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Families covered: Stafford of Blatherwick (Blatherwycke), Stafford of Grafton, Stafford of Huncote, Stafford of Marlwood
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Humphrey Stafford of Blatherwick & Grafton, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (b c1461)
m1. Margaret Fogge (dau of John Fogge by Margaret Goldwell)
1. Sir Humphrey Stafford of Blatherwick & Dodford (d 1546 or 08.05.1548) generation omitted by Nichols
  m. Margaret Tame (dau of Sir Edmund Tame of Fairford)
A. Humphrey Stafford of Blatherwick
  m. Elizabeth Cave (dau of Sir Thomas Cave of Stanford)
  i. Humphrey Stafford of Blatherwick (dsp)
  ii. John Stafford of Blatherwick (d 1594)
  m. Bridget Clopton (b by 1511, d 17.11.1562, dau of William Clopton of Kentwell by Mary Peryent)
  a. Sir Humphrey Stafford of Blatherwick (dsp)
  Humphrey is shown as having dsp but this possibly should be dspm as this is possibly the Humphrey shown in Visitation (Cambridgshire, 1619, 'Cutt') as having the following family.
m. Elizabeth Cutt (dau of Sir John Cutt of Childerley)
  (1) Elizabeth Stafford (bur 23.09.1643)
  m. Sir Charles Bolle of Thorpehall (b 1592, bur 14.02.1660/1)
  b. Sir William Stafford of Blatherwick (d 26.11.1606)
  m. Elizabeth Fermor (d 01.12.1612, dau of Sir George Fermor of Easton Neston)
  (1) William Stafford of Blatherwick (d 1637)
  m. _ Tredway
(A) Charles Stafford of Blatherwick (d unm)
  (B) William Stafford of Blatherwick (d 1687)
  m1. (1634) Dorothy Devereux (d 30.03.1636, dau of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex)
  m2. Margaret Corbet (bpt 20.05.1594, d 07.1662, dau of Sir John Corbet, 1st Bart of Stoke & Adderley)
  (i) William Stafford of Blatherwick (d 1700)
(a) Edmund Stafford of Blatherwick (dsp 1705)
  (b) Susanna Stafford (d 15.01.1723)
  m. (1699) Henry O'Brien of Stonehall
  Blatherwick (Blatherwycke) passed into the O'Brien family. One of their descendants assumed the name Stafford-O'Brien.
  (c) Anne Stafford (d 30.12.1757)
  m. (04.05.1703) George Evans, 1st Lord Carbery (d 1749)
  (ii) Catherine Stafford probably of this generation
  m. Robert Smythe (d 1695)
  (C) Henry Stafford of Tixover
  (D) Bridget Stafford possibly of this generation, one later?
m. Thomas Peshall (b 1596, dvp)
  (2) Elizabeth Stafford probably of this generation
  m. Rafe Snagg of Kempston
  c. John Stafford of Huncote (a 1620) this line by Nichols
  m1. Katharine Plunb (dau of John Plumb of Merston)
  (1) John Stafford of Huncote
  m. Eleanor Noel (sister of Sir Verney Noel of Kirby Malory, Bart)
  (A) Edward Stafford (d 08.05.1638)
(i) Charles Stafford
  (B)+ other issue - Charles, William
  m2. Elizabeth Noel (dau of William Noel of Kirby Malory)
  B. Anne Stafford shown by Nichols a generation later, he also shows sister Eleanor as m. Anthony Cope
  m. Sir Anthony Cope
  C. Frances Stafford
  m. Sir Thomas Smith Nichols shows Sir Thomas Savill, a generation later
  D.+ other issue - John, Eleanor
2. William Stafford of Grafton & Chebsey
  m1. (c1528) Mary Boleyn (b 1504, d 19.07.1534, dau of Sir Thomas Boleyn, Viscount Rochford)
  m2. (c1545) Dorothy Stafford (b after 1518, dau of Henry Stafford, 1st Lord Stafford)
  A. Sir Edward Stafford of Grafton (b c1552, d 05.02.1604/5)
  m1. Rosberta Chapman (dau of Alexander Chapman of Ragthorp)
  m2. (29.11.1579) Douglas Howard (b c1545, bur 11.12.1608, dau of William Howard, 1st Lord of Effingham)
B. William Stafford of Marlwood, Gloucestershire (b 01.03.1553/4, d 16.11.1612)
  m. (c1593) Anne Gryme (dau of Thomas Gryme of Antingham)
  i. William Stafford of Marlwood (d c1684)
  m. Ursula Moore
a. John Stafford of Marlwood (d c1704)
  (1) Richard Stafford of Marlwood (d 1703)
  (A) Edward Stafford of Marlwood (d 1742)
  m. Katherine D'Oyly (dau of Sir William D'Oyly, 1st (sb 2nd?) Bart of Shottisham)
  (B) Richard Stafford
  (i) Catherine Stafford
  m1. _ Mohum (Lt. Colonel)
  m2. John Cooke, Mayor of Thornbury
  ii. Dorothy Stafford apparently of this generation
  m. Thomas Tyndale of Eastwood Park (d 1671)
  C. Ursula Stafford (b c1546)
  m. (1553) Richard Drake (b 1535, d 11.07.1603)
  D. Dorothy Stafford (b c1548)
  m. Richard Drake (b 1535, d 11.07.1603)
  E. Elizabeth Stafford (b c1550)
  m1. Sir William Drury (bpt 30.03.1550)
  m2. John Scott (d 17.01.1617)
3. Elizabeth (or Katharine) Stafford
  m. Robert Drewell of Little Gidding (b 1491, d 1561)
4.+ other issue - Joan, Ellen, Mary
m2. Joan (widow of William Lane)

Main source(s): information kindly provided by two contributors, as reported on Stafford03, with some support from 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811, 'Pedigree of Staffprd pf Ibstock and Hiuncote; and of Blatherwick, co. Northampton', p760)
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