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This page is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here TEMPORARILY (albeit for an uncertain length of time pending further research), partly to record connections that we fear we might otherwise lose sight of and partly in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop our information on the families covered in this page to a standard that would support release of a dedicated page in the Database.
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This section was first uploaded on 16.01.05 although much of it was previously recorded within 'Swinton01'.
Bjorn, Jarl in England (d 1049)
1. Siward or Syward Bjornsson 'Digera', Earl of Northumberland (d 1055)
  m. Aelflaed (dau of Aldred, Earl of Northumberland)
  A. Osbarn (d 1054)
  B. Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton (d 31.05.1076)
  m. (1070) Judith (dau of Lambert, Count of Lens)
i. Maud or Matilda of Huntingdon GHJRSWY
  m1. Simon de St. Liz, Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton (d 1115) HJY
  m2. (c1114) David I, King of Scots (b c1080, d 24.05.1153) GHJRSWY
  ii. Alice/Adelize of Huntingdon (b c1085, d after 1126) HJY
  m. (1103) Ralph de Toeni of Conches and Flamsted (b c1079, d c1126) HJY
  iii. Judith of Huntingdon (d before 1112)
  m. Robert FitzRichard
  There is some confusion between the 3rd daughter, whom we presume was called Judith as that name is sometimes mentioned in the context, and her sister Alice, who is known to have married Ralph de Toeni. As it seems to be a workable solution to the confusion, we presume that it was Judith who married Robert FitzRichard but that she died young, before his marriage to her niece, Maud St. Liz.
  C. Sybilla EGHJRSWY
  m. Duncan I, King of Scots (d 14.10.1040) EGHJRSWY



This section first uploaded 16.01.05, expanded 10.10.07.
Ecgfrith or Aykelfrith, Thane in Northumbria (b c990)
1. Arkil More or Morel, Thane in Northumbria (b c1010, a 1070)
Arkil fled from the Norman invaders into Scotland about 1070. Whilst it is possible that we are confusing two different Arkils, it is possible that either this Arkil or, more likely, a son of the same name (see note below) was the person described in some web sites as a brother or nephew of Robert de Mowbray.
  m(1). Sigrida (dau of Kilvert) @@ below
  A. Gospatric (b c1035, eldest son, remained in Northumbria)
  m. ?? (dau of Dolphin)
  i. Gospatric (b c1058)
  a. Adam
  (1) Richard
  ii. Dolphin of Appletreewick, etc (b c1060, 3rd son)
  At least one web site suggests that one of Dolphin's sons, other than Uchtred, was ancestor of the Lascelles family.
  a. Thorfin or Torphin
m. Maud de Fribois
  (1)+ issue - Peter de Thoresby (dsp), Amabel
  b. Uchtred or Ughtred de Ilton of Hebden
  (1) Simon de Hebden ancestor of Hebden families
  c. Swain de Staveley (b c1085) identified by Foster as 1st son
  (1) Thomas de Staveley of Staveley
  The Staveley-Genealogy site shows Thomas as father of just Adam. The other children are as shown by Foster's extended Visitation.
  (A) William de Staveley
  (B) Allan de Staveley of Staveley
  m1. (div) Julyan de Hiltin
  (i) Allaine Staveley
  (a) Allane Staveley
  m. Eva (dau of Sir Adam de Boltby of Ravensthorpe)
  ((1)) William Staveley
  (ii) Agnes Staveley
  m. Sir John Walkingham
(a)+ issue (dsp) - William, John
  m2. Petronell de la More (dau of Robert de la More)
  (iii) John Staveley of Swynton
  (iv) Alice Staveley
  m. John Hilton
  (C) Adam de Staveley of Staveley (a 1211)
  m. Alice de Percy (dau of William de Percy of Kildale)
  (i) Alice de Staveley (d before 11.1253) --
  m. Randolph FitzHenry of Ravensworth (d 1262/before 1238) --
(ii)+ other issue - Henry, Ralph possibly ancestor(s) of Staveley families
  partner unknown
  (iv) Walter possibly ancestor of Staveley families
  (D) Andrew de Staveley
  m. Sygreda
  (i) Henry de Staveley of Gracedam
  (2) Robert de Thoresby
  (A) Richard de Thoresby
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas of Depedale, Thorpin of Depedale
(3) Elias de Staineford
  (A) Acaris
  (4) Ralph de Langarre
  (5) Gonelle or Gonetta
  m. John Morville (web site) or Philip Morevile (Foster)
  iii. Uctred de Allerston
  a. Thorfin de Allerston
  (1) Alan de Allerston
(A) Helen
  m. Thomas (sb Hugh?) Hastings (d 1208)
  iv.+ other issue - Thurstan, Thorfin
  It is thought likely that Arkil married more than once.
  m(2). ?? possibly mother of ...
  B. Alwyn More or Morel
  i. daughter J
  m. Muredach of Levanach J
  Their son Alwin was the 1st Earl of Lennox.
  ii.+ 8 sons
  It is thought that some of these sons were progenitors of various Scottish families (eg Acheson, Beattie). This will be investigated further in due course.
  C. ?? Arkil More or Morel
  It is possible that there was another son, Arkil, who was the one who engineered the killing of King Malcolm III (of Scots) at Alnwick in November 1093. If his mother was a sister of Robert de Mowbray, this would support his identification as a nephew of that Robert.
  D. Sybel Morel of Bearley JRY
  m. Gospatrick, 2nd Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian (d 'Battle of the Standard' 23.08.1138) JRY



This section first uploaded 16.01.05.
Aeldhun or Aldhun, Bishop of Durham (d c1018)
1. Aecgfrida or Ecgfrida EGHJRSWY
  m1. (div) Uchtred, 5th Lord of Bamburgh, Earl of Bernicia, Earl of Northumbria (d 1016) EGHJRSWY
  m2. (div) Kilvert (son of Ligulf)
  A. Sigrida --
  m1. Edulf/Aedulf, Earl of Northumberland (d 1041)
  m2. ??
  m3. Arkil Morel @@ above --

Main source(s):
(1) For descendants of Jarl Bjorn: TCP (Huntingdon) with input from various web sites
(2) For descendants of Thane Ecgfrith : www.staveley-genealogy.com with input from various other web sites and a little support from Visitation (Joseph Foster 1875, Yorkshire, Additional Pedigrees, Thoresby)
(3) For descendants of Bishop Aeldhun : various web sites
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