Page last updated 19.02.20 - Up to and including Burgh20 - See notes below.

The following identifies most but not all of the branches of Burghs covered by the Families Database so far, however their names are spelt: De Burgo, Burke, Bourke, Bourgh, Brough, Borough, Boroughs as well as Burgh. For more details, see the 'B' sub-index page.


Burgh02 - Connaught & Ulster
- Burgh05 Castle Connell & Brittas
- Burgh03 Clanricarde-1
- Burgh20 Clanricarde-2
- Burgh12 Castle Hacket & Ower
- Burgh04 Mayo-1
- Burgh07 Dromkeen
- Burgh08 Corry, Monycrower, Mayo-2, Urey
- Burgh14 Ardnaree, Carrowkeel
- Burgh18(1) Newtown & Loughmask
- Burgh18(2) Ballintobber
- Burgh19(1) Partry
- Burgh19(2) Turlough
- Tmp01 Galwey (Bart)
- Galwey1 Dungannon
- Jonine1 Ironpool
- Burgh11 Gainsborough

Separate (not yet properly connected to the above):
* Burgh01 Mortain & Cornwall
* Burgh06 Glinsk
* Burgh09(1) Thornfields, Castle Connell
* Burgh09(2) Yorkshire (Boroughs)
* Burgh10 (1) Cambridgeshire
* Burgh10(2) Brough Hall
* Burgh13(1) Clogheroke
* Burgh13(2) Ballydugan
* Burgh13(3) Issercleran (St. Clerans)
* Burgh15(1) Marble Hill
* Burgh15(2) Tyaquin
* Burgh15(3) Slatefield
* Burgh15(4) East Hawkswell
* Burgh16 Birr & Clondagoff
* Burgh17 Dumbow & Castle Bagshaw (Burroughs)
* Burges1(2) Parkanaur

PCBG note on the Status of The Review
The review started 'properly' on 11.01.20 after a few days of preparation. Whilst reserving the right to revisit any of the Burgh pages in due course (particularly if I find a reliable source that has focused on them), and to add to them should any more branches come to my attention, on 19.02.20 I deemed that I had completed the review. The following were the (main) effects of the review on the site:
- on 10.01.20, in preparation for the review, what was previously the lower section of Burgh01 was put into a new Burgh02 and the old Burgh02 was renamed Burgh11.
- on 18.02.20, as part of the winding-up of the review, Burgh07 was renamed Burgh08 and the previous Burgh08 was renamed Burgh07 (that was to 'give precedence' to earlier generations over later generations) and what had been the upper section of Burgh15 was moved into the new Burgh08 and what had been the lower section of (the new) Burgh08 was moved into Burgh15 as its upper section with new lower sections then being added to that Burgh15.
- several existing pages were amended consequent to comparison of contributions from different sources.
- as reported at the top of (the new) Burgh08, we changed what we showed for the ancestry of the present Earls of Mayo (and others).
- 10 new pages were added (apart from Burgh11): Burgh12-Burgh20 (inclusive) and Jonine1.

As mentioned below, I did not find any special sources on the Burghs so the review consisted primarily of my going through the sources I had at hand, several of which had been downloaded off the Internet, and seeing if they either offered new branches of the family which met my standard criteria (mainly whether or not there is a connection to that branch from somewhere already in the database) or had anything to add to branches already in the database. As normal, should I find something on a family in one source but find something different in another source that came later, I tend to ignore the former and follow the latter on the grounds that there is a good chance that it was prepared after further research to what had been done for the former source. I often then highlight the differences but I do not always do so, particularly when the former had contained some clear errors, ambiguities or contradictions.

Note on the sources
I did not find a source that focuses on the Burgh family in particular. [Please let me know if you know of one, particularly if you can direct me to where to find it online, preferably accessible for free.] Searching through our normal sources (which are shown on Sources and acknowledgements) is made difficult because of the many ways in which the names of related families have been and are spelt (as mentioned above: range is Borough to Burke with De Burgo & similar also). Noting that there may be one or two potentially-relevant families that I left aside because they do not meet the criteria for inclusion in the database (as mentioned above), the sources I went through as part of this review included the following: 'Peerage of Ireland' (Lodge, revised by Mervyn Archdall, vols 1-7, 1789), Commoners (1836-38), BEB1841, BLG1858, BP1870, BE1883, BLG1886, BLGI1912, BP1934, BLG1952 & BIFR1976.

The Burgh barony
The barony of Burgh (of Gainsborough), and hence the title Lord Burgh, passed through descendants of the sister of Robert Burgh, 6th/4th Lord of Gainsborough, and was successfully claimed by a member of the Leith family (see here) who became 7th/5th Lord Burgh in 1916.]