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Families covered: Elwill (Elwell) of Exeter, Exherst, Eyles of Gidea Hall, Eyles of London, Eyles of South Broom Hall, England (Ingland) of Welton, Eglintoun (Eglinton) of Eglintoun

_ Elwill or Elwell
m. ?? (heir of Pole of Exeter)
1. Sir John Elwill or Elwell, 1st Bart of Exeter (d 25.04.1717)
  m1. (sp) Frances Bampfylde (dau of Sir John Bampfylde, Bart of Poltimore)
  m2. _ Leigh (dau/heir of _ Leigh of Egham)
  A. Sir John Elwill or Elwell, 2nd Bart (dsp 10.09.1727)
  m. (Elizabeth) Style (dau/heir of Humphrey Style of Langley, m2. Henry Bartlet)
  B. Sir Edmund Elwill or Elwell, 3rd Bart (d 02.02.1740)
  m. Anne Speke (dau of William Speke of Beauchamp)
  i. Sir John Elwill or Elwell, 4th Bart (d 01.03.1778)
  m. (30.11.1755) Selina Bathurst (dau of Peter Bathurst of Clarendon Park (by Selins Shirley), widow of Arthur, Earl of Raneleigh)
  a. Selina Mary Elwill or Elwell (d 22.11.1841)
  m1. (02.03.1779) Felton Lionel Hervey (d 09.09.1785)
  m2. (21.09.1797) Sir William Henry Fremantle (b 28.12.1766, dsp 19.10.1850)
  ii. Mary Elwill (b 1717-8, d 20.04.1812) apparently of this generation
  m. (16.05.1741) Richard Onslow, 3rd Lord (dsps 08.10.1776)
  C. daughter
  m. _ Pinder of London
  D. daughter
  m. _ Emmerly (Captain)



Edmund de Exherst
1. Thomas Exherst
  m. Matilda Mersin (dau of Gilbert Mersin)
  A. John Exherst
  m. Anna Walder (dau of William Walder)
  i. Thomas Exherst
  m. Margaret Coleman (dau of John Coleman)
  a. John Exherst
  m. Alice Sepham (dau/coheir of William Sepham)
  (1) Richard Exherst
  m1. Alice Notbene (dau/coheir of John Notbene by Constance (widow of John Sepuans), dau/heir of Thomas Ellis)
  (A) Bennet Exherst
  m. Thomas Alde of Checker in Ashe (son of Nicholas son of John)
  (i) Margaret Alde
  m. John Monins (a c1550, Lieutenant of Dover Castle)
  (B) Mary Exherst
  m. Edward Stoughton
  m2. Joanna Roberts (dau of Walter Roberts of Cranbrooke)
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Matheus, Elizabeth



"of an ancient Wiltshire family" was ...
John Eyles of Wiltshire (woolstapler)
1. Sir John Eyles of South Broom Hall, Lord Mayor of London (a 1688)
  m. _ Cowper of London
  A. ?? Eyles
  BEB1841 does not name Sir John's heir. It is presumed that he was father of the following Edward. The following comes from VCH (Wiltshire, vol 10, 'The borough of Devisez: Town, castle and estates').
  i. Edward Eyles of South Broom Hall (a 1773)
  a. daughter
m. George Heathcote of London
  (1) Josias Eyles Heathcote of South Broom Hall (d(sp?) 1811)
  B. Francis Eyles of Earnshill, Somerset (d 12.1735)
  C. Sarah Eyles
m. Joseph Haskin Styles of London
  i. Benjamin Haskin Styles of Moor Park (d unm 04.04.1739)
  ii. Mary Styles (d 14.11.1735)
  m. Sir John Eyles, 2nd Bart (d 11.03.1745) @@ below
  iii. Eleanor Styles (d 04.1705) apparently of this generation
  m. (24.12.1701) Sir John Cordell, 3rd Bart of Melford (bpt 11.11.1677, dsp 08.05.1704)
  D. Mary Eyles (d 12.1724)
  m. (22.09.1691) Sir John Smyth, Bart of Isleworth (d 16.08.1726)
  E. Elizabeth Eyles
m. (1710) James Montagu of Lackham
2. Sir Francis Eyles of London, 1st Bart (d 24.05.1716, alderman, Director of the East India Company, Governor of the Bank of England)
  m. Elizabeth Ayley (d 06.04.1735, dau of Richard Ayley of London)
A. Sir John Eyles of Gidea Hall (Essex), Lord Mayor of London, 2nd Bart (d 11.03.1744/5, Governor of the Bank of England, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Styles (d 14.11.1735, dau of Joseph Haskin Styles by Sarah Eyles) @@ above
  i. Sir Francis Eyles of Gidea Hall, later Haskin-Eyles-Styles of Moor Park, 3rd Bart (d 26.01.1762)
  m. (c1735) Sibella Egerton (bpt 01.12.1711, d before 23.04.1763, dau of Rev. Philip Egerton by Frances, dau of John Offley)
  a. Sir John Haskin-Eyles-Styles of Hampstead, 4th Bart (b 16.04.1741, d unm 01.11.1768)
  b. Mary Eyles (b 16.01.1745, bur 19.12.1821)
  m. (by 1766) Philip Egerton of Oulton (b c1732, bur 15.05.1786)
  ii. Mary Eyles
  m. William Bumstead of Upton
  B. Sir Joseph Eyles of London, Sheriff of London (d 08.02.1739/40, 4th son)
  m. Sarah Jefferies (d 20.04.1761, dau of Sir Jeffery Jefferies, Sheriff of London)
  i.+ 1 son and 2 daughters
  C. Elizabeth Eyles
  m. Sir Thomas Clark of Brickendonbury
  D. Frances Eyles
  m. Nicholas Jeffreys (son of Sir Jeffrey)
  E. Mary Eyles
  m. William Richardson of Somerset
  F.+ other issue (d unm) - James, Edward



John England or Ingland of Welton (bur 29.03.1617)
m. Julian Mason (dau of John Mason of Crick)
1. William England or Ingland of Welton (dsp)
  m. Agnes Smith (dau of William Smith)
2. Elizabeth England
  m. Robert Smith
3. Joyce England
  m. (02.11.1579) Thomas Harris of Harpole
4. Agnes England
  m. (13.11.1592) Edward Adams of Braunston (bur 05.02.1629-30)



Eglin, lord of Eglintoun (a temp Malcolm Canmore who r. 1058-1093)
1. Bryce de Eglintoun
  A. Hugh de Eglintoun
  i. Rodolphus de Eglintoun (a 1205)
  a. ?? de Eglintoun
  (1) Radolphus de Eglintoun (a 1296)
  (A) Sir Hugh de Eglintoun (a 1371)
  Various sources show Hugh's daughter Elizabeth as his daughter by Egidia Stewart. Paterson reports that her mother was ...
  m1. ??, heiress of Ardrossan
  (i) Elizabeth Eglintoun --
  m. (1361) Sir John Montgomerie --
  m2. Egidia (Stewart) (half-sister of Robert II, widow of Sir James Lindsay of Crawford)

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