Thomas Roebuck of the Bull Stable (saddler)
m. _ Morton (dau of Robert Morton by Elizabeth)
1. Thomas Roebuck of Sheffield (saddler)
  A. Ann Roebuck
  m. William Ball of Todwick
2. John Roebuck of Sheffield (d unm)
3. Robert Roebuck of Sheffield (innkeeper)
  A. Thomas Roebuck of the Haymarket, Sheffield (saddler)
  B. Ruth Roebuck
m. Robert Spencer of Sheffield (engraver)
  C. Mary Roebuck
  m. _ Wilson
4. Mary Roebuck
  m. Joshua Hawksley of Sheffield (filesmith)
  A. Thomas Hawksley
  m. Jane Morton (dau of Charles Morton of Beighton, cousin)
  i. Charles Hawksley
  B. Joshua Hawksley of Sheffield
  m. ?? Harmar (dau of Rev. (John) Harmar of Sheffield)
  i.+ issue - Elizabeth, Catherine
5. Elizabeth Roebuck (d 03.1814)
  m. Thomas Parkin of Sheffield (b 1736-7, d 01.1807)



John Roebuck of Sheffield
m. Sarah Wroe (dau of John Wroe of Leeds by Martha Cloudsley)
1. John Roebuck of Birmingham b 17718, ironworks founder, 2nd son)
m. (1747) Ann Roe
  A. daughter
  m. Charles Stewart
  B.+ other issue including Ebenezer (d 1807), Benjamin (a 1798)
2. Benjamin Roebuck of Sheffield then Bath (d 10.09.1796)
m1. Elizabeth Campbell of Birmingham
  A. Elizabeth Roebuck
  m. Francis Fenton (not Fentum!) of Sheffield (Lt. Colonel, m2. _ Crosland)
  B.+ other issue (d unm) - John of Sheffield, Benjamin of Sheffield, Sarah
  m2. Helen Maxwell (d 24.09.1801, dau of Hugh Maxwell of Dalswinton by Jane Douglas)
  Hunter identifies Helen's mother as Jane, dau of Sir Christopher Douglas, widow of Capt. Herbert, "the mother of the Queensbury family, who d. 16 Jan. 1795". That misidentifies her (the mother).
3. Ebenezer Roebuck of Sheffield then London (dsp, 5th son)
  m. Mahitabel Simmons (dau of Rev. Thomas Simmons son of Neville of Sheffield)
4. Mary Roebuck (b 1724-5, d 19.04.1795)
  m. Joshua Oates of Leeds
5.+ other issue - Joseph (d unm), Thomas of Sheffield & London, Sarah (d unm)

Main source(s):
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(2) For Reynardson (uploaded 01.02.16) : BLG1952 ('Fane (formerly Birch Reynardson) of Holywell Hall'), BLG1886 ('Reynardson of Holywell Hall') with (shown in italics) some input from various web sites
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