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Families covered: Gresham of Holt, Gresham of Limpsfield, Gresham of Titsey, Gresham of Walsingham Parva

Edward Gresham
1. John Gresham of Gresham, Norfolk (a 1377)
  A. John Gresham of Holt or Holte or Hoult
  Visitation (London, 1568, within the Harleian report on 1598) reports that John married Margery Billingford and then a daughter of William Rokewood (by whom he had a William dsp and a Susan). We follow BEB1841, supported by Visitation (Norfolk) except that that names him James, which reports as follows ...
  m1. Mary Rookwood (dau of William Rookwood)
  i.+ issue (d young) - William, William, son, Suzan
  m2. Margaret or Margery Billingford (dau of William Billingford of Blackford)
v. John Gresham of Holt
  m. Alice Blyth (dau of Alexander Blyth)
  a. Sir Richard Gresham, Sheriff and Lord Mayor of London (d 20.02.1548, 2nd son)
  m. Audrey Lyme (dau of William Lyme of London or Northamptonshire)
  (1) Sir John Gresham (a 1568)
  m. Frances Thwaites (dau of Sir Henry Thwaites of Lound)
  (A) Elizabeth Gresham
  m. Sir Henry Neville of Billingbere
(2) Sir Thomas Gresham of Osterley Park (d 21.11.1579)
  m. Anne Fernley (dau of William Fernley of Creting (Farley of Westchester))
  (A) Richard (not Thomas) Gresham (dvp 1564)
  partner unknown
  (B) Anne Gresham
  m. Sir Nathaniel Bacon of Stifkey
  (3) William Gresham
  (4) Christian Gresham
  m. Sir John Thynne of Longleat (d 21.05.1580)
b. Sir John Gresham of Titsey, Sheriff and Lord Mayor of London (4th son)
  m1. Mary Ipswell (dau/heir of Thomas Ipswell of London)
  (1) William Gresham of Titsey (d 1578)
  m. Beatrix Guybon (dau of Thomas Guybon of Lynn)
  (A) Sir William Gresham of Titsey
  m. _ Finch
  (i) Elizabeth Gresham (d unm)
  (B) Sir Thomas Gresham of Titsey
  m. Mary Lennard (dau of John Lennard of Knowl)
  (i) Sir John Gresham of Titsey (dsp 1643)
  m. Elizabeth Bisshopp (dau of Sir Thomas Bisshopp, Bart of Parham)
  (ii) Sir Edward Gresham of Titsey & Limpsfield (Surrey)
  m1. Mary Clark
  (a) Thomas Gresham (bur 06.01.1654/5)
m. ?? (dau of Lady Bridges)
  ((1)) Jane Gresham
  m. John Lloyd (son of Charles of Montgomeryshire)
  m2. Mary Campion (dau of Edward Campion of Putney)
  (b) Sir Marmaduke Gresham, 1st Bart of Limpsfield (bpt 24.01.1627, d 14.04.1696)
  m. (c12.1647) Alice Corbet (b c1628, d 01.09.1692, dau of Richard Corbet, Bishop of Norwich, by Alice, dau of Rev. Leonard Hutton)
  ((1)) Sir Edward Gresham, 2nd Bart of Limpsfield (b 30.01.1648/9, d 23.04.1709)
  m. (23.02.1671/2) Martha Maynard (b c1650, d 14.01.1711/2, dau of Sir John Maynard of Gunnesbury)
((A)) Elizabeth Gresham (bpt 02.03.1691/2, d unm before 08.03.1727)
  ((2)) Sir Charles Gresham of Titsey, 3rd Bart of Limpsfield (b 30/1.05.1660, d 28.03/04.04.1718, 6th son)
  m. (1696) Mary Godfrey (b 1660-1, bur 04.03.1749, dau of William Godfrey of Ongar)
  ((A)) Sir Marmaduke Gresham of Titsey, 4th Bart of Limpsfield (bpt 14.07.1700, d 02.01.1741-2)
m. (27.11.1724) Anne Hoskyns (b 24.12.1696, bur 31.08.1769, dau of William Hoskyns of Barrow Green by Martha)
  ((i)) Sir Charles Gresham of Titsey, 5th Bart of Limpsfield (d unm c02.1749/50)
  ((ii)) Sir John Gresham of Titsey, 6th Bart of Limpsfield (bpt 09.10.1735, d 12.10.1801)
  m. (02.06.1765) Henrietta Maria Clayton (b 1737-8, b 26.01.1804, dau of Sir Kenrick Clayton, Bart, by Henrietta Maria, dau of Henry Herring)
  ((a)) Katherine Maria Gresham (d 07.10.1808)
  m. (20.08.1804) William Leveson-Gower (b 06.08.1779, d 03.10.1851)
((iii)) Anne Gresham
  ((B)) Mary or Martha Gresham
  m. William Hoskyns (son of William of Barrow Green)
  ((C)) Beatrix Gresham
  m. Nathaniel Edwards of London
  ((D))+ other issue - Edward, Charles (dsp), Mary, Elizabeth, Anne
  ((3)) Mary Gresham
  m. Dr. Thorpe
  ((4))+ 3 sons (dsp - Marmaduke, John, William) and 2 daughters (d unm - Elizabeth, Anne)
(c) Elizabeth Gresham (bpt 15.07.1626, d 22.01.1682-3)
  m. (19.06.1658) Sir Anthony Oldfield, Bart of Spalding (bpt 27.07.1626, bur 05.09.1668)
  (iii) Thomas Gresham
  m. Frances Strickland
  (a) Leonard Gresham
  (C) Cicely Gresham
  Cicely and her family were kindly identified by a contributor (BW, 19.09.07).
  m. Sir Henry Woodhouse of Norfolk
  (i) Gresham Woodhouse
  (ii) Anne Woodhouse
  m. Thomas Grey (son of Edward of Buildwas, natural son of Edward, Lord of Powis)
(2) John Gresham of Fulham ancestor of Greshams of Fulham, Albury, and Haslemere
  m. Elizabeth Dormer (dau/heir of Edward Dormer)
  (3) Edmond Gresham of London
  m. Joan Hynde (dau of Augustin Hynde, Alderman of London)
  (A)+ issue - Richard (b c1565), Anne
  (4) Mary Gresham
  m. Sir Thomas Rowe of London (d 1570, alderman)
  (5) Ursula Gresham
  m. Thomas Leveson of Haling
  (6) Cecily Gresham
  m. German Syoll (Jarman Sewell)
  (7) Ellen Gresham
  m. William Vuedall (Uvedale?) of Hampshire
  (8) Elizabeth Gresham
  m. John Elyott
  m2. Catherine Sampson (relict of Edward Dormer)
  c. Margery Gresham
  m. _ King of London
  d.+ other issue - William (dspm), Thomas (priest)
  vi. William Gresham of Walsingham Parva, Norfolk
m. Johan Porter (dau of Geffrey Porter of Holkham)
  a. James Gresham of Walsingham Parva
  m. Agnes Mynn (dau of Nicholas Mynn of Fransham)
  (1) Paul Gresham of Walsingham Parva
  m1. Elizabeth Markham (dau of Jeromy Markham of Houghton)
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, Richard, Anne
  m2. Margaret Lynn 'of Tickencote' (dau of Randall Lynn, m2. Robert Radcliffe)
  (D) Elizabeth Gresham (d 14.02.1601-2)
  m. John Wingfeild (of the Exchequer)
  (E)+ other issue (dsp) - Nicholas, Paul, Isabell
  b. Margery Gresham
  m. John Done (Downe) of Bale
  c. Ursula Gresham
  m. Francis Yerbridge (Gerbridge) of Walsingham
  d. Susan Gresham
  m. William Candeler (Candler)of Walsingham Parva

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Gresham of Limpsfield) with some support/input from Visitation (London, 1568, Gresham), TCB (vol 3, Gresham), Visitation (Norfolk, 1568-1589+1613, 'Gresham'
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