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Sir William Deane of Great Deane, Gloucestershire
1. Isabel Deane
  m. Raffe de Abrahall (son of Reignald, lord of Abrahall)
  A. Margaret de Abrahall
  m. Lawrence Grendoure
2. Jane Deane
  m. Raffe ap Eignon



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Oliver Booth of Booth and/or Barton, Derbyshire
m. Elizabeth Hatfield of Whitfield
1. John Booth of Hansworth Woodhouse (b 1551-2, d 16.06.1613, 3rd son)
  m1. (16.01.1576) Ann Revel (bur 24.06.1597, dau of Thomas Revel)
  A. Gilbert Booth (bpt 07.06.1578, d young)
  B. Ann Booth
  m. (18.05.1597) Thomas Stacy of Ballifield
  C. Elizabeth Booth (bpt 14.04.1582, bur 10.08.1665)
  m1. William Castleford of Darley Hall
  m2. Gervas Hanson
  D. Catherine Booth
  m. (24.12.1602) John Nodder of Hansworth Woodhouse
  m2. ??
  m3. Elizabeth Elmhirst (dau of Roger Elmhirst of Houdhill, widow of Robert Castleford of Darley Cliff)
2.+ other issue - Nicholas, Charles, Thomas, Ottiwell/Oliver



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Robert Wendout (d c1364)
1. John Wendout 'of Hebburn & Newton-by-the-Sea' (d 23.07.1367)
  m. Christina (d 22.02.1416)
  A. Robert Wendout (b c1360, d 07.09.1379)
2. Alice Wendout
m. _ Syward
  A. John Syward
  m. Joan (m1/2. _ Pacock)
  i. Alice Syward (b 1380-1, d 04.03.1385)
3. Isabel Wendout
  m. (John) de Hebburn (d 09.1379)
4. Mary Wendout
  m. _ de Graham
  A.+ issue - John (b c1648, a 1381, monk), Alan
5. Elizabeth Wendout
  m. _ de Lilburn
A. Robert de Lilburn
  i. Margery Lilburn (b c1676, d 06.05.1387)
6. Agnes Wendout
  m. ??
  A. Margery (b c1351, a 1381)
  m. Richard Wetwang
  B. Elizabeth (b c1355, d 02.01.1384)
7. Christina Wendout
  m. William de Aukeland
  A. Margaret (b c1341, a 1381)
  m. Thomas Sampson (d before 1381)
  B. Agnes (b c1341, a 1381)



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The pedigree starts with 2 brothers whom we show as sons of ...
?? de Grenville
1. Nicholas de Grenville of Ellingham (a 1154)
2. Walter de Grenville
  A. William de Grenville (d before 1158)
  m. Emma (a 1168)
  B. Mabel de Grenville (a 1181)
  m. Ralph de Gaugy @@ below
  C. daughter
  m. Sir Hugh de Ellington
  i. daughter
  m. Ralph Baard
  ii. daughter (d before 1181)
  m. Sir Robert de Bulmer



This section first uploaded on 08.04.19.
Ralph de Gaugy
m. Mabel de Grenville (a 1181, dau of Nicholas de Grenville) @@ above
1. Ralph de Gaugy of Gaugy & Ellingham (a 1168, d c1187)
  A. Ralph de Gaugy (a 1187, d c1243)
  i. Ralph de Gaugy (d 1279)
  m. Margaret (a 1279)
  a. Adam de Gaugy (dsp 1279)
  m. Eva (a 1292)
  b. Ralph de Gaugy
  (1) Ralph de Gaugy
  (A) Ralph de Gaugy (dsp c1304)
  c. Alice de Gaugy
  m. ??
  (1) Alexander
  (A) Ivetta
  m. _ Meryng
  (i) Robert de Meryng (of Gaugy?) (a 1304)
  d. Mabel de Gaugy
  m. _ Clifford
  (1) Robert de Clifford
  (A) Robert de Clifford
  (i) Sir Robert de Clifford of Gaugy (d by 1340)
  m. Margaret (a 1340)
  (a) Sir Robert de Clifford of Ellingham (dvp)
  m. Elizabeth de Vaux (d 28.03.1357, dau of John de Vaux)
  ((1)) Robert de Clifford (dsp)
  m. Elena de Chilton, heiress of Murton (dau of John de Chilton)
  ((2)) Sir John de Clifford of Ellingham & Newstead, Sheriff of Northumberland (a 1360)
  ((3)) Thomas de Clifford
  (b)+ other issue - Andrew, Roger, John
2. Adam de Gaugy (a 1170, d c1209, rector of Ellingham)

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(2) For Booth : FMG (vol 3, MS377, 'Castleford-Booth-Adams', p901)
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