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Families covered: Ughtred (Oughtred) of Kexby, Ughtred of Scagglethorpe, Ughtred of Scarborough

TCB refers to Walker's pedigree but notes that it contains "a few errors". TCB reports that "the first known ancestor" was ...
Robert Ughtred of Scarborough, Yorkshire ("who flourished (in Scarborough) early in (the 13th) century")
1. ?? Ughtred
  m. Avice or Amice
  TCB reports that the unnamed son of Robert was father of John & Robert ("who were living at the end of the (13th) century") and then mentions the following Robert (a 1287) without actually confirming that he was the Robert mentioned (even though this unnamed Ughtred's father was identified as "the first known ancestor"). Walker starts with 2 brothers, Sir Robert of Scarborough (shown as father of Sir Robert & Sir John) and Roger. However, TCB mentions that the Robert de Scarborough of this generation (Dean of York) was uncle of the following Robert. We presume that the Roger mentioned by Walker as brother of the Sir Robert, who was (wrongly) identified by Walker as father of Sir Robert & Sir John, was of this generation being another uncle of ...
A. Sir Robert Ughtred of Scarborough & Scagglethorpe, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d by 1310, MP)
  m. Isabell de Steeton (a 1347, dau/heir of Richard de Steeton, niece/heir of Sir Thomas de Steeton, m2. William de Ros of Ingmathorpe) ## see here ##
  i. Sir Thomas Ughtred of Scarborough, Scagglethorpe & Garth, 1st Lord (b 1292, d before 12.05.1365)
  m. (before 01.1328/9) Margaret Burdon (a 1365, dau of Brian Burdon of Kexby)
  a. Sir Thomas Ughtred of Kexby, 2nd Lord (b before 24.11.1329, d 18.11.1401)
Walker identifies Thomas's wife as Katherine "dau. of Peter, fifth Lord Mauley". TCB identifies her as Katherine and then notes she is "said to have been the da. of Piers de Mauley the Fifth, 3rd Lord Mauley, by Margaret, said to be da. of Robert, Lord Clifford". Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Dunham) supports the view that she was ...
  m1. Katherine Mauley (d by 1422, dau of Piers de Mauley, 3rd Lord, by Margaret Clifford)
  (1) William Ughtred (dvp befoer 19.09.1398)
  (A) Sir Thomas Ughtred of Kexby, 3rd Lord (b 1383-4, d 1418)
m. (before 19.09.1398) Margaret Godard (d before 12.05.1432, dau/coheir of Sir John Godard by Constance, widow of Piers Mauley, 4th Lord, & dau/coheir of Thomas, 3rd Lord Sutton of Holdernesse)
  (i) Sir Robert Ughtred or Oughtred of Kexby, 4th Lord (d before 12.07.1472)
m. Joan Aske (d 17.06.1481, dau of John Aske of Aughton by Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Gascoigne)
  (a) Sir Robert Ughtred or Oughtred of Kexby, 5th Lord (d 12.10.1487)
  m. Katherine Eure (a 14887, dau of Sir William Eure of Stokesley by Maud, dau of Lord Fitzhugh by Elizabeth dau of Sir Robert Grey)
  ((1)) Robert Ughtred (dvp before 24.05.1487) this generation omitted by Walker
  ((A)) Sir Henry Ughtred or Oughtred of Kexby, 6th Lord (b 1477, d 10.09.1510)
m. Agnes Constable (dau of Sir Marmaduke Constable of Everingham, m2. Sir William Percy, son of Henry, 4th Earl of Northumberland)
  ((i)) Robert Ughtred or Oughtred of Kexby, 7th Lord (b 1498, a 1568)
  m. (01.1510/1) Elizabeth Fairfax (a 1568, dau of Sir William Fairfax of Steeton by Elizabeth Manners)
  ((a)) Robert Ughtred (a 1551, dvpsp)
  ((b)) Dorothy Ughtred or Oughtred (d before 02.07.1601)
  m1. (by 1564) John Constable 'of Kexby' (son of Sir Robert Constable of Everingham by Catherine Manners)
  m2. (before 24.02.1576/7) John Derrick
((ii)) Anthony Ughtred (3rd son?)
  Walker shows this as the Sir Anthony who was Captain of Berwick (d 1534) who married Elizabeth dau (sb sister) of Sir John (sb Edward) Seymour, Duke of Somerset (by Catherine, dau/heir of Sir William Filliol of Woodland), who m2. Gregory, Lord Cromwell). TCB confirms that there was an Anthony in this generation but makes it clear that the Sir Anthony who m. Elizabeth Seymour was 2 generations earlier (see below).
  ((a)) Henry Cromwell (d 1592)
  ((iii)) Eleanor Ughtred or Oughtred
m. Sir Thomas Mauleverer
  ((iv))+ other issue - Henry, George
  ((2)) Christopher Ughtred
  ((3)) Sir Anthony Ughtred or Oughtred 'of Kexby', later of Scagglethorpe, Marshal of Tournai, Captain of Berwick (d 1534)
Walker shows that the following Elizabeth, who, according to TCB, was wife of this Sir Anthony, was first wife (dsp) of Henry, 6th Lord. Walker shows this Sir Anthony as father of the undermentioned Margery. We presume that Elizabeth was her mother, with that "dsp" having been "dspm".
  m. Elizabeth Seymour (dau of Sir John Seymour of Wolf Hall, sister of Edward, Duke of Somerset, m2. Gregory Cromwell, 1st Lord)
  ((A)) Margery Ughtred
  m. William Hungate of Barmby
  ((4)) Eleanor Ughtred
  m. (01.1488) Sir Anthony Brown
(b)+ other issue - George, James
  (ii) Margaret Ughtred (d 12.10.1466)
  Walker shows a Margaret of this generation as wife of Richard Aske of Aughton (b 1420, d 1469) and then duplicates her in the next generation. TCB notes that both are wrong.
  (iii)+ other issue - Sir Thomas, James (d before 09.08.1494)
  (2) Margaret Ughtred
  (3) Katherine Ughtred
  m. (Sir Edmond) Sandford of Thorpe Salvin (Derbyshire)
  (A) Elzabeth Sandford probably of this generation
  m. Robert Donham or Dunham
  ii. Elizabeth Ughtred
  m. William Sawley
  B. Sir John Ughtred of Scarborough (d before 13.10.1298)
  m. Isabel de Meaux (dau of Sir John de Meaux of Gowthorpe, m2. Brian Burdon of Kexby)
  i. John Ughtred
  m. John de Rue
2. Robert Ughtred of Scarborough (d 03.1290/1, Dean of York)
3. Roger Ughtred (a 1240) this line provided by Walker
  A. Simon Ughtred (a 1285)
  i. Roger Ughtred (a 1317)
m. Joan Freville (dau/coheir of Sir James Freville of Etton, m2. Warin de Eglesinerther)
  a. John Ughtred (a 1349)
  m. Alice Burton (dau/coheir of Nicholas Burton of Cherry Burton)
  (1) John Ughtred
  m. Amanda Bolme (dau of Richard Holme of Beverley)
  (A) Peter Ughtred
  m. Isabel (niece of Richard Ravensor, archdeacon of Lincoln)
  (i) Alice Ughtred (a 1392)
  m. William Anlaby of Delveley & Etton (d 1415)
  (ii) Anne Ughtred
  m. Robert de Spofforth (a 1415)
  ii. Maud Ughtred (a 1323)
  m. Adam Brus of Pickering (d by 1323)

Main source(s): TCP (vol XII/2, Ughtred), Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Ughtred of Kexby)
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