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This section first uploaded on 04.04.08, amended 06.04.10.
(1) BHO ('A Topographical Dictionary of England', Horton) identifies the Greys of Horton as a younger branch of the Greys of Chilllingham. However, if the folllowing is to be believed, it is perhaps more likely that they shared a common root with the Greys of Chillingham rather than were an offshoot from them.
(2) Thanks to a site visitor (CV, 29.03.10) for sending us copies of extracts from Visitation (Dalton, The North, 1558, Sir Thomas Greye of Horton, Knight, in Northumberlande) and "The History and Antiquities of North Durham" by Rev. James Raine (1852) which enabled us to expand upon what we had earlier reported from Visitation (Northumberland, 1575, Grey de Chillingham). Dalton started with ...
Sir Thomas Grey of Horton, Northumberland
1. David Grey
  A. Sir Thomas Grey
  i. Sir Thomas Grey
  a. Thomas Grey
(1) Sir Thomas Grey
  (A) Thomas Grey
  m. ?? Fenwick (dau of ?? Fenwick or Fenwycke of Wallington)
  (i) Sir Roger Grey of Horton (d by 1545)
Sir Roger is the first mentioned by the 1575 Visitation and, with his brother, the first mentioned by Raine. The 1558 Visitation names his wife Isabell, the 1575 Visitation names her Jane, whilst Rane names her Jane with "? Isabel" in brackets.
  m. Jane or Isabel Darcy (sister of Thomas, Lord Darcy of Meinell)
  (a) Sir Thomas Grey of Horton (d 1590)
  m. Dorothy Ogle (dau of Raffe, Lord Ogle)
  ((1)) Roger Grey (dsp) mentioned only by the 1558 Visitation
  ((2)) Isabel Grey
  m. Sir Raffe Grey of Chillingham
  ((3)) Anne (Agnes) Grey
  m. Robert Clavering of Callaly
  ((4)) Margery Grey (d 1612/3)
  m. John Heron (son/heir of Sir George of Chipchase)
((5)) Ursula Grey
  m. Humfrey Heron of Bokinfield (Bockenfield) (son of John)
  ((6)) Barbara Grey
  m. Roger Proctor of Shawdon (Shaden)
  ((7)) Margaret Grey
  m. John Baxter of Newcastle & Heborne
  Mentioned only by Raine were ...
  ((8)) Catharine Grey
  m. John Carr of Woodhall
  ((9)) daughter
  m. Launcelot Ogle of Ogle Castle
  ((10)) daughter (dsp)
  m. Thomas Rutherford of Middleton Hall
  (b) Peter Grey (d before 1592)
m. Elianor Haggerston (dau of _ Haggerston of Haggerston)
  ((1))+ issue - Thomas, Raffe, Lionell, Margaret, Anne, Dowsabell
  (c) Judith or Edith Grey
  m1. Ralph Swinno or Swinnoe or Swynhoo of Rock
  m2. Thomas Lawson of Skrimerston or Cramlington
  m3. _ Lille or Lisle of Gosford (Gosforth)
  (d) Margaret Grey
  m. Edward Muschamp of Barmore
  (e) Dosabell Grey
  m. Thomas Hebburne of Hebburne
  (f) Barbara Grey
  m. William Strother of Newton
  (ii) Lionel Grey of Berwick
  (B) daughter
  m. _ Shotton of Berwyke (Berwick)



This section first uploaded on 08.04.08.
Lewis Jones, Bishop of Killaloe (b c1543, d 1646!)
The names of Lewis and his 4 sons were found on a web site. Daughters/spouses are as mentioned elsewhere in the database.
1. Sir Theophilus Jones (Captain)
2. Michael Jones, Governor of Dublin (Colonel)
3. Henry Jones, Bishop of Clogher then Meath (b c1605, d 05.01.1681/2)
  A. Deborah Jones (d 04.09.1672) probably of this generation
  m. (29.12.1662) Francis Annesley of Clogmaghericatt & Castle Wellan (b 23.01.1628)
  B. Mary Jones probably of this generation
  m. Sir Henry Piers, 1st Bart of Tristernagh (d 19.09.1691)
  C. Jane Jones probably of this generation
  m. Sir Philip Coote of Mount Coote
4. Ambrose Jones, Bishop of Kildare (d 1678) apparently married to ...
  m. Elizabeth Webbe (d 28.0.1673, dau of George Webbe, Bishop of Limerick)
5. Alice Jones probably of this generation
  m. Richard Ashe of Somerstown (d 21.06.1659)



This section first uploaded on 09.04.08.
Sir William Deane of Great Deane, Gloucestershire
1. Isabel Deane
  m. Raffe de Abrahall (son of Reignald, lord of Abrahall)
  A. Margaret de Abrahall
  m. Lawrence Grendoure
2. Jane Deane
  m. Raffe ap Eignon



This section first uploaded on 04.06.16.
Oliver Booth of Booth and/or Barton, Derbyshire
m. Elizabeth Hatfield of Whitfield
1. John Booth of Hansworth Woodhouse (b 1551-2, d 16.06.1613, 3rd son)
  m1. (16.01.1576) Ann Revel (bur 24.06.1597, dau of Thomas Revel)
  A. Gilbert Booth (bpt 07.06.1578, d young)
  B. Ann Booth
  m. (18.05.1597) Thomas Stacy of Ballifield
  C. Elizabeth Booth (bpt 14.04.1582, bur 10.08.1665)
  m1. William Castleford of Darley Hall
  m2. Gervas Hanson
  D. Catherine Booth
  m. (24.12.1602) John Nodder of Hansworth Woodhouse
  m2. ??
  m3. Elizabeth Elmhirst (dau of Roger Elmhirst of Houdhill, widow of Robert Castleford of Darley Cliff)
2.+ other issue - Nicholas, Charles, Thomas, Ottiwell/Oliver

Main source(s):
(1) For Grey of Horton : as noted above
(2) For Jones in Ireland : as noted above
(3) For Deane in Gloucestershire : Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Baynham)
(4) For Booth : FMG (vol 3, MS377, 'Castleford-Booth-Adams', p901)
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